Let Me Be Clear


Let me be clear”, whenever you hear Barry the Bullshitter prefaces this phrase, then you know he’s lying.

So I went on to Google.com and did an internet search for the phrase “let me be clear”, and got 509,000,000 results with the first page all on Barry the Bullshitter’s use of the phrase.

How long the American people will put up with Barry’s lies, is a matter of who’s doing the reporting.  Suffice it to know that whenever Barry opens his fly trap, a smelly lie will exit.

Talking about health care in July: “Let me be absolutely clear: Medicare is in place, and as long as I’m here, Medicare will continue to be in place.”

And when he got word of his Nobel Peace Prize in October: “Let me be clear: I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments.”

Yet, Barry took $750 billion out of Medicare to fund Obamacare!  Barry said if you like your insurance, you can keep it.  Barry said if you like your doctor, you can keep them.  Looks like that was all just another lie.



So when Barry says “let me be clear”, you know that what follows will be anything but transparency.  So many times has Barry used this phrase, that the Lame Stream Media is becoming wary hearing it!

Or as one Salon.com commenter put it: “Whenever I hear Obama say ‘let me be clear,’ I know what he is about to say is full of s—-.”

I’ll be a little blunter; Barry the Bullshitter is a liar.  This has been Barry’s modus operandi since his days as a community agitator.  The media has been willing to destroy their own journalistic credibility by either not reporting Barry’s lies, or deliberately lying for Barry.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard explains what he’s learned to look for when the president says, “Let me be clear.”

In a more disturbing context of Barryism, is the use of “let’s not jump to conclusions” whenever an Islamic terrorist attack happens in this country.

Under Barry’s watch, there have been several successful Islamic attacks against Americans, and each time, Barry jumped on his propaganda media to warn people not to jump to conclusions.  Since September 11, 2001, and the years after, George W. Bush kept this country safe from terrorism.  Since 2008, there have been numerous attacks against Americans on our shores.

The Ft. Hood massacre, the underwear bomber, the New York bomber, the Arkansas shooter, and now the Boston Marathon bombers; these are all examples where Barry and Homeland Security has played down the terrorist attacks as something other than terrorism.  Work place violence, is often used to describe the Ft. Hood massacre.  Even though, the muslim killer was screaming Allah Akbar, it is routinely dismissed as having nothing to do with Islam. Three of these Islamic attacks killed American people, the others did not.  In all cases, Barry and his media minions have played down either each terrorist attack, or foiled terrorist plot.  Does anyone remember “the cops acted stupidly”?

Even after the Boston terrorist attack, Barry the Bullshitter called it a “tragic” event.  It wasn’t till the following day that Barry finally called it terrorism.  It’s the contempt Barry has for the American people that he won’t even acknowledge a terrorist attack even after it has sent hundreds to hospitals, and four people to their deaths.

Even today, members of Barry’s anti-American media allies are sympathizing with the bombers!   Geraldo Rivera, a liberal mouthpiece for Fox News, Tweeted his regrets to his Muslim brothers and sisters; then went on to blame the bombing on homegrown anarchists!  That was after the fact!

The manhunt to capture the bombers had the liberal media praying and salivating that it was a white male Tea Party conservative person.  Can you imagine their disappointment when it learned they were Muslims?

However, once it was learned these two bombers were not either Tea Party people or conservatives; the media went into downplaying the Islamic connection by comparing relevancy to Hollywood movies.  The media’s disconnect of reason and sanity is absolutely bizarre because of Barry’s connection Islamist extremism.

Is it any wonder why when an Islamic attack against Americans gets met with the same statement, “let me be clear; don’t jump to conclusions”, Barry is bullshitting you.  Complicit in this lie is the fawning media that runs around kissing Barry’s ass.

Let me be clear, we have an Islamic problem in this country.  Starting with Barry the Bullshitter on down.  Ignoring this threat to our way of life will be at our peril.

A Muslim killed, decapitated and mutilated, two Coptic Christians in New Jersey, and it gets almost no media attention.  Russia warned the FBI about the Boston Marathon’s bomber radicalization, but did nothing.  That’s because Barry’s corrupt regime will not acknowledge the worldwide Islamic threat.

Barry would make it clear that the American people, the United States Constitution and the safety of this country, is not his priority.  What Barry’s plan seems to be is to allow more immigration of more Islamic terrorists into this country.  Why else would this become a point of argument in the immigration debate?  Why else is Barry pushing for gun control?  Why else is Barry violating the Constitution and the Conscience clause?

