The Great Escape

Brexit is happening. I expect other countries will follow Great Britain lead and escape from the overbearing socialist collective holed up in Brussels. As Germany under the fascist leadership of Angela Merkel continues to lose their cultural identity with north Africa migrants it’s jsut a matter of the numbers before Germany becomes a islamic state. Hopefully England will wise up and stop importing what is fast becoming the world trash. They won’t fight for their own nation so the infest other nations to provide them with welfare benefits. Stop the immigration and deport the trouble makers.

47 years of what was supposed to be a common market, turned into a economic and sovereign nightmare. Brexit is a victory for ordinary indigenous people that stood up to be counted in a true democracy. I believe President Trump will expedite a trade deal with the UK to help with the transition. Why not put England at the top of the queue.

Remember when the socialist lying racist bullshitter, Barry Sotoro Obama, said to the British? Back of the bus with you English Honky’s.

Barack Obama had warned Britain that if it votes to leave the EU, the United States would have very little interest in doing trade with it.

“Maybe some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement but that is not going to happen any time soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc – the European Union, to get a trade agreement done. And the UK is going to be in the back of the queue.” the lying racist Barry the Bullshitter said.

We all know well of Barry’s hatred for Winston Churchill and western culture. Communists love ruling from a postage size stamp country of Brussels where a centralized socialist government can overrule a sovereign nation’s people to obey their bidding or else be economically sanctioned. The price of Globalism and Barry the Bullshitter was no different.

Even so, the history of Europe and its preceding world wars cannot be discounted in the future equasion. Freedom is a Nationalistic right for all nations. It should never be dictated by a centralized oligarchy and that is what was happening under the European Union.


Nigel Farage has good reason to gloat. He’s been trying to leave the European Union for decades. When Brexit passed, the socialists cried fowl and wanted a do-over. So they did, and and again the socialists weren’t happy with the results. The socialists figured if they vote on Brexit enough times the people will finally get it right. Does that sound familiar?


Congratulations Great Britain


The weather today mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Temperatures are in the low 70’s with humidity at 93%.


Kēia Ka Lā Kanakolu Kūmākahi Lanuali

Return Kindness With Revenge

Let’s go down memory lane

Right after President Trump won the 2016 election, he and his staff was interviewed about his promise to investigate the Clinton’s.

President Trump was willing to put the animosity behind him and get on with governing the nation. President Trump said in an interview about the Clinton’s, “They’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them.” 

The problem with us conservatives is that we believe in the good in people. Well, we would like to believe there is good in people, but Clinton, Obama, Biden, the socialist democrats, and the fake news media, are all villainous scum. They haven’t stopped demonizing the American people. They consider the people living in between the coastal regions as uneducated rubes and ignorant hillbillies.

Yes, it was a nasty campaign, but name any campaign that isn’t nasty? After the election, and the winner is declared, you go about your business. Lick your wounds and move on. Good luck next time. President Trump was showing mercy, kindness, and a willingness to forgive, and that moment of kindness was viciously attacked by Clinton, Obama, and the fake news media.

Apparently, the Clinton’s and the Deep State corruption machine decided on vengeance and revenge. Their target wasn’t just President Trump, but the American people as well. Revenge for not voting for another corrupt regime to further divide Americans.

We all know the accusations against President Trump. It was a Rolodex of the standard socialist democrats playbook. Keep throwing false accusations until one sticks and polarize it.  These same accusations used against just about every conservative. Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Justice, was accused of sexual misconduct, gang rapes, and other false accusations that were proven to be untrue.

The democrats put President Trump through the same accusations. All sorts of women, all were leftist democrats, they made false charges of rape and sexual misconduct. When that didn’t work, they tried to find corruption in Trump’s real estate businesses, his tax returns. That didn’t work. So they concocted another scheme.

The deep state criminals accused President Trump of being a Russian agent. They accused President Trump of using Russian influence to fix the election. After a three year investigation, nothing was proven. All False.

That wasn’t enough for Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the deep state, they turned to the Ukraine to claim abuse of office and obstruction of Congress. After the socialist democrats falsely impeaching President Trump in the House, the start of the Senate trial began. It seems the Senate trial is going badly for the socialist democrats. If all goes well this trial should end by this Friday. That is if the Trump hating RINO’s spoil the trial by calling for more witnesses.

The socialist democrats already called 17 witnesses, and now they want more. It just proves the democrats had nothing from the beginning. If the Senate votes to call witnesses, then this impeachment sham will continue right up to November. This is the real abuse of power. This all started by an anonymous whistleblower. Who is the whistleblower?

Eric Ciaramella, hasn’t been called as a witness and he’s the whistleblower. At the Senate Trial, Supreme Court head justice, John Roberts, refused to mention the name of Eric Ciaramella. Why? This all started with Ciaramella. Why is the President not allowed to confront his accuser? Why is this socialist Neo-Nazi being protected?

