Balloon Clowns

Aloha kākou and Happy Aloha Friday. Communist China has a balloon floating 60,000 ft above the United States. No one seems to be concerned. Is the balloon a spy drone of some kind? Why is the balloon able to navigate over nuclear missile silos and military bases? The public is being told not to worry and it will eventually go away.

Is the spy balloon carrying anything dangerous? Is the balloon carrying an EMP device or some aerosol dispersion device? Why is Pedo-Hitler Biden not addressing this? No one seems to be taking this seriously. Why is this regime allowing America’s enemy to violate our airspace? How did the balloon get into our airspace, and no one seems to have noticed.

Perhaps the balloon is a valentine gift to Marxist democrat Eric Swalwell. The congressmen that slept with a Communist Chinese Spy named Fang Fang when he cheated on his pregnant wife. Swalwell that was on the National Security Committee sharing a little pillow talk with the Spy who shagged Eric.

Is this a test run for a larger attack against the United States by Beijing? A balloon that high up in the atmosphere could kick off an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or drop a nuclear bomb. Maybe even spray a new Gain of Function Virus. The Air Force and the Pentagon says shooting it down could land on someone’s head and hurt them. Even when the balloon is over very rural areas, our woke military commanders are afraid of the Communist Chinese. What if Xi Jinping gets mad and shakes his fist at America?


We wouldn’t want to see Communist China get mad. The balloon kinda looks like the Star Wars Death Star planet destroyer. I am astonished by how little this violation of our air space is being taken by our national security apparatus. It just doesn’t make any sense. If I were running the country, I would have brought the balloon and examine the equipment it’s carrying to see what the Communist Chinese are looking at. We know the Communist Chinese are operating the balloon by remote control.

What we do know is that Pedo-Hitler Biden is owned by the Communist Chinese. His whole family is involved in nefarious business activities with Communist China. Biden is the Manchurian Candidate. What exactly does Communist China have on Pedo-Hitler Biden and his family?

I’ve never seen our government operate such a clown show before. And we must go through this over the next two years. Who knows what else is heading our way? The latest news is that there are two more such balloons heading towards the United States. One is over Canada and the other is in Latin America. Are these balloons also carrying more spy equipment or something worse?

Communist China is demonstrating they are not afraid of the United States. Our government is showing weakness. Especially with this shit show going on. Pedo-Hitler Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban goat herders. Our secretary of defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chief of Staff General Millie Vanillie are a couple of incompetent monkeys. Useless.



Mostly Cloudy with scattered isolated showers. 40% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the east at 8 mph, gusts 20 mph. Cloud cover is 79%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 3/64 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Humidity is 84%. Barometric pressure is 30.03 inches and dewpoint is 69°. UV index 7. Air quality Index is good at 28. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Pepeluali ‘Ekolu 2023


Floating Extinction


Aloha kākou. The energy transition is an unhealthy solution to the planet and our energy needs. Wind and solar monstrosities consume large tracks of land. So now, countries are planning to put wind and solar in the oceans and that will cause catastrophic consequences.

Guess what happens when sunlight is removed from the ocean. It kills the Plankton. It destroys life and the ocean food chain. Once the photosynthesis life of the ocean is destroyed, the rest of the planet dies with it. Derived from the Greek words phyto (plant) and plankton (made to wander or drift), phytoplankton are microscopic organisms that live in watery environments, both salty and fresh.

Like land plants, phytoplankton has chlorophyll to capture sunlight, and they use photosynthesis to turn it into chemical energy. They consume carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. All phytoplankton photosynthesize, but some get additional energy by consuming other organisms.

Phytoplankton growth depends on the availability of carbon dioxide, sunlight, and nutrients. Phytoplankton, like land plants, require nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, silicate, and calcium at various levels depending on the species. Some phytoplankton can fix nitrogen and can grow in areas where nitrate concentrations are low. They also require trace amounts of iron which limits phytoplankton growth in large areas of the ocean because iron concentrations are very low. Other factors influence phytoplankton growth rates, including water temperature and salinity, water depth, wind, and what kinds of predators are grazing on them. — NASA Earth Observatory

Fossil fuels take up a minimum amount of land and they are far cleaner than wind and solar. Fewer transmission lines to bring power to homes and businesses. The amount of energy needed to build and maintain wind and solar is ten times more pollution than fossil fuels emissions. Most people don’t know how wind and solar are constructed. The amount of rare earth materials that have to be collected. The energy consumed to manufacture the panels and windmills. Battery construction uses the same toxic material. Green technology generates more toxic emissions than fossil fuels. That is a science fact.