Let’s compare; the conscience clause constitutionally permits private hospitals and health care facilities and physicians, nurses and employees to refuse to perform or participate in performing abortions for “ethical, moral, religious or professional reasons.

Muslims claim the same religious rights by refusing to handle pork products, alcohol products and not permitting service dogs to be in their presence.  Yet, honor killings and female genital mutilation would be permitted.  Muslims are petitioning States to allow them to be governed under their Sharia Law and not U.S. Constitutional law.  In effect, allowing preferential treatment to an Islamic theocracy, and giving privilege to a specific class of people.

Let me be perfectly clear.  Barry the Bullshitter doesn’t care about the Constitution. Class envy, class warfare and dividing Americans to the lowest common denominator are Barry’s fundamental transformation of America.  If the American people cannot see the spitefulness of Barry the Bullshitter, then we truly do deserve the government we have.



What’s For Dinner?


Pan Seared Alaskan Cod over Roasted Broccoli and Steamed Jasmine Rice



Academic Intolerance



Liberal Civility, you’ve heard me rant on about how uncivil liberals are.  It’s time to put together a collection of liberal statements proving how vile, racist and disgusting these people are.

What’s worst, many of these liberals are in academia.  Why these teachers of hate are allowed to teach is a mystery to me.  With all the money going into public education, and the money spent going to university; people should be asking, what’s the value of an education today?

Let’s start with the latest from Darry Sragow, a leftist professor at the University of Southern California, who delivered a sustained attack on Republicans, characterizing them as old, white, racist, and “losers.”

A teaching assistant (TA), who also appeared to work for the university, then seemed to suggest Black Panthers could be placed at polling stations to intimidate Republican voters.

Rather than rebuking the TA, Sragow appeared to confirm the suggestion.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “You can do that.”

What value lesson is being delivered here?  None what’s so ever!  This is the ranting of a racist bigot, and a very angry white man!  Ironic, he’s the very person he’s railing against.

Then there is case of Michelle Rhee who was helping turn around a failing school system, only to be demonized by the Teachers Union.  Through politics, she was fired from her job!  The unions have made sure that if you get in their way, you will pay dearly.  It isn’t about the children’s education that matters to the teachers union; it’s about indoctrination into the collective.  Collective is code for communism.

Leftist will resort to racist comments to try and belittle anyone that doesn’t think like them:

Ceresta Smith, a teacher in Miami-Dade County, called Rhee “an Asian bitch.” Later, she said that her language was extreme, but appropriate.

There it is!  The rational that says using racist language is appropriate in the bigoted mind of the leftist.  This is a Public Education teacher making these racist comments and approving it!

While other organizers did not match Smith’s racially charged rhetoric, their language was just as violent and militant. Former teacher Shaun Johnson urged teachers to start “cracking skulls.”

Encouraging violence is another trait of the leftist.  These are the same people that cannot separate themselves from a crazed mass shooter in school and their own violent tendencies they teach in the classroom.

The unions are the central problem with the Public schools and the subsequent failure to provide a good education to the children.  The public unions only care about themselves, and squeezing more money from taxpayers, in return for substandard education.

Karen Lewis is a public teacher union boss.  This sloth has made racist comments towards the rich whom she blames for the failure of the public schools.  She jokes about taking violent action against the rich, because the rich can send their kids to private schools.  And why not! Who wants to send their kids to failing public schools!

Watch her waddle around the stage delivering a speech to teacher’s union meeting.  Her bizarre ranting is typical of the leftist mentality.

Academia has no problem putting convicted terrorists and murders in the classroom to indoctrinate students into their world of hatred.  Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and now Kathy Boudin, are now teaching their brand of hatred and socialism in the classroom.  These are convicted murders and terrorists teaching hatred!

However, when a conservative is invited to speak at a campus, the leftist throw a fit and try to prevent any speaker that doesn’t carry their mantra of hatred.  Former Congressman Rick Santorum was scheduled to speak at a High School.  The left was so incensed with the thought of a conservative speaking to students; they forced the school to require parental consent.

Rand Paul was giving a speech at Howard University when some leftist tried to unfurl a protest banner.  They were quickly escorted out of the hall.

