Sunday Brunch

ʻAina Awakea Lāpule

Sunday brunch is always a special event, and one of our favorite places to dine is Hilo Ponds located at Kalaniana’ole avenue in downtown Hilo. They have great food and a well stocked bar. It’s a small place that has an upscale menu. The parent company is Ken’s House of Pancakes which is located in Hilo at the intersection of Kamehameha and Kanoelehua. Also known as Hawai’i Belt Road, and Highway 19 and 11. It’s where mile marker 0 is located. Both highway 11 and 19 circles the island. If one highway is closed, there’s only Saddle road that crosses between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Even then, there no guarantee you’ll get to where you’re going.

 Ken’s House Of Pancakes

Ken’s is open 24 hours a day and is more like a casual diner. A large extensive menu that includes local Hawaiian favorites like Loco Moko, Ox Tail Soup, and breakfast all day long. But I digress. Back to Ponds.

Nothing like a Mai Tai to start the brunch. It’s nice and relaxing on the Ice Pond at Reeds Beach. There’s turtles, ducks, and koi fish swimming around. Families spend the weekends here swimming in the waters. They call it the ice pond because the water is cool and glassy.

I order the Eggs Benedict with ʻŌpakapaka. A blue snapper, a Pristipomoides sieboldii, also know as Lavender jobfish, and Kalekale. A white flaky fish that not oily or strong, but very tasty. It is caught and sold fresh daily at Suisan Fish Market. Suisan provides most of the fresh fish throughout the islands. Suisan also has fresh daily Poke made daily. DaKine!

Poke – pronounced po-kay, is a raw fish (usually sashimi ahi tuna) mixed and seasoned with local ingredients such as limu (seaweed), onion (green and white, shoyu, sesame seeds, and all sorts of flavors. Besides Hawaiian style, there’s Korean, Japanese creations. There’s crab, tako (octopus), and all sorts of different variations. Specialized flavors for every taste.

This is also where Banyan drive is located. There are Banyan trees planted here that are over 100 years old and dedicated by celebrities that have visited the walk of fame to Queen Lili’uokalani Gardens and Moku Ola (Coconut Island).

Besides the hour of worship to God to feed the soul, there’s the time of replenishment for the bounty that paradise offers.

Our weather has been blessed with sunshine after days of rain and chilly temperatures. Today was in the low 80’s with humidity at 69%.




The Day The Earth Stood Still



We Will Never Forget


Our weather has finally cleared out and we are blessed again with brilliant sunshine. We still have high surf warnings and that always brings out the surfers. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s, but it feels like 80 degrees, with humidity at 64%.



Botox Nan

Nazi Piglosi

This creature is truly evil. She calls herself a Catholic, but she supports ripping children from the mother’s womb. Her district is a pig sty with the homeless, drug abusers, and streets strewn with rubbish. She supports illegal aliens over citizens. She has no business being in congress.

Here’s Piglosi losing it when James Rosen, a real reporter for Sinclair Broadcasting, asked Piglosi if she hated President Trump. Piglosi loses her cool and goes off on a temper tantrum. Just see of you can make any sense of what she’s braying about.

“I don’t hate anybody. … And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word “hate” in a sentence that addresses me. … I pray for the president all the time. So don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.” Pelosi shouted.

The Kalifornia San Francisco treat does hate President Trump. It’s very obvious by her rude and condescending remarks towards the President. I would also venture to say that Piglosi hates the people in her district which is why it’s falling apart. While Piglosi lives in a exclusive section of San Francisco with walls and gates to keep people out, she is against building a wall at the border to keep out illegals, drug mules, and terrorists. She has no American values and she’s a hypocrite.

For years, Piglosi has abused her office by funneling legislation to her corrupt husband and family. It’s how the Piglosi’s got so rich off the taxpayers dime. Piglosi has abused her office by using the military transport to go on shopping trips to Europe. She is always accompanied by an huge entourage and staff. She claims it’s for official business, but she then she returns with Gucci shopping bags full of loot paid for by the taxpayers. Using military transport like it was her private air force is also an abuse of power. That’s our tax dollars being used to fly her and her clown party around the world. Other Representatives fly on domestic carriers using their own money.

I laughed when President Trump stopped her last shopping junket to Italy by canceling her military transport just hours before from taking off. Trump then said to Piglosi, use public transportation like the rest off us. Putting Piglosi in her place. These people forget they are public servants and they are paid to work for us, we the people. It gets me angry seeing these people abuse their office with impunity.