Windmills use fossil fuels to allow the propellers to move and to generate energy. Windmills do not operate properly when the wind exceeds the capacity and stress of the structure. They fly apart and break up into the ocean. The turbines create electrical sonar like noise that disturbs whale navigation. It grinds down the ocean bed killing the existing marine creatures.

Solar panels have material that is toxic to life. When it leaches into the sea water it will kill existing marine life in the ocean. It blocks sunlight that marine life needs to survive. The ecosystem is being destroyed over the myth of climate change. The ocean is the largest source of food in the world. Without life in the oceans then life on the land will die off. We are destroying our existence by trying to save the planet from ourselves. It is total madness to believe the ocean isn’t already polluted with floating garbage.

The last thing we need to be doing is filling the ocean with more garbage. Solar and wind will just add to the level of garbage already in the ocean. If anything, we should be cleaning the ocean of the giant garbage patches. We need to seriously reduce the amount of rubbish in the oceans.

The planet is fine. The planet is not dying. We’re killing ourselves believing in this myth of a dying planet. We are killing ourselves by trying to save the planet. If we are to be good stewards of the planet, then we need to do better with disposing of our trash. We need to use existing resources under our feet. Meaning using more hydrocarbons and less fake green energy.

To summarize, there is no such thing as renewable energy. The expense of green technology is too toxic to be of any useful purpose. An electrified grid constructed of green technology is not sustainable. We just don’t have the technology yet to transition successfully from fossil fuels. With cheap reliable fossil fuel energy will result in lower food costs. With cleaner water and oceans. Fossil fuels use has increasingly been getting cleaner. We should get developing nations to use the methods we use to reduce fossil fuel emissions. We’ll have cleaner air using technology to burn coal and oil with less pollution. Green technology is just more pollution that will harm our environment.



Cloudy with scattered moderate showers. 53% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the southeast at 13 mph, gusts 25 mph. Cloud cover is 97%. Visibility is 9 miles. We got 17/64 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the low 70s. Humidity is 95%. Barometric pressure is 29.96 inches and dewpoint is 71°. UV index 3. Air quality Index is good at 29. Readings taken at 2:00PM HST.

Ianuali Kanakolu Kūmākahi 2023


Hate Network


Aloha kākou. MSNBC is the most racist far left radical cable network. I call them MSLSD because some of the racist rhetoric that spews from this network is vitriol it’s beyond the pale. Every single anchor on this network promotes hatred against Christians, Conservatives, and white people. MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace brought up the Republicans who either spread lies or mocked Paul Pelosi when he was hit in the head with a hammer by a “right-wing activist” who allegedly sought to kill his wife.

There’s the first lie. The guy that attacked Paul Piglosi is a homeless illegal alien from Canada and not Right-Wing Activist. He’s a dope smoking crazed leftist. The rumors that sprang up about Paul Piglosi was having a gay booty call that went bad were fueled by the Fake News Media. An NBC reporter was suspended for accurately reporting the events of that evening. The more they hid the police bodycam videos, police calls, and home surveillance videos caused rumors to spread. Speculation still continues even after the bodycam videos were released. But MSNBC was determined to blame Christians and President Trump. Watch.

Disgraced former FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi, a nutcase, is regularly featured on MSNBC as some kind of expert. “The guns, God and the extremist violence that’s being put out here is a dangerous mix that we see in international terrorism,” said Figliuzzi. Then he goes on to compare Christians to violent Islamic jihad. It’s still trying to get my head around that comparison. I haven’t seen any Christians beheading people. MSNBC uses race and religion as a weapon to create division in the country. — RawStory


Some stories in my last post have updates. Today, a Philadelphia jury found pro-life activist Mark Houch not guilty of violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

If you recall, on September 23, 2022, Mark Houck’s home, where his wife and children were, was swarmed by roughly 15 vehicles and dozens of armed federal SWAT officers. Houck was arrested during the incident. This is a win for the Houck family and the entire pro-life movement. The Pedi-Hitler Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice’s intimidation against pro-life people and people of faith has been put in its place.” This is good news for people of faith. — The Post Millennian