But what has happened over the years since the 1960’s when these brutish, boorish, boobs, that tried to take over the government into their utopian vision of collectivism; they went to the universities, got their doctorate degrees, and are now teaching their leftist ideology at the universities.

More insidious, is the curriculum that is being taught at the grade school level.  These leftist are trying to indoctrinate children early into the collective.  Using a school curriculum called “Common Core” and other teaching techniques that teach students a bias against conservatives, people of Christian religious convictions, and anyone that doesn’t follow the path of liberalism.

What this liberal curriculum teaches is intolerance.  It encourages racial bigotry.  It creates class envy and class warfare.  It is teaching communism.  They are propagating a lie that will eventually lead to the destruction of their freedoms.  Once their freedoms are gone, they are lost forever.



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As Sweet and American as Apple Pie




For Your Own Good We Are Doing This


It seems the democratic philosophy of reading the bills after they’re passed, lives on in our mis-representative government. But this isn’t over, they’ve already made up their minds to pass this anyway, they just want to get their language straight.

Cesspool and septic tanks owners would be charged a new fee to pay for water quality monitoring, under a bill moving through the state Legislature that’s part of Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s “New Day” plan.

House Bill 903 assesses an unspecified “reasonable” fee on owners of individual wastewater systems that would go into a new water pollution control account to pay for Department of Health staff to monitor discharges and enforce permits and management plans. Individual wastewater systems are defined as cesspools, septic tanks, aerobic treatment units and any collection systems not connected to a sewer.

With no scientific evidence to back up the States claim that septic tanks and cesspools are causing damage to coral reefs, the State has sided with communists environmental groups in punishing those not hooked up to sewer systems.  The state approved the use of cesspools and septic tanks. The county approved the development of large subdivisions with very small lot sizes to have cesspools and septic tanks. The county did not install a public sewer system for large subdivisions.  This is all about revenue generation by a socialist government.

“Individual wastewater systems, such as cesspools and septic systems, pollute the public’s surface waters and groundwater, and pose a threat to public health and safety,” said Health Director Loretta Fuddy in testimony. “Since individual wastewater systems are not connected to a sewer system, owners of individual wastewater systems do not pay the substantial fees charged to those who are served by sewers that treat and mitigate wastewater pollution.”

This is just another wealth redistribution scheme by socialist politicians to generate new income for the State.  It would be virtually impossible to install sewer systems for every lot owner on an island that is primarily made up of volcanic rock.  We don’t even have public water systems; we have rain water catchment systems.  Will the State start to charge catchment owners with a rain fee?

Not that there are subdivisions that have cesspools that are along oceanfront property that could be contributing to a pollution problem.  Hotels and resort areas that are along oceanfront locations are already required to use either septic or sewer systems. That homeowner lots should be address separately.   Other lot owners, like me, are 5 miles away from the ocean and at a 500ft elevation; my cesspool is hardly draining either into the ocean, or into the ground water.  The Hawaiian Islands are made up of volcanic rock, which is very porous.  Farms use pesticides and fertilizers, is the State going to add an agriculture tax to farmers?  Food is already expensive here on these Islands.  So I wouldn’t trust the State with its current socialist government from trying to invent an environmental crisis just to add another tax to property owners.

Hawai’i council members have adopted the Mayor Bloomberg approach, “we’re doing this for your own good”.  Just like the plastic bag ban that was rammed down the people’s throat by Hawai’i council idiots Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford, this is a done deal. Your only hope to stop this abuse of government is to demonstrate like what was done on the PLDC fiasco, and vote these clowns out of office.

No sooner than they proposed this idiotic law, they flushed it.  After Hawai’i Island residents raised a stink about it.  But what’s worse is that some didn’t even read the bill:

State Sen. Gil Kahele, D-Hilo, who had originally voted for the bill, said he asked committee leadership to reconsider after he learned there was more to the bill than first thought. He said he received a couple of emails about the bill, and he also talked to Kenoi.

“I took a closer look at the bill. The part about cesspools and septic tanks was kind of buried in the bill,” Kahele said. “Bills come across our desk quickly and sometimes we miss things.”

Really?!?  You miss things?!? Apparently Ol’Gil isn’t up for the job!  What the hell are we paying you for if you’re not up to doing your job?  As I mentioned, the environmentalist haven’t given this up.