This is the face of the treasonous Deep State. These people have the utmost contempt for the American people. I believe Justice Roberts is compromised and a part of the Deep State corruption. Not allowing the accused to face their accuser is a clear violation of President Trump’s Constitutional Rights to Due Process. It proves the Deep State is in all three branches of government.

President Trump has repetitively been denied Due Process during this whole impeachment sham. 17 witnesses, all socialist democrats, not one for the defense of President Trump, because they were all denied by the socialist democrats. After all these witnesses, they need more? Really? The socialists democrats will not be satisfied till they throw President Trump out of office. That’s the bottom line. They want President Trump convicted and removed from office. But there has not been any crime.

Let’s call this out for what it really is. This is pure hatred. Not just hatred of the President, but hatred for the American people. This is malicious vengeful hate by the socialist democrats.

If they could do this to our President, then they could do this to you. And they have: Lois Lerner, the IRS agent that deliberately held back tax exempt status. Carter Page sues the DNC. The suit accuses the defendants of pursuing a “political agenda” by using “false information, misrepresentations and other misconduct to direct the power of the international intelligence apparatus and the media industry against” Page. So, there is a history of the socialist democrats, with the Fake News Media, in planting false charges to destroy a person’s life.

Then there is General Flynn. The Deep State falsely accused the General of lying to the FBI. Then the FBI went after the General’s family. They destroyed his career and bankrupt him. Now, new information is coming out that exonerated the General, but was held back to guarantee a conviction. The General pled guilty to stop the persecution of his family. Why did the Deep State do this? Because General Flynn was a campaign associate for President Trump.

We have criminals in government. They are from past administrations that have corrupted the government into the Deep State. This was directed by the Clinton’s and Obama. Everyone involved is an apparatchik of the Deep State. They are the Swamp that President Trump was elected to remove.

This criminality by the corrupt Deep State socialist democrats and some republicans, namely Willard “The Rat” Romney, the deceased John McCain (Burn In Hell, McCain), and others that have their loyalties to the Deep State. These criminals have violated their oath of Office and the Constitution of the United States. They betrayed the American people, and they will continue to betray the American people. They need to be voted out of office. They need to be held accountable for their crimes against the American people.

The desperation at the Senate trial is absolutely psychotic. Between the repeated lies of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, in an attempt to frighten the electorate that the President is a Dictator, a Threat to National Security, and Trump’s reelection would bring on the Apocalypse.

What we are witnessing is the Deep State exposed. We are witnessing the corruption embedded in our government rearing it’s ugly head. President Trump promised to route out the Deep State and he’s keeping that promise.

Vengeance has turned into psychotic madness. This is what happens when the electorate apathy surrenders their freedoms. When people blindly elect people into office they run the risk of electing corruption. Look at the democrat candidates; Breadline Bernie Sanders is in the lead. He’s a declared socialist. Many of the people that follow him are young people. Lured by the promise of “Free Stuff”, they don’t question his policies and how they would affect the economy. Nothing is free. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Elections have consequences. If you want truth in government, then get involved in the election process. Who are you voting for, and why? No Vote, No Grumble.

Now back to President Trump. He said after the election that he didn’t want to hurt the Clinton’s. Even though the Clinton’s corruption is well known. The President showed Kindness and was repaid with Revenge. This begs me to ask the questions: has President Trump committed any crime? Has the President done anything wrong? Why did the President not pursue criminal charges against Clinton and Obama?

We do know the President has committed no crimes. We do know the Clinton Crime Syndicate is as corrupt as hell. We do know that Obama was transforming the country into a socialist nation. We do know the clear and present danger is allowing any socialist democrat back into power.


Our weather today has been drizzly off and on all day. It predicted continue throughout the weekend. It’s still winter here.

The end of January is near.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kanakolu Lanuali










Kilauea Update

There was an 3.8 Magnitude earthquake in the Kalapana area at 12:23 PM this afternoon. There has been a number of earthquakes over the last few months in and around the Kilauea eastern rift zone and on Mauna Loa. This indicates that Pele is on the move again.


The presence of magma moving on Mauna Loa, in a previous post, shows inflation or lifting of the ground by the equipment the USGS is using to measure changes on the mountain.

The earthquake this afternoon possibly means magma is moving into the eastern rift zone. The question now is will magma start filling the Kilauea crater. There’s water present in the Kilauea crater. If lava returns to the Kilauea crater the there are two possibilities.

  1. A explosion of lava, gas, and steam
  2. The water in the crater will evaporate away as lava approaches the crater.

No one knows for sure what will happen. How much lava is on the move and are we returning to the catastrophe that occurred in 2018?