The price of food, energy, and supply chain shortages just got even more dire. In Connecticut authorities are investigating the cause of a large operating chicken coop that was burned down at an egg farm. The 50-foot by 600-foot coop that burned down was located at Hillandale Farms. Sources have reported over 100,000 hens were killed in the fire. So, the price of eggs will continue to go up. — One American News

In my previous post I wrote about vegans and their weird dietary advocacy. Some of these vegans must have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Where nurturant’s never make it into their brain. Two vegans nearly became Darwin Award winners when they attempted to stop a truck carrying livestock. Shall I call them domestic food terrorists? I think I shall.

In the video, vegan terrorists were attempting to stop a massive semitruck loaded with livestock. Some bearded vegan kook records a video of the truck headed to a food processing plant. He says plant-eating will attempt stopping the truck at the plant entrance. He narrates that the truck is headed to the slaughterhouse “where 10,000 lives are taken daily,” just for the tastebuds of humans. Well, yeah, that’s what we call meat. Better than eating bugs. He and another vegan then walk right in front of the massive truck and nearly get run over. The screams of “oh, my God” can be heard afterwards. — Red State

I suddenly got a hankering for fresh ground beef hamburger.



Cloudy with scattered moderate showers. 60% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the east northeast at 6 mph, gusts 16 mph. Cloud cover is 97%. Visibility is 7 miles. We got 5/8 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 60s. Humidity is 95%. Barometric pressure is 29.89 inches and dewpoint is 68°. UV index 1. Air quality Index is good at 28. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Kanakolu 2023


Mesha Stele


Aloha Lāpule. The Mesha Stele, also known as the Moabite Stone, stele is from the Latin describing a stone or wooden slab, is dated around 840 BCE containing a significant Canaanite inscription in the name of King Mesha of Moab a kingdom located in modern Jordan. This Biblical inscription mentions the House of David. This validates the Old Testament in the Bible and Jewish Torah. — The Western Journal

The stele, which was eventually restored, is displayed in the Louvre in Paris. It measures about 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide, and contains 34 lines of text, with the possible “House of David” reference appearing on the 31st line. The debate centers around five letters corresponding to “bt,” or “house of,” and “dwd” meaning David. While two of the letters were clearly visible in the past, three others were not. — Jewish News Syndicate

They used a special imaging technology to decipher the text. “Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) is a photographic method that captures a subject’s shape and color to reveal surface information invisible under normal examination,” according to Wessex Archaeology.

A fascinating look into ancient history. It is another validation of the text of the Bible. Speaking of religion and prayer on this Lāpule (Sunday, day of prayer), this happened in South Carolina. A woman in behind the counter at a local restaurant shop met President Donald J. Trump and asked to pray for him. The video is very touching as others joined in prayer with the woman.

President Trump had just finished the day after a campaign stops in New Hampshire, and South Carolina. After the rally, President Trump stopped the at the iconic Zesto of West Columbia restaurant in South Carolina where he was well received and even prayed over. More details at the Gateway Pundit. Without a doubt that President Trump is a man of the people.

Remember the story of Prolife activist Mark Houck, 48, who was arrested by the FBI at his home in Pennsylvania last year. Meritless Garland, the fascist Attorney General charged Houck with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act during a scuffle with a pro-abortion activist and volunteer in October 2021.

The prosecution claims that Houck shoved volunteer abortion escort, Bruce Love, 72, after he allegedly yelled at the pro-life activist’s 12-year-old son. The courts had dismissed the charge before, but Pedo-Hitler Biden’s regime is out to persecute people of faith. Make Houck an example to other people of faith. This is what happens in Communist countries like China. The Gateway Pundit has more on this story of tyrannical government intimidation.

In Colorado, Jack Phillips, the incredible cake creator at Masterpiece Cake Shop who took his refusal to make a cake for a gay wedding all the way to the Supreme Court and won, with the court ruling that he could do what he thought his Christian faith meant he needed to do and refuse to bake the gay wedding cake. That was, at the time, a large victory for religious victory and one of the few recent victories for Christianity, which has been under a prolonged assault from the woke left.