Sen. Russell Ruderman, D-Puna, said he also received emails. An environmentalist, Ruderman had voted for the bill, and he said he still thinks it’s a good idea “in my heart.”

“Ninety-nine percent of the emails I received were in opposition. It would have been a dilemma for me, but I would have had to vote with my constituents,” Ruderman said. “I hope it comes back up next year in a way that soothes people’s fears.”

That statement should tell you everything you need to know.  They are going to bring this back up, hide it in some new law, and then feign ignorance.  This is the way of democrats; they are all socialists, communists and crooks.  All they want is to squeeze more money from the people.  Then they’ll all give themselves a huge raise with all that money they robbed from the people.

The bill’s author, Gov. Neil “Crusty the Clown” Abercrombie, was a part of his “New Day” plan.  More like New Nightmare, New Taxes, plan.  All Hawaii Island House members voted for the bill before it was sent to the Senate. In addition to Ruderman and Kahele, Sen. Josh Green, D-Kona, voted in favor of the bill in committees.  These idiots are only looking out for themselves at our expense.

C.S. Lewis said it best; these people are moral busybodies whose plan is to inflict more pain and suffering on the tax payers just so they can sleep at night knowing they saved the environment.  That haven’t saved anything, but they are just dreaming up new ways to rob people of their hard earned money.  Now they are making an unsubstantiated claim that cesspools and septic tanks are harming the coral reefs.  Where is the proof?  There is none!  They made it up to generate a new tax increase!

So desperate these corrupt politicians are that they will come up with another plan to try and steal your money.  In today’s Tribune Herald newspaper, there is a story about the county using aerial photos to see if people are building unpermitted structures on their property.  In effect, spying on the residents!  You are already guilty of doing something wrong in the eyes of the government!

This liberal logic is the same thinking that Barry the Bullshitter has been encouraging.  DHS already considers military veterans, Catholics, Christians, and anyone else they deem a threat to their regime.  This Cass Sunstein approach of nudging, more like shoving, the people into corrals by making life a little more difficult, just so the government can get its way.  If the government doesn’t like something, then the government starts taking away liberties.  The government does this to cause pain to the people.  They call it social engineering and it is expensive!

This is the logic of the left.  They mistrust everyone, and therefore they will look for new ways to steal your money.



What’s For Dinner?

crap sandwich




Let’s Call It What It Really Is


Please, let us call this what it is; Infanticide!

Alisa Laport Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, testified that her organization believes the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed (botched) abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor.


“So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,” said Rep. Jim Boyd. “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” said Planned Parenthood lobbyist Snow.

Let’s stop with this notion that Planned Parenthood has anything to do with parenthood, and has everything to do with the murder of infants.  It is planned murder!  It is infanticide! Lets also acknowledge that Planned Parenthood targets low income people and minorities as a form of genocide.  That was Margret Sanger racist dream to eliminate what she perceived as the dregs of society.

The consequences of killing off our children will greatly impact the future our country, our society and our way of life.  The very freedoms we hold dear will fade.  Indeed, the entitlements we all depend on will vanish.

The nation’s falling fertility rate underlies many of our most difficult problems. Once a country’s fertility rate falls consistently below replacement, its age profile begins to shift. You get more old people than young people. And eventually, as the bloated cohort of old people dies off, population begins to contract. This dual problem—a population that is disproportionately old and shrinking overall—has enormous economic, political and cultural consequences.

It is ironic that the same people that are targeted by Planned Parenthood, are the same people employed by Planned Parenthood.  You are contributing in the decline in your race, your future and your existence.


Above his pay grade?

At what point does an infant get human rights?  According to Barry the Bullshitter, it’s above his pay grade to answer that question.  I never knew opinions and beliefs had a pay grade.  I do not want my taxes going to fund the murder of children!

What are those two bumps in the road you call your daughters Barry?






A Wall Of Hate



The Gay Marriage controversy has set off a firestorm of bigotry and hate.  It’s all targeted towards Christians, and anyone that believes that traditional marriage is defined between one man and one woman.  What follows is my encounter with pure intolerance.  Pure Hatred!  Pure Ignorance!  With forgiveness to those that would trespass against us; those of us who believe in the richness of millenniums of human traditions.  The procreation of life as it was designed and meant to be, by God.




Last week, during Holy week, in the morning while scrolling through Facebook, I happened upon this graphic and decided to repost it on my Wall.  What happen next got me over 800 comments, and a suspension of my Facebook account.  More comments were still being added until Facebook eventually took my post down.