Our weather today was overcast in the morning with some brief sprinkles. The afternoon was mostly sunny with nice breezes. High clouds are moving in. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 69%. I think the trades will bring in a shower or two overnight.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāiwa Lanuali


Coronavirus Spreading Worldwide



The Coronavirus seems to be spreading faster than people expected. In China, the actual number of people infected is anyone’s guess. I don’t believe the China Communist Party (CCP) will give truthful numbers. This time of year is China’s great migration during the Lunar new year, also known as the Chinese New Year. So the chances of more people being infected is greater as more people travel.

A nurse from a hospital in the city of  Wuhan cites that over 90,000 people are infected with the coronavirus because the virus has mutated.

If this is true, then we’re looking at a possible pandemic. Last week, the CDC advised against all nonessential travel to Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease’s outbreak and where the majority of cases have been reported.

Internet rumors say that there is a secret laboratory in Wuhan where the Chinese government was experimenting on the virus as a possible germ warfare weapon. It is rumored the mutated virus was accidentally released from the laboratory. We don’t know for sure, but this could be all made up.

The other rumor was about the exotic animals the Chinese eat. It is rumored that a popular soup made from bats could be the source of the coronavirus. There is no established medical connection to the eating of exotic animals and the virus.

Chinese woman eating a whole bat at a fancy restaurant has gone viral as China and other countries in the world are trying to contain the spread of the Wuhan virus codenamed 2019-nCoV.

The Wuhan virus belongs to a family of coronavirus with many scientists believed that it might have originated from bats, the only mammals capable of flight. A separate trending video also shows Cantonese-speaking diners preparing to eat soup made with a bat. The new strain of coronavirus, which emerged in the city of Wuhan last month, has killed at least 25 people and infected more than 800.

The virus is now capable of passing from person to person. The first video trending on Weibo and shared by Hong Kong-based Apple Daily, shows a fashionably dressed young Chinese woman holding a bat with chopsticks as she nibbled on one of the bat’s wings. The bat was thought to be from a large pot of soup placed in the middle of the table.

Multiple cases of the virus have been confirmed in Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, France and the United States. There have been no confirmed deaths caused by the illness outside of China.

The CDC confirmed five cases of coronavirus in the U.S. and said Monday that U.S. health officials are currently monitoring 110 people across 26 states for the coronavirus. So, this virus is spreading quickly, but are we prepared for it?

Air traffic between the United States and China is spinning into a free-fall. It’s also doing so to other international destinations from China, for the same set of reasons. According to reports, it is spreading quickly, and it’s worse than previously conveyed by the Chinese government. We now have social media showing videos of people collapsing in the street, and ambulances taking people to overcrowded hospitals, where staff don’t have sufficient protective gear to safely handle patients.

The truth has become blurred as this virus spreads worldwide. There is no known vaccination for the virus. France reports 4 cases of the virus and Japan has said the virus has reached them also. A fourth case of the new coronavirus was confirmed in France, Jérôme Salomon, an official in the health ministry, announced on Tuesday.

The patient is a tourist from Hubei province, Mr. Salomon said. He was in serious condition in the intensive care unit of a Paris hospital, and the authorities were seeking out anyone who had been in close contact with the man, who is in his eighties.

A shortage of medical kits in China needed to quickly diagnose the coronavirus has slowed the country’s ability to respond to the outbreak and fueled concerns that the number of cases has been underreported.

The Chinese have refused continued offers from the U.S. to send CDC officials to the country to help with the outbreak response. The offer was first made on Jan. 6, he said, adding U.S. officials have continued to urge more transparency from the country as the disease spreads.


Health officials on Tuesday reported what appear to be the first known cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus in Europe — specifically, in Germany — and in Japan. Another case was recently reported in Vietnam.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said the first Japanese national — and the sixth person in Japan overall — to be diagnosed with the coronavirus was a man in his 60s. He had never been to Wuhan, but he had worked as a bus driver earlier this month for two different group tours from that city, officials said.

Ethiopia’s state minister of health confirmed on Tuesday that four potential cases were isolated in the capital, Addis Ababa, pending laboratory tests. On Monday, officials in Ivory Coast said they were testing a suspected case related to a female student who had traveled from Beijing to the capital, Abidjan.

Because of the Chinese New Year celebration, “a good number of African students living in Wuhan or Hubei traveled home before the extent of the virus became clear,” said Hannah Ryder, chief executive of the Beijing-headquartered consultancy Development Reimagined.

“It’s unclear how exposed they may have been and if governments have the resources to check on them,” she said.


Wuhan has been in lockdown since January 23 to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. But residents have found their own way to boost morale. Videos show people in their apartments shouting out of their windows and singing patriotic songs to cheer each other up. The videos have also gone viral on Chinese social media.