But now, the LGBTQ army of fascist radicals are continuing to harass Phillips by demanding he produce cakes in support of gay lifestyle that go against his religious beliefs. This is harassment and intimidation against people of faith. These gay radicals could go anywhere else and find another baker, but the LGBTQ radicals want to make an example of Jack Phillips. They are trying to destroy his business. If the gay community thinks this going to garner them any sympathy, they’re wrong. It’s going to isolate them from us Normals. Full story at Trending Politics.

Our nation is under attack by insane leftist lunatics. They are determined to groom children into mutilating their bodies. The federal government is going after the parents of these children, threatening to take them away. These lefties don’t care about others’ rights and freedoms. They’re getting support from the Marxist democrat party which encourages them to assault normal people. This has to stop and a restoration back to sanity and security. We have a country we have to save.



Cloudy with frequent heavy showers. 70% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the north northeast at 7 mph, gusts 15 mph. Cloud cover is 100%. Visibility is 9 miles. We got 5/32 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 60s. Humidity is 95%. Barometric pressure is 30.01 inches and dewpoint is 66°. UV index 1. Air quality Index is fair at 31. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Iwakālua Kūmāiwa 2023


Directed Evolution


Aloha kākou. Pfizer has admitted they are still engineering new versions of the SARS-CoV2 virus and encouraging more resistant strains of SARS-CoV2 to evolve in living cells. Their justification: “Government makes us do this.” — U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) posted on Twitter today which included the following statement from Pfizer.

“In a limited number of cases when a full virus does not contain any known gain of function mutations, such viruses may be engineered to enable the assessment of antiviral activity in cells. In addition, in vitro resistant selection experiments are undertaken in cells incubated with SARA-CoV-2 and nirmatrelvir in our secure Biosafety level 3 (BSL3) laboratory to assess whether the main protease can mutate to yield resistant strains of the virus. It is important to note that these studies are required by U.S.  and global governments.”

What’s even more shocking is that Google and YouTube removed the video that Project Veritas posted showing a Pfizer executive bragging about “Gain of Function” experiments. Pfizer is desperately throwing up a disinformation campaign to convince the public that “Directed Evolution” is not “Gain of Function.” It is an effort to keep the money flowing into Pfizer’s coffers. Even though Pfizer knew there were vaccine side-effects that were dangerous. They kept that information from the public. — Video Link

Pfizer knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health problems. They knew the vaccine efficacy did not immunize the patient. They knew that from the beginning, and they deliberately kept this information from the public. Even using the Fake News Media and Unsocial Media to censor this information from the public. This is criminal.

But Pfizer and the government is not deterred by forcing vaccine mandates. The Fake News Media’s government propaganda to demonize antivaxxers as super spreaders and grandma killers. This campaign of disinformation continues today. Radio, internet, and television commercials constantly recommend getting vaccine boosters. This dangerous and sociopathic decision to evade necessary health safety information to the public has caused profound consequences to many people.

“Pfizer is responding to an undercover video from Project Veritas that appears to show an R&D executive named Jordon Trishton Walker bragging about the company discussing intentionally mutating viruses in order to sell future vaccines. The undercover video racked up over 20 million views on Twitter shortly after Project Veritas’ reinstatement on the social media platform.” — Video Link

“Pfizer has been receiving heat from U.S. senators to answer for the profound implications of the R&D director’s claims. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) called for Congress to investigate both federal health agencies and Big Pharma. “Federal health agencies have been captured by Big Pharma and grossly derelict in their duties throughout the pandemic,” Ron Johnson said. “It’s time for Congress to thoroughly investigate vaccine manufacturers and the entire COVID vaccine approval process,” he said.” — Trending Politics 

My own physicians have recommended, even scolded me, into getting the Covid vaccine. However, nurses and hospital technicians have told me that they are resisting getting vaccinated. Even though they know their jobs are at risk. Now we have a shortage of doctors, nurses, and hospital workers in Hawai’i. There’s been talk floating around to continue with emergency Covid mandates. The health department wants to force children to get the Clot-Shot for children to be eligible for school. They’re pushing more vaccines for new variants that keep popping up every week.