I was having so much fun being tested by the atheists and homosexuals bursting a blood vessel because of my beliefs.  Some of the most vulgar and vile hatred by these people was spewed onto my Facebook wall.  So I captured almost all of the comments for posterity, and your entertainment!  Also, I wanted everyone to know who these haters are, and the tactics they use to try and bully people into giving up their values.


This all started because the Supreme Court of the United States was hearing two arguments during Holy week.  One, on California’s Prop 8 decision, where the question of the legalization of Same-Sex marriage was overwhelmingly decided against by the voters.  It was later challenged in court, and overturned by a activist gay judge.


The second case involves DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.  The Attorney General of the United State, Eric Holder, a murderer and criminal, decided not to defend the act.



During the Prop 8 arguments, Justice Anthony asked a great question: ‘When Did It Become Unconstitutional To Exclude Homosexual Couples From Marriage?’


That is a excellent question because the left claims that marriage a right?  Even more so, the left claims that marriage a Constitutional right!  Are marriage rights exclusive only to opposite sex couples?  There is nothing in the United States Constitution about marriage that says marriage is a right at all.  That has always been left to the States to define what marriage is.  Even so, should government even be involved in defining what marriage is at all?
So here are some of the screen captures I collected.  I’m going to bleep out the vulgarity because that is my right to do so.  The arguments and comments are typical of the warped liberal mind.  You can only laugh at the insanity of the left.  Enjoy!
This was my initial post, this graphic, it’s a pretty benign statement; it just says that I support the biblical definition of marriage.  That is marriage is between one man and one woman.  I also believe that marriage is for life.  It is a contract  for better, or for worse.  In sickness and in health.  Till death do us part.  What could be wrong with that?
The first set of comments by Matthew La Tardis, and Marcus Parsons, starts off the onslaught of haters.  How does anyone see hatred and bigotry in this graphic is beyond comprehension, and I believe most people’s comprehension also.  It continues:
Here’s Matthews entire comment in full context.  Next comes Marcus Parsons comments; between the both of them, they sent out a messages to their Atheist and gay pals to come to my Facebook wall to scream obscenities at my post.  So I commented back, a little annoyed with their comments.  This is how they begin with their leftest attacks; they start by making false  accusations to bait you into their world of intolerance.  Then they get all indignant trying to convince themselves that they’re in the right!  Notice I never said anything about gays or anyone else for that matter.  Marcus was the one that brought up homosexuality into this thread.  So now you know the context of where this is going.
As another, and another intolerant leftest bigots join in the hate fest, they begin to start quoting scripture passages from the Bible.  I was interested in this turn of events because I had always thought that atheism meant that you didn’t believe in any religion or faith.  So why would atheists even care?  If atheist really didn’t believe in any religion, then why would this graphic even bother them?  Why would atheist spend so much time and effort, trying to convince me and others, who do believe in religious values, by trying to belittle what we believe?  No one belittles what atheists either believe or don’t believe, we just pray for them.
Notice Chris King’s comment saying that I should keep my traditions to myself.  At this point, I’ve had enough of this bullshit from these bozo’s, so I decided to have some fun baiting them on.  Instead of getting in the mud with them, I decided to mock them back with snarky irrelevant comments.  This where it rubbed them the wrong way, and they begin to foam at the mouth with contemptuous accusations of hate and bigotry.
Chris King confirms my suspicion that these idiots are all in this together and are feeding like sharks eating chum.  I was amused that my snarky responses  were bring in more mindless zombies into this cesspool.  Who insulted who first?  That’s typical liberal tactics.  Attack others with innuendo claims and then feign hurt feelings when it’s thrown right back at them.  I’m laughing my ass off now because I know they’re gonna sink to new lows of civility.
Since these clowns are accusing me of being a gay hater, I accused them of being gay.  I know, I got in the mud with them, but then I realized I hit a nerve with them.  Notice they immediately start defending their sexual orientation.  They fell for it, hook line and sinker!  So now it’s down to who said, they said, in this devolved conversation.  Notice they are also liking their their own comments.  When one of them thinks they’ve said something clever, they click on the like button as a sign of approval.  Of course, I’m now the epitome of evil in these morons intolerant eyes.  Goodie!  In stead of arguing with them, I started mocking their comments.
Ok, now its been about two hours into the back and forth name calling and the creepiest of creeps start showing up.