We send our prayers to the people infected with the virus and hope a vaccine can be found quickly. This virus will put a hold to travel, trade, and tourism. World economies will be hurt and we need to get people back to work.


BREAKING: China confirms 5,974 virus cases, exceeding nation’s SARS total.


Our weather in Hawai’i is a mix of passing showers and some limited sun. It’s been overcast for most of the day. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 80%.

There’s no occurrence of the coronavirus here in Hawai’i, at this time. I used to visit South Asia when I was working in the High Tech industry. People here in Hawai’i have strong family connections to South Asia and there is a lot of travel to and from Asia. I hope they can find a vaccine soon.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāwalu Lanuali


Get Woke, Go Broke

Get Woke, Go Broke is a phrase coined by the internationally bestselling author John Ringo to express the opinion that when organizations “get woke” to politically correct actions, those same actions usually result in a massive loss of income. So I’m told.

Get Woke, Go Broke mantra that activists reactionaries are using to demand big executives and small time creators to either add socialist justice diversity into their products or publish commercials or lose a lot of money through boycotts. That’s called bullying.

Companies that give into this extortion by Social Justice Warriors (SJW) usually lose a lot of income from their products. Take the case of Gillette, a Proctor and Gamble company.

The feminist and other social justice activists demanded that Gillette produce a commercial about Toxic Masculinity. Proctor and Gamble did produce a video on toxic masculinity, and the reaction to the advert was as you would expect.

“P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette. For the same period last year, P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share,” Reuters reports.

That’s quite a large drop in sales for Gillette. The question I have for Gillette, was the commercial worth the drop in sales and all the bad publicity? What was the reasoning to produce a advertisement that accuses males of being toxic? Was it to appease the intolerant social justice radicals?  Gillette lost me as a customer. I switched to Harry’s. Two can play at the boycott game.

There is a trend with social justice radicals to bully companies and people into promoting and accepting their social engineering of society. You must accept their radical lifestyle or be shamed into compliance. Social justice radicals have gotten people fired from their jobs, their careers ruined, and families assaulted by these violent radicals. Make no mistake, these people are evil.

Innocent people have either little recourse or protections from these radicals. You can be fined and arrested for not using the proper pronoun to address a LGBT individual in Kalifornia. The bill’s author, State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, says jail time isn’t in the bill, Senate Bill 219, but a substantial fine would be imposed if the violation is repeated. That leaves the door open to jail time for repeat offenders. I’m not going to address neither a male as a female, nor a female as a male. I know biology. A dude is a dude, and a dudette is a dudette. PERIOD.

Scott Wiener is a far left radical and he’s one of the responsible legislators that is strangling Kalifornia into a hellhole of drug addicts, homeless, and excrement on the streets of San Francisco. Why do people vote for these creeps? San Francisco is Woke and going Broke.

What is a man? A response to Gillette. A short film – Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us. All companies should resist kowtowing to the intolerant social injustice radicals. This bullying is a clear violation of an individual’s Constitutional Right to Free Speech. So you’re a male and you display your masculinity by wearing a dress and put on woman’s makup, fine. I’ll still think of you as a weirdo. Same with women that lose their femininity by dressing like a man. Do what you want, but don’t expect me to accept it. It ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t like special protections status for social justice radicals. Their goal is to social engineer society into submitting us into their radical ideology. The LGBT community needs to police themselves. They cannot intimidate others into accepting their lifestyle under penalty of punishment. However, radical politicians hungry for votes will pander to the radical slime and legislate to infringe on people’s rights. This is happening in cities where hard left socialist democrats are in power. This is NOT a civil rights issue for LGBT people, because the only civil rights being violated are normal people just trying to live their lives and being left alone. Parents that don’t want to have their children exposed to alternative lifestyles that could disrupt core family values.

Steven Crowder is a conservative that Canadian-American commentator, actor, and comedian. He hosts a YouTube show, Louder with Crowder (LwC), and is a former contributor at Fox News. His YouTube show, “Change My Mind”, is a popular video cast where he discusses all sorts of issues at college campuses and marches. His focus is on getting the far left socialist radicals to explain their views and try to change his mind. It is entertaining hearing the left trying to explain their reasoning.

Sometimes, the radical left gets violent when they get triggered. As Crowder’s video shows, if you do not accept and conform to the radical transgender agenda, they will attack you, physically.

What are the parents thinking bringing their children to an event like this?

The transgender radicals are the worse because they are targeting very young pre-school children. Drag Queen Storytime in public libraries. How the parents of these children allow their kids to attend what is clearly a push for acceptance of pedophilia is quite frightening. It’s child abuse to expose children this young to this radical lifestyle. Again, what’s wrong with the parents of these children?