This is a real chyron that Hawai’i News Now put up during their news broadcast. I’ve never heard of a “Kraken” Covid variant before, and I don’t believe one exists today. I captured the image and edited it for emphasis. This is how out of control this Covid campaign of fear has spread. No one knows what to believe anymore.

What is certain is Covid has made a lot of people a lot of money. It’s a corporate cash cow and we are paying for this. If they are developing new strains of Covid, and I believe they are, they should charged with crimes against humanity. Legal immunity must be dropped, and Pfizer held accountable for distributing a vaccine they knew did not work and was dangerous.

If it were not for the reporting of Project Veritas, Tucker Carson, and Elon Musk’s New Twitter, the public would have never known. We are living in a time of public censorship that resembles a Communist regime. Our political system is deeply embedded in this censorship. People trying to get the truth out are routinely labeled as disinformation and threatened with losing their livelihood, even jail time for telling the truth. Reporters that try to distribute accurate information are deplatformed and ridiculed.


Pedo-Hitler Biden said of the unvaccinated will cause a “Winter of Death.” Just the opposite has occurred. There have been more vaccine related deaths. The regime’s campaign of disinformation has blamed gas stoves, fossil fuels, exercise, and a multitude of excuses other than the vaccine. Gain of Function is now Directed Evolution. This is how Marxist democrats work. They name bad legislation with some flowery name to redirect the harm it will do. No one knows what Directed Evolution means. I’ve never heard of such a descriptor before. This is deception and harm.



Cloudy with frequent heavy rain. 70% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the north northeast at 6 mph, gusts 16 mph. Cloud cover is 78%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 17/32 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 60s. Humidity is 94%. Barometric pressure is 30.00 inches and dewpoint is 67°. UV index 4. Air quality Index is fair at 31. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Iwakālua Kūmāwalu 2023


Eat Zee Bugs


Aloha kākou and Happy Aloha Friday. “Would you like a side of fried crickets with that?” This may be an actual question posed to European citizens at their local McDonald’s. The European Union has approved two more insect species for human consumption, according to Deutsche Welle. It’s to reduce emissions and to save the planet, says Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Global elitists want to do away with animal protein so badly they’re selling the idea bug a safe alternative to proteins. But they’re not because bugs carry other parasites that are harmful to human consumption. Nevertheless, our elitist overlords will eventually force us to consume insects.

What better way to get people on a vegan insect diet than to put insect parts in packaged foods. It’s part of the dystopian future these elitists are planning for us all. The question is, will the elitists also dine on bugs? Somehow, don’t believe mealworms will be replacing caviar and foie gras on their dinner menus. But the left will continue to try and convince us to eat insect-based hot dogs or feed your dog insect-based pet food. My cat already eats bugs so that explains his neurosis.

Hotdogs have always been mystery meat, but at least they’re not made from bugs. I raise chickens that eat bugs. They are great for pest control and fertilizers (poop), and they deliver eggs daily. I feed them scratch grains and they pay the rent handsomely. I highly recommend chicken eggs as an excellent source of protein and fresh natural food. They’re insect processors. They eat anything that crawls and slithers. Why should I consume their food? However, the left will try and educate us into believing that eating bugs is like eating arthropods. Crustaceans look like bugs therefore they are bugs, the left reasons. No, a lobster is not a cricket or a mealworm.

I know of an egg shortage at grocery stores and have seen the soaring prices. I wondered what might be causing this. Western Journal reports: Data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve showed that the average price of a dozen large, Grade A eggs in the U.S. cost $4.25 in December, up from 1.79 a year earlier. The U.S. Department of Agriculture attributes the current egg shortage to a historic breakout of the “highly pathogenic Avian influenza,” which has killed millions of chickens.

However, I have noticed changes in my scratch feed. I’ve found the cracked corn pulverized into power and the chick feed different from before. I’m not sure if there are changes in the manufacturing of the feed or if there’s something more nefarious.

Just because our ancestors didn’t have access to the local Kroger’s, Shoprite, Safeway, and Acme stores, doesn’t mean they had a healthy diet on bugs. Their lifespan was 30-40 years. A change in our diets today and how food is handled and processed is much healthier than it was back in ancient times. Plus, we have rules on allowing the number of insect parts in our food supply. Back then, you ate anything just to survive. But the left will use celebrities to sell you on eating zee bugs. Because as the WEF tells us: You vill own nothing, un you vill eat zee bugs, un you vill be happy, so eat your bugs.