Nazi Piglosi claims she prays for President Trump. Yeah, right! She is pure evil and an enemy to America. As a Catholic, I can tell you that she has no Catholic values. She nasty and vicious. She supports abortion at anytime during the pregnancy. She supports euthanizing of the elderly.  She abuses her position in Congress and she believes she’s above the law. She is epitome of corruption and evil.


Our Hawaiian weather today is a mix of showers and overcast clouds. Temperatures are in the low 70’s and looking to be in the 60’s in the evening. Humidity is at 85%. Rain is in the forecast throughout the week and into the weekend. It is winter on the islands.

Mauna Loa access roads has been closed because of snow. That’s unusual because it’s usually Mauna Kea that gets snowed in. We have a high surf warning for all windward shores of the Big Island. From Hawi in Kohala to Cape Kumukahi in Puna high surf is going to be a problem for shoreline homes.



The Penguin’s Court

The Penguin

Jerry Nadler, the Big Apple Maggot misrepresentative opened round two of the impeachment suicide inquiry. It doesn’t matter that there wasn’t any crime, it’s blind hatred of the President and the American people that voted for Donald J. Trump. As I watched this sham impeachment hearing that featured three Constitutional professors hand picked by the corrupt democrats and one Constitutional professor picked by the Republicans. What these law professors have to contribute to this penguin court is beyond comprehension.

Constitutional law experts, Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, Stanford Law School professor Pamela Karlan, University of North Carolina Law School professor Michael Gerhardt and George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley testify during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on the constitutional grounds for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019.

It should be noted that all four of these professors are democrats. They neither voted for President Trump, nor do they support President Trump. However, it was professor Jonathan Turley that gave an unbiased testimony. Turley is not a Trump supporter, he’s on the left, and he’s a democrat that voted for Hillary. The other three professors gave embarrassingly scathing testimonies expressing their hatred for the President. Pamela Karlan openly mocked the President’s son, Barron. There was no purpose for this dried up prune to make such a comment, but to the fascist left, children of conservatives are fair game to attack. It’s fair to say that professors from Stanford and Harvard know little to nothing about Constitutional law. Pamela Karlan needs professional physiological help with her anger issues.

It still escapes me what’s the purpose of this penguin court is suppose to prove. The shifty Schiff clown show proved nothing. All of the so called witnesses had witnessed nothing. When questioned they all said they presumed, guessed, and assumed there was a quid quo pro. When that didn’t work, the corrupt democrats poll tested another term, bribery. They figured the American people are too stupid and dense to understand quid quo pro. Even though the transcripts of the phone call shows no bribery, no impropriety, and no quid quo pro.

What the corrupt democrats are doing is highly unconstitutional and illegal. The only reason why they are pursuing this impeachment action is because they are terrified that Trump will win a second term in a landslide election. The corrupt democrats are afraid of losing power and control of the House of Representatives where they are in the majority. The democrats see their voting base shrinking. The democrats are upset that a non-politician has had so much success in building the economy, trade negotiations, jobs, and taxes. Even before Trump took the oath of office, the fake news media was already talking impeachment. It’s been a coup d’état from the very beginning.

The Liberal Bubble

Of the politicians, fake news media, and the late night comics that laughed at Trump, little did they realize they were also laughing at the American people. The liberal democrats look down upon the American people as rubes, uneducated, and unwashed peasants. The leftist liberals considered themselves the ruling elitist class. They all predicted with certainty that Hillary Clinton would be President.

I guess these leftist elitists took the American people for granted and just assumed the working class people will just follow their lead. They haven’t come to grips with the fact that Trump speaks for Americans. That Trump would rather talk with ordinary average working Americans is alien to the elites. The elites have put a wall between the average middle class working American and the upper class of phony Hollyweird types and uber rich socialites that look down upon Americans as classless rubes.

It also seems some world leaders live in the same elitist bubble

Soy Boys

Like a scene from the “Mean Girls” movie, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian President Justin Trudeau and the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to be gossiping about President Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. Trump responded to the video on Wednesday, calling Trudeau “two-faced.” It’s not clear who Trudeau was referring to and no one mentions Trump by name. However, Trump’s remarks alongside NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday lasted 53 minutes, which was longer than the itinerary suggested.