Is it the #MeToo radical feminists driving this? They seem to accept this as the new normal for society. Girls will be guys and guys will be girls. It’s a mixed up world. I believe there is two sexes, and not variations of genders. If that’s offensive, #TooBad. Get over yourself.

Is this the best a woman can get? Is this the direction we want a civilized society to follow? As leftism creeps into society, a society starts to break-down into chaos. We’re seeing this in major cities run by democrat liberals. Just look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Newark New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, and other cities around the the country. They’re crumbling with drug use, homelessness, huge debt, a dysfunctional government, a police force afraid to serve and protect because the city won’t back the police up.

Political correctness puts American citizens at risk with sanctuary cities. Gun-Free Zones where criminals know they have an easy target. The fall of Rome and other societies in history went through these stages and to inevitable ruin. We don’t learn from history. History is usually taught in schools to bring awareness of the past, and how not to repeat the failures that destroyed societies. After the fall of Rome began the Dark Ages that lasted a 1,000 years. Ronald Reagan said we are only one generation away from losing our freedoms and condemn our children to a 1,000 years of darkness. Just look at the democrat presidential candidates; they’re all socialists, and the road to socialism leads to communism. The lure of free stuff is the candy of oppression.

Did you know that Yale University has discontinued their courses in Art History?

“For decades, Yale University’s art history survey course, covering the evolution of art from 1300 to today, has been one of the department’s most popular offerings. But the school is now eliminating the course as part of a broader overhaul to reconsider how it might tell a fuller story of art in the wake of complaints that the class promotes an overly white, westernized canon at the expense of other narratives.”

This is exactly what I wrote about, the deliberate destruction of a society. Start by removing history. Remember the Confederate statues being removed in the south? Now Universities are removing western history because they complain that it’s Too White.

The University of Pennsylvania has removed a portrait of Shakespeare from its Fisher-Bennett Hall and had it replaced it with a picture of a black lesbian poet Audre Lorde in the name of “diversity.” What the hell does “diversity” even mean anymore? When diversity is selective discrimination of one culture over another. Shakespeare is an important literary giant in western culture, and the left is forcing institutions of “Higher Learning” (higher, as in stoned) to remove Shakespeare because he was some dead white dude that lived a long time ago. So, this is what passes for diversity these days. If is what being woke is all about, then I want no part of this crap. It’s racism dressed up as diversity.


Our weather today was sunny and hot. Very few clouds and very dry even though the humidity was at 83%. Temperatures were in the 80’s for the first time since last year. Hilo was particularly hot. It’s cooled down this evening to a comfortable 70 degrees, and the temperatures are expected to drop into the lower 60’s. We have no cloud cover to keep the land warm. The views of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa with snow capped peaks was spectacular. The air was clear and visibility was excellent quality.

Hawaii is such a wonderful place to live with all the different races, their foods and cultures. Of course, each race has stereotypes and although, there are people that dislike another race ~ for the most part, it is all in fun as Keola and Kapono Beamer illustrate so beautifully in this song, Mr. Sun Cho Lee.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhiku Lanuali



Sunny Sunday

It appears that President Trump’s defense team has exonerated the President of all the false charges the democrats brought against him. Of course we all knew the charges were false, and the media had a ratings frenzy trying to find a crime that didn’t exist. What is certain is the  deep state was determined to bring false witness against an innocent man. That in itself is criminal and should be prosecuted. However, I doubt any of these corrupt politicians will ever be brought to justice, except at the ballot box.

Two distinct charges that peaked my interest at the closing of the democrats false charges:

Nadler – If you acquit, then you are part of the cover up.

Schiff – If you acquit, then your head will not be on a pike.

To accuse members of the Senate of a cover up and threatening with punishment for not playing along with the democrats illegal prosecution didn’t help Nazi Piglosi’s plan to impeach and remove President Trump. It backfired big time. Indeed, the democrats will pay a heavy price come November. The democrats never had a prayer to convince the American people of any crime committed by the President. The democrats made it all up to prevent President Trump from exposing the Deep State corruption. And the socialist democrats haven’t given up, they’re still desperately trying to find a crime where one doesn’t exist. It’s pure fascism.

Unsocial Media sites still have leftists crying over another failed attempt to remove a legitimate President. They’re convinced there was a crime committed. Just what that crime is, no one can say. Of course, the Senate has to exonerate the President, and I expect that to happen sometime next week. This three year farce has to come to end. We got a country to save.

Sunny Days have returned to Hawai’i. Even though we have a high surf warning and some beach parks are closed, there’s plenty of activities to do. Cool Pacific tradewind breezes make the mid-75 degree temperatures seem cooler. Humidity is at 60% and the chances precipitation is 10%. The nights are chilly and the temperatures dip into the low 60’s. Huge change from the weeks of rain we had. The clear skies at night makes for great star watching. The Milky Way is clearly visible with occasional shooting stars.