UGH, Gross Hollyweird Propaganda. In my previous post, I talked about how the government is planning to ban gas stoves. It’s not just Gas Stoves, the list includes “water heaters, furnaces, clothes washers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, microwave ovens and shower heads,” all in order to push this unattainable Net-Zero Climate goal. As with eating the bugs, it’s all to protect the planet and prevent overpopulation. Either they will starve us to death by taking away our cookware or stock the shelves with bugs. Either way, it’s not a culinary future I want to be living in. I enjoy a dead cow on a bun or on a plate all dressed up and ready to go.

People don’t like vegan food. Yes, even woke people will admit they don’t like vegan food, or bugs. The university town of Cambridge in England started phasing out meat and dairy dishes at its cultural events, with disastrous results. Again, this is all to condition people into believing a diet change to bugs and veganism will prevent a climate crisis. If they can’t convince you to change your diet, they will change the menu. It never works out the way they want.

At their first civic event featuring a vegan only menu, no one ate the crap they were serving.  The event went down so badly that all the food remained unconsumed and had to be thrown away causing “significant food waste”. If you can call bugs food. People eat vegan alternatives to regular dishes because they have moral qualms over consuming animal products, such as cheese and meats, are their anxiety. That doesn’t give them the authority to force upon others to adhere to their dietary preferences. Where’s the BEEF?

And that’s why the left’s attempts to force us to all eat bugs and plant-based meat substitutes are non-starters. Clever names like “Beyond Meat” and “Cricket Crunch” isn’t sufficient to whet the appetite into gagging on bugs and tofu burgers. Why do they want to torture us into eating this crap? Are meat substitutes gaining popularity? No, these companies’ stock value lost 83 percent of their value over the course of the past year and the company’s growth has remained flat. They’re dying on the vine. If you go into stores where the supply chain has empty shelves, the only food available is alternate vegan food. Nobody is buying it.

I have no beef with people that like vegan food. That’s their choice to eat whatever crap they like to eat. Wanna eat bugs, knock yourself out. What I do have a problem is being forced to change my diet and my lifestyle to support the myth of climate crisis. This has been the leftist direction to force people to change their habits. To bully corporations into changing their products.

How many vegan restaurants do you see with lines of people waiting to get into? I haven’t seen any vegan restaurants in my neighborhood and the only vegan restaurant I visited was an Ethiopian restaurant in Portland, Oregen about a decade ago. Needless to say, I never went back again. I suppose that vegan food simply isn’t popular enough to be economically sustainable business. If there is a market for vegan food, I just don’t see it. The Fake News Media always raves about veganism.

I’m equating veganism with bug food diets because I’m seeing the merging of the two dietary fashion trends. It’s all zero-emission cuisine that is being promoted for survival. Not the survival of people, our health, our lifestyles, but the health of the planet. As if the planet is a living thing and humans are only an infestation on the surface. I will not conform my culinary desires for anyone or anything as a statement of fashion sense. That’s what bug and vegan diets are all about. There’s no culinary excitement there.

While I am an inhabitant on this planet, I wish to enjoy the bounty that God has blessed us with dominion over. Our lifespan is too short when you consider the longevity of other creatures that inhabit this planet. I want to enjoy the culinary creations of centuries of civilizations gastronomic masterpieces. From home cooked comfort foods, fast foods takeouts, street foods venders, food truck operators, to high end exotic restaurant creations, just no bugs, please. After I pass into the next world, I will leave behind a feast for the bugs. They can then do whatever they want. Bon Appétit.



Mostly cloudy skies, some passing lite rain. 50% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the east at 6 mph, gusts 16 mph. Cloud cover is 98%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 3/16 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Humidity is 86%. Barometric pressure is 29.98 inches and dewpoint is 68°. UV index 5. Air quality Index is fair at 33. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Iwakālua Kūmāhiku 2023


Eternal Recurrence


Aloha kākou. Eternal Recurrence is a philosophical concept which states that time repeats itself in an infinite loop, and that exactly the same events will continue to occur in exactly the same way, over and over again, for eternity. In biblical times it was the Golden Calf people worshiped over