When this tread first started, it was early morning Hawaiian time, about 7Am.  I has just finished breakfast and was sipping my tea and skimming the news headlines.  This back and forth name calling went on for hours.  Then it started taking a turn for the worse.  Some really creepy people were showing up asking weird questions.  I know they were trying to bait me into an answer, but I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.  Instead, I played along, and the more they couldn’t get a rise out of me, the more unhinged they became.  Such is the left when faced with reasonable debate, they twist and turn your words around.  They make accusations hoping that you’ll defend yourself, but that would just give them more to attack you with.  They’ll twist your words out of context.
Notice this creepy clown Jason Stamm, he keeps asking this same question over and over again.  I never answered his absurd question and that really pissed him off.  I would reply to Jason with either another question, or tell him to seek professional help for his obsession.
Misogyny is one tactic that the left uses to try and bait you into defending your beliefs.  We saw this during the 2012 election campaign when the debate moderators brought up birth control out of the blue.  It wasn’t relevant to the national debate, but it was used as a distraction away from the real issues facing the nation.  It was an false accusation without any supporting evidence.  It was meant to make you defensive and vulnerable.  A divide and conquer strategy to make you look like the bad guy.
So this goes on and on, till one of my Facebook friends notices the number of comments and points that out to me.  Wow, I said to myself, I’ve never had a post that garnered so much activity, albeit unwanted comments.  So, as apart of my strategy of not giving them the satisfaction of giving in, I decided to congratulate them on their accomplishment.
Now, I wasn’t all by myself here, some of my like minded Facebook friends showed up to help defend me in this liberal love fest.  They argued and debated with the hate mongers also.  I sent them all a private message thanking them for joining in on the fun, and to let them know that I was toying them.  All these posts go on and on, but in the readers interest, I’m going to wrap it up here.  If anyone wants to see the entire thread, just post a comment and I’ll supply them.  When my Facebook friends noticed that my  thread was reaching 800 posts, I decided to send out more congratulations to the morons.  That further infuriated them because they couldn’t get me mad at them and lash out in anger.
Eventually, they got bored and most of them started to leave.  I felt like the Black Knight from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail!
Apparently, one of these morons went and complained to Facebook that my post was offensive, and Facebook put me in their gulag for 23 hours.  Facebook never responded to my queries about what was so offensive, that they had to put me off line.  I never violated any of Facebook’s terms of conduct, and so I asked repeatably what was my violation!  Not one reply back!  Apparently, like Twitter, Facebook has a habit of cutting off access to their unsocial media if you espouse conservative values.
I couldn’t post anything on my wall during my time in the gulag, but I could send out private IM’s.  During that time, some of these idiots kept on posting on the thread.  The common theme they used is one of self pity and self loathing.  Always a sob story of wanting to be accepted by others for who they are, but it’s clear that they don’t even accept themselves.  When you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s not very likely you’ll get acceptance from others; especially when you greet others with insults and ad hominem attacks.  When you atheists come off as mean spirited, well then, you’re not winning hearts and minds of others.
I can only sum the up by stating that the cultural battle is being lost, because people are becoming more accepting of the crassness and incivility that is seen in today’s society.  The news media openly mocks people of Christian and Jewish faith.  The entertainment media openly promotes  same sex marriage in movies and television shows.  To oppose same sex marriage, is to be called a bigot.  It is a new religion of intolerance by the left that openly attacks people with traditional conservative values.  So how come these people don’t mock Islam?  Is it because Christians and Jews don’t try to cut your head off like Islam does when you insult them?  This is who the left is, they are cowards, they are like the school bully that likes to pick on others, but they won’t pick on the bigger bully.  Here’s a perfect example that occurred during Easter services that Barry the Billshitter attended.
Who are these captains of the religious right this idiot priest is talking about?  This was Easter Sunday,  why isn’t the sermon about the Resurrection of Christ and his teaching?  Instead, this priest delivers a hate fill sermon laced with accusations and innuendo!  This is the Church of Liberalism.  The church of Liberalism rejects the teachings of Christ.
Now, Barry the Bullshitter and family, sat in the church of Rev. Wright for 20 years listening to his vile racist hatred.  Now if a religious conservative spoke like this, it would be repeated all over the 24 hour liberal news channels.  So where is there any evidence that conservative Christians are sending blacks to back of the bus?  Where are religious conservatives sending women back to the kitchen (that doesn’t many any sense at all)?  Who in the religious right wants all immigrants back to their side of the boarder?  Where has any conservative Christians prevented any atheists and gays from what they either do, or don’t believe?
The leftest media promotes this hatred against traditional American values.  You see this in the grade schools where a Principal forbid using the word Easter because it would infringe on others rights.  You see it when the Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee (I-R.I.), said that’s not traditional to call it a Christmas tree.  When stores forbid workers from saying Merry Christmas, and that you can only say Happy Holidays.  This kind of Judeo-Christian religious bigotry has now become common place.
Now, if you oppose same sex marriage, then you are a bigot.  If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, then you are knuckle dragging Neanderthal clinging to your guns and religion.  If you are a church going Christian, then you are intolerant of others.  If you believe in traditional Christian family values, then you intolerant of anyone who is LGBT.  If you appose abortion, then you are a misogynist woman hater.  The list of accusations goes on and on.  Because lefts lifestyle abhors traditional Christian values, they start a bullying campaign to shame you into giving up your values.  To me, the left are the intolerant ones.  Hypocrisy is the breakfast of liberals.
All the while, the liberal media never reports the vitriol coming from these people.  It is called “Rainbow Journalism“, and it is targeting young people and children.  For example:
If you’re young, trendy and hip, and are strolling through downtown Minneapolis, you might grasp a copy of City Pages from the newstand. Its stories, appealing graphics, attractive restaurant ads and reviews of the local night club scene would seem to set you up for an upbeat weekend.
But look a little further, and you’ll uncover a fanatically-driven editorial policy that promotes sleeze and liberal causes. For example, “Savage Love” is a weekly sex advice column by the notorious sex activist Dan Savage. His recent advice includes using online resources to find a worker in the sex industry for a reader’s 22-year old mentally-ill brother. Ugh. The column is filled with trashy advice and crude language.
City Pages is part of a chain of 16 “alternative” free weekly papers around the country with a hefty combined circulation of 1.8 million. You wonder, an alternative to what? It’s an alternative to what is wholesome and true; City Pages promotes strip clubs, homosexuality, and condemns any moral message of Christianity. It scorns patriotism as well. One front-page display contained a mock-up photo of the Statue of Liberty with the words, “One nation under tacos.”
Investigative reporters, those that report news objectively without a bias (i.e. Fox News), have interviewed people that support same sex marriage.  Follow this link to an interview with some marriage equality advocates that shared their thoughts on God, religion and whether the Bible is still relevant in modern society.
Speaking of the Bible, the History channel’s presentation of The Bible, was a huge success.  Why?  It seem the majority of Americans have a yearning to learn about the bible, away from the intolerance and  prejudices of the liberal atheists and gays.  As I mentioned before about my Facebook wall, the atheists and gays were quoting scripture from the bible.  Everything they posted were passages from the Old Testament, but nothing they posted was from the New Testament.  I found that curious for many reasons, but what was clear was their level of ignorance about what the bible is all about.  I’m no religious bible thumper by any means.  I cannot quote scripture like these people can, but I know 10 little commandments to follow.

Do you see the resemblance?

What this is all about is the promotion of  the Church of Liberalism.  Its belief is in intolerance.  Its sacrament is abortion.  Its spirit is to spread hate.  Look carefully at the message coming from this regime; class envy, class warfare and redistribution of wealth.  This is the lefts religious unholy trinity.  It is the lefts doctrine of hatred towards others not like them.  For too long, the religious right has turned the other cheek and allowed this to permeate into the culture of today’s society.
Is it bigotry to believe in Christian traditions?  Many conservative gays that I know do believe in Christian traditions and values.  Oh, you didn’t know that there are conservative atheists and gays that are apart of our lives, did you schmucks?  We Christians accept gays and atheist for who they are.  Some of them are our children and our family.  Some of them are our friends and neighbors. We don’t shun or berate them, as you liberals do to us Christians.  Perhaps, that is part of your liberal traditions, and socialist and communist makeup; it’s who you are self persecuted haters.  I don’t understand it, and I won’t accept it either.  When you liberals attack us conservatives, do you think we’ll always turn the other cheek and let the water fall off our back?  NO!  We will stand up and push back against your intolerance.  #WAR

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