My ‘Aloe is blooming and my grass needs mowing. My orange trees are full with fruit. Which means I’m going to give some away to my neighbors and friends. My other fruit trees produce at various times of the year. Na Mākeke Mahi ‘ai, means Farmers Markets and there you can find just about anything. If you’re living on a plant based diet, this is the place to go. I like visiting daily to buy fresh vegetables for my evening meal, and enough for breakfast the following morning.

Whatever doesn’t get eaten my chickens get. They’ll eat anything. Besides being good pest control, they also give us eggs. The cost of living is a sticker shock for most malihini (visitors, new comers) that arrive in Hawai’i. The farmer’s markets are a place to barter, especially near the end of the day when people are trying to sell whatever they left, the prices drop and you can find great bargains. I like it because it’s locally grown and it keeps the money in locally also. I like supporting our local farmers and I don’t discriminate against those farmers that use GMO technology for Papaya, Corn, and other produce.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālono Lanuali




Year Of The Rat

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The Chinese New Year begins with the Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac. This time will prepare for the Lantern Festival arriving on February 5th, 2020. It’s possible I might see fireworks this evening in the neighborhood.

By now you may have heard of the coronaviruses. It’s not clear just how lethal this coronavirus is, or even whether it is as dangerous as ordinary flu, which kills tens of thousands of people every year. Scientists say it is also not clear if it spreads as easily as SARS, its genetic cousin, which also originated in China and killed about 800 people in 2002-03.

The fact that health officials have said it’s not a worldwide threat, the disease has shown up in the US, Europe, and other south Asian countries. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a pandemic. There is a story going around that claims the Chinese built a lab in Wuhan to study the SARS and Ebloa viruses. The story claims that the virus originated from this lab. There’s no verification of this story. There’s a lot of speculation.

Mainland China has quarantined 56 million people to try and contain the coronvairus. It’s doubtful that that will work since the virus has spread to other countries. With more than 1,400 people infected worldwide, most of them in China, Hong Kong declared a virus emergency, scrapped celebrations and restricted links to mainland China. President Xi Jinping said China was facing a “grave situation” as the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak jumped to 42, overshadowing celebrations of the Lunar New Year that began on Saturday.

The U.S. government is working to evacuate American citizens by air from the epidemic-stricken Chinese city of Wuhan as soon as possible, according to people familiar with the effort.

China has confirmed that person-to-person transmission is possible with a newly identified coronavirus emerging from the city of Wuhan in the central province of Hubei. As of January 22, 2020, at least nine deaths were blamed on the virus, and cases were being reported in other parts of Asia and as far away as the US, pushing health authorities in China and around the world to step up their efforts to contain the infection.

China is not going to tell the full extent of the virus because they don’t want the bad press. Especially during the Lunar New Year. However, the spread of the virus worldwide is causing many countries to take steps to quarantine people traveling from China.


Our weather today is a mix of clouds and sun. There is a high surf and small craft advisory for the islands. The chance of precipitation is low, but I believe there’s some scattered drizzle based on the cloud cover. Temperatures are in the low 70’s with humidity at 66%.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālima Lanuali


March For Life

Hau’oli Lā Pōʻalima! Happy Aloha Friday! Today is the March For Life, and what makes this event special is that President Trump will be the very First President to speak at the March. This is a historic event. Add this to the list of accomplishments the President has done in just a little over three years.

People stood in the cold for hours to reaffirm their belief in the Right To Life for the Unborn. The March is a peaceful protest against the murder of babies, against abortion. Abortion is Murder. The following clip is President Trump’s full speech at the March for Life.

The United States Constitution grants all Americans the God given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These are God given rights that includes the unborn child in the womb. It’s not either a Constitutional or Religious argument, it about a life of an innocent child.

There are all sorts of reasons abortion advocates use to justify the murder of children, but it doesn’t negate the absolute God’s Rule of Thou Shall Not Kill. There is no sane reason for the murder of the unborn. For any reason at all.

The crowds were massive attending the March. Take a look!

There are stark differences between the March for Life and the Woman’s March. Within 24 hours there were two very different marches in Washington, D.C.: The March for Life and The Women’s March. The annual March for Life is the largest event focused on stopping abortion in the world. It’s peaceful, prayerful and respectful. The Women’s March, however, promotes abortion on demand as well as homosexuality and transgenderism. This event is angry, vulgar and obscene. These marches represent two opposing worldviews, two Americas: One America fights for moral values and the other America tramples on those values. Ultimately, there is a battle between the America that loves God and His Law and the America that promotes vice and the culture of death.

The Angry feminists that hate men, regard men as toxic masculinity, and say they can live without men. To be honest, I can’t think of why any man would want to be with a woman this angry. But there they are, the beta males that submissively grovel to hate and anger. Pathetic.


In another historic event, President Trump announced the Official Logo of the United States Space Force.

President Trump tweeted: “After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!”

The logo looks remarkably like the Star Trek Federation logo. The 1960’s hit television show that went on to sequels and block buster movies.

This is science fact and not science fiction. The original Space Shuttle was named Enterprise. It has always been America’s desire to explore the heavens. Space exploration was my catalyst to pursue a career in engineering.

This President continues to amaze. While not a openly religious man, President Trump has brought together the best of America. People that care for its citizens, and those that will enter the world as citizens. There’s no doubt that the majority of Americans support this President.


The Lunar New Year is tomorrow Saturday. It is the Year of the Rat, also known as the Spring Festival . There are expected celebrations to ring in the start of the Chinese New Year. I’m expecting a fireworks to go off in the neighborhood. Preparations for the Lantern Festival on February 5th begins.

Our weather today is damp. With drizzle and clouds. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity at 84%. Light breezes.

Our Hawai’i legislator, Rep Takashi Ohno, wants to ban all vehicles that use gasoline by 2030. They think they can go from combustion engines to batteries on wheels. How do you charge the batteries? By fossil fuels. This is environment nuttiness. They’re worried about emissions, but ignore the materials that batteries are made of, Highly Toxic Materials. They want to ban the sale of cars, truck and buses that use fossil fuels. The exception for large commercial vehicles. There’s a Hawaiian word for this nonsense, Hūpō (stupid).


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhā Lanuali



Apparatchiks In Congress


Rep. Adam Schiff: “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”

Wait, Wut?!?

Communist democrats, it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s apt in it’s description. This is who the democrats are now. This quote has been said by Piglosi, Nutler, and others in the communist democrat party. It’s not just a random quote by a congenial liar.

Schiff has been lying throughout this impeachment sham. Here’s a few examples:

  • Schiff claims that President Trump endorsed the theory that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election. FACT: President Trump has publicly said, very clearly, that he accepts the conclusion of the intelligence community that Russia interfered in 2016.
  • Schiff says that President Trump withheld an Oval Office meeting from President Zelenskyy. FACT: President Trump invited President Zelenskyy to the White House—with no preconditions—on THREE occasions: April 21, May 29, and July 25. They met at the first opportunity, at the UN General Assembly.
  • Schiff once again brought up claims of a “quid pro quo.” FACT: Notice what’s not in Democrats’ articles of impeachment? Allegations or accusations of a quid pro quo. They couldn’t include that claim—because no such arrangement existed.
  • For years, Schiff lied about the Russia hoax, claiming there was evidence of collusion only to be proven wrong by the Mueller Report.

Perhaps we should call in the United Nations to monitor the elections? NOT!

This time, House Democrats learned their lesson: Why risk letting the facts get in the way? Impeach first, investigate later—or beg the Senate to do it for them. However, this is not an impeachment trial, it is a coup attempt.

Essentially, what Schiff is saying is President Trump’s name on the 2020 election ballot should be removed. It means the communist democrats don’t believe in the voters of the United States. The communists democrats don’t believe your vote counts, and they will prevent you from exercising your Constitutional Rights in the election process.

You’re going to be punished for voting for Donald Trump. They’re going to take your right to vote away from you. They believe you made a mistake in 2016 and you will corrected for your insolence. To insure we get the election results the communist democrats want, the communist democrats will vote for you. They will vote the way they want the election to turn out. You don’t get a choice.

Incredible. The two articles of impeachment are: abuse of office, and obstruction of congress. Neither of which are actual crimes. I’ve discussed at length how absurd these charges are, but just to review:

Abuse of Office: The charge is related to two conversation the President had with the President of the Ukraine. Schiff claims the President was soliciting the Ukrainians to interfere with the 2020 elections. To fabricate false charges of corruption about Joe Biden. To steal the 202 election. Even though the unredacted transcripts show no such conversations occurred.

Obstruction of Congress: The complaint here is President Trump’s legal use of Executive Privilege. Democrats think we have a parliament and not a republic. The communist democrats believe they are the central power over the the other coequal branches of government.

To use an over used phrase: These are Trumped Up Charges!

The real reason why the communist democrats are doing this is because they believe that President Trump will be elected for a second term. They believe that the President’s policies will further drain the deep state swamp. Uncover over a decade of corruption in the communist democrat party.

After all, Joe Biden is on video bragging about withholding US aid to the Ukraine unless a prosecutor was fired for investigating Biden’s son, Hunter. We’re learning that five other members of the Biden family were into shady deals with the help of their father’s influence as Vice President.