Each one of these snobbish leaders are severely out of touch with their own people. They all have huge economic and immigration problems. They don’t seems to have the insight into Trump’s successes and how to replicate it in their country. This is what you can expect from the elitist snobbery. I’ve said it before that Trump is the first blue collar President which is why he connects with the working class people. The people the elitists have forgotten. I have about as much contempt for them as they do for us.

I cannot fathom the incendiary path the fascist democrats are taking. It’s their own self destruction. They believe that if they deflect the attention of the American people away from the truth, they can use Soviet style tactics to find an individual guilty and deny any due process. Make no doubt that what the democrats are doing is what communists do to remove their political foes. If they are allowed to get away with this travesty of justice, then they can do this to you also. Democrats have learned well from Stalin, Castro, and Mao. Should another democrat controlled congress and presidency ever happen again, then this country will go the way of a socialist dictatorship and our republic will be thrusted into a thousand years of darkness.



Our weather today was cloudy with high clouds, very little rain, just some drizzle occasionally. Temperatures in the low 70’s and humidity at 85%. The forecast calls for increased shower through the weekend. The shopping stores parking lots are filled with cars. Except for Sears, and it doesn’t look good for Sears. Kaiser Permanente, the largest healthcare provider in Hawai’i is talking bankruptcy. Let’s hope that there’s some resolution before any jobs are lost and Christmas is canceled.




Christmas Whitehouse

Our gracious and beautiful First Lady, Melania Trump, has outdone herself on this year’s White House Christmas decorations. Under her direction a renewed level of class and beauty to America’s Mansion of the Presidency. It is absolutely stunning.

This years theme is white and patriotism. With scrabble letter of Melania’s “Be Best” program. As in previous years, Melania’s Christmas decorations just keep getting more magnificent. The spirit of patriotism glows with pride in country. It’s the message that tells the world we’re happy to say, “Merry Christmas.”

As always, our First Lady’s fashion is gorgeous. With outfits that reflect the beauty and class she brings to the White House. Melania’s fashion sense is a welcome display of American pride. She restores the down to earth class that all Americans can relate too.

Be Best is a public awareness campaign promoted by United States First Lady Melania Trump, focusing on well-being for youth, and advocating against cyberbullying and drug (particularly opioid) use.


Despite the mocking fake news media’s criticism of the First Lady, American’s see the left’s war on Christmas and Christianity for what it is. The Trump’s are America’s Blue Collar family that gives all year around. Maybe that’s why the left hate the Trump family so much. They connect with fly-over America, the working class, the builders, carpenters, farmers, the people that do what Mike Rowe calls, “Dirty Jobs.”



Our weather today is cloudy with occasional showers. The weather is scheduled to be a repeat tomorrow. Our Christmas tree is up and the house decorated with lights since Thanksgiving day. I always like to decorate on Thanksgiving day because it’s the official start of Christmas.



The Existentialist

The existence of humans and the theories of existentialism can sometimes bifurcate the meaning from the metaphysical good to hypothetical evil. The word is highly misused by people trying to make a intellectual point. Where the actions of humans have consequences are either for good or for evil. So they hear a big word like existential and run off and use it over and over. For example, Greta Thunberg is starting to use the word existential in her prepared climate change scripts.

You’ll hear the climate crisis people claim that global warming is an existential threat to the planet. The reason is that global warming is man made. No other facts need apply. Don’t believe in observational data because the science is settled. Any deviation from the gloom and doom orthodoxy is labeled as heretical deniers. Global Warming is caused by humans, case closed. PERIOD!

According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the current scientific consensus is that long and short-term variations in solar activity play only a very small role in Earth’s climate. Yet throughout the history of the planet, we’ve had ice ages and other climate variations where humans were not in existence. Then how does the IPCC explain the changing seasons now that humans do exist. The earth revolves around the Sun in one solar year.

Today, the Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun. But this tilt changes. During a cycle that averages about 40,000 years, the tilt of the axis varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees. The astronomical term describing the angle of tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation is called obliquity. It is the angle between the plane of the Earth’s equator and the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. In other words, the earth’s orbit wobbles around the Sun. The Sun also wobbles due to the gravitational pull of the planets. This results in a substantial change in the earth’s climate during the solar year. So the IPCC is demonstrably wrong about solar activity effecting the climate.