We’re also learning that members of the Piglosi family are involved in corruption with the help of Nazi Piglosi’s influence as speaker of the  House of Representatives. The question is how many more communist democrats are involved? I would also ask if there are any Republicans also tainted with corruption. Just how deep is the deep state:?

We already know the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DIA and the Judicial department have embedded corruption within the government. As the President gets closer to exposing this corruption, the more the communist democrats fabricate false charges. There’s a real fear from the democrats.

Another four year term by President Trump will spoil the efforts by the communist democrats to carry out Barry the Bullshitter Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America. And now we know what that really meant. As President Trump appoints more constitutional judges, and exposes the corruption in government, the more the communist democrats and never Trumpers are demonstrating fear.

If you thought the communist democrats were telling the truth, you would be wrong. The lies are are getting more absurd.

Just take a listen to Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent


She’s joking right? The communist democrats are Center-Conservative? The communist democrat party is not a Left Party. Really?!?

It’s no surprise that democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders, but you get the sense that even Sanders isn’t quite far enough left for her. She ran as a Democrat, though, but now she’s having dust-ups with the DCCC over not paying her dues.

She must really be chafing at that Democrat label because in this interview, she contends that the Democrat Party is a center or center-conservative party with some members still believing in capitalism. — That’s really, really hard to swallow after watching the past several Democrat debates with each candidate pushing the others further Left. The Green New Deal, free college, free child care, student loan cancellation, open borders and free medical care for illegal immigrants?

Poʻe hilinaʻi na ke aupuni nā kuleana apau (people believing all powers are for the government)


Our weather today was gorgeous. Plenty of sun, few clouds, light breezes. Temperatures in the upper 70’s and humidity at 74%. The evening is expected to be cool and dry. This is good because now I can mow the lawn and it needs mowing.

We do have a high surf warning, but there’s no beach closings. Swimmers are warned about large waves and rip tides. Here’s an update on Mauna Loa Volcano Activity.



Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālua Lanuali



Over Confidence Loses


In the 2016 election, Hillary was over confident, as was the fake news media. Everyone declared this election was over. The Hildabeast was going to win in a landslide. Everything was going according to plan. Or so they thought…..

What happened? All the polls said this election was in the bag. Undisputed. DONE! FANITO!!! How could the polls be so wrong?

Apparently, people were either lying to the pollsters, or the pollsters polling samples were skewed and biased towards Clinton. No one really knows for sure, but like the 2016 election the polls were completely wrong. I suspect like the fake news media, the average American voter doesn’t trust the pollsters.

I stopped answering polls because of the questions. I didn’t like how the questions were framed. They weren’t questions at all, they were leading closed-ended accusations in the form of a question. Either a yes or no answer. Not an open-ended question which you could give your opinion. After all, what’s the purpose of a poll if the answer is already in the question. Answer yes or no, and it gets the same check in the box favoring one candidate over the other. Leading questions in a bias poll generally gives a slanted response.

A warning to the GOP we should all listen to. If you assume the election is a done deal, you run the risk of losing. Tucker Carlson makes a compelling argument for not being too confident about the 2020 election.

Assured victory isn’t guaranteed and should never be assumed, as did the Clinton campaign believed. One message the Trump campaign should use is this impeachment farce is holding back the work of the people.

The President is in Davos today to hold talks with business CEO’s and other Heads of State. After touting the successes of his administration, the President invited the other foreign leaders to follow his economic example. The President spoke of trade deals with other countries to elevate the world economies. The President rejected a global economic plan that relied on central planners. The One World Global Economic model wasn’t working for all countries. It was in the best interests of each nation to use trade to benefit their own nations needs. In effect, using the Nationalist model to trade in the best interests of that country’s needs.

Meanwhile, the corrupt democrats are conducting an impeachment scam and wasting the taxpayers money and time by fabricating a crime that isn’t on the books. They, the democrats, invented a crime that doesn’t exist. Obviously, not only do the corrupt democrats want to remove President Trump from office, they also want to remove the President from the 2020 ballot.

And now for the video of the day: The best example of ghosting ever by Ivanka Trump against the fake news CNN hack, Abilio James Acosta.

Persona Non Grata

That’s cold. Very cold. Deservingly so. Acosta has no one to blame but himself. How Acosta was granted press credentials is a puzzle. Acosta is just a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Then again CNN is the Enemy of the People.

Remember to look at your local elections. Know your candidates and their platforms. Why do they want to be elected? What value do they bring? Ask questions and get involved.


Today’s weather was sunny with partly clouds. Very nice with temperatures in the low 70’s and gentle trade breezes. Humidity is at 86%. There is a chance of an overnight sprinkle.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Lanuali


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