My point is that everything now is an existential threat. With emphasis on threat. If something is existential, it has to do with human existence. If you read Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Sartre, and others, which emphasizes the individual as a free agent responsible for his or her  actions. It waters down the meaning of global warming as an existential threat to anything, even the planet. It’s subjective that global warming is only man made. The observable climate is an individual’s perspective. It doesn’t necessarily follow a rule that everyone will agree with as a scientific conclusion, because there is no consensus in science. That’s the point of using words that people have run to google to find the meaning. It’s just another way of promoting climate hysteria.

Speaking of existential threats, did anyone hear what loony bloomy Bloomberg said? He’s the billionaire, and former mayor of New York city, that is attempting the buy the Presidential elections. In a series of interviews he said some interesting things. US billionaire Michael Bloomberg has spoken out in support of Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying Xi is “not a dictator” and the Communist Party “listens to the public” on issues like air pollution. Apparently, loony bloomy thinks China is a democracy and not a dictatorship.

Next, and not to undone by his mis-characterization of China, loony bloomy said he’d tax the poor for their own good.

In a remarkable of out-of-touch statement, loony bloomy said taxing the poor will help them live longer. WUT?

Condescending and elitists statement, loony bloomy said, “Well, we want the poor to live longer so that they can get an education and enjoy life.” My question is how can the poor get an education and enjoy life if the government keeps taxing them? Loony bloomy is known for taxing sugary drinks and some foods he believes is bad for your health. Talk about an existential nanny state government. Oops!

Let’s talk about existential creepiness. Creepy Joe Biden said this gaffe at a public recreation area in front of kids and cameras.

Wow, it’s going to be an interesting 2020 election year



In Hawai’i today we had a fairly rainy day with high surf conditions. Temperatures in the low 70’s and humidity at 75%. Little to no sunshine today. It’s expected to clear up, but forecasts predict more rain throughout the week.




Freedom To Chains

In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of our nation. “We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains” is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Paul Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society.

I remember listening to this editorial opinion on the radio. My parents liked to tune into the Paul Harvey commentary that played after the evening news broadcast. Back then, the news media was somewhat non-biased in it’s reporting. They allowed you the listener to decide for yourself what to decide. Everyone knew the line between news and opinion. It was clearly described at the beginning of the program.

That’s no longer the case in today’s media. Today, it’s all about ratings. How many eyeballs can you get to watch the program. The more flashy and incendiary the program, the more viewers it attracts. Remember when MSNBC thought they had President Trump’s tax returns and decided to broadcast the information live. Only to find there was nothing but a regular tax return. This fake news channel, MSNBC, didn’t even bother to research the data in the document, they just decided to hype the story expecting to find some irregularity. That’s not journalism, that’s tabloid trash. MSNBC didn’t seem to be very embarrassed by their story.

A reporter with News Weak (weak, for sure) posted a snarky tweet on Thanksgiving day wondering if the President was golfing, tweeting and lounging about at his Mar Largo resort. When in fact the President was in Afghanistan serving a holiday meal for our troops. The reporter was later fired from News Weak. The President tweeted that he thought News Weak was out of business. So did I, but it seems the media snarkiness just cannot help themselves from embarrassment.

I often wonder why that androgynous big mouth MSNBC anchor wasn’t fired for reporting fake news. Standards apparently are not very high at this cable outlet. It seems the manufacturing of fake news is now the new journalism standard. It goes hand in hand with the political deception in the news. CNN is a close contender.

Our own senator, Crazy Mazie Hirono, cannot help but seek out a CNN camera to recite some disparaging remarks against President Trump. I don’t think this creature has ever had a happy moment in her miserable life.

The video explains who these people are and their goal to put free people in chains of socialism. If you listen to the democrat challengers that want the highest office in the world, you’ll see just how transparent their views on socialism are about. They are not hiding their plans to raise taxes and to punish success. They believe the American people want security over freedom.

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will neither have, nor do they deserve, either one.

The meaning of this quote by Ben Franklin has been controversial for years. Essentially, it is true. That’s the message in the video of a ever expanding government that someone has to be pay for and it’s paid for by you the taxpayers. As the government grows, the smaller the citizen becomes. They don’t teach this lesson in schools today. Children today are rejecting independence and individuality for the false comfort of government benevolence. They are giving up their freedoms. In return, they look at us, and say, OK BOOMERS.

Our weather today has been a mix of sun and clouds. Some drizzle, but very cool trade winds. The temperatures dip down to the 60’s at night and into the upper 70’s during the day. It officially winter and whale season in Hawai’i. The Christmas scene has the Prince Kūhiō Plaza filled with shoppers. There are so many wondrous stories to be told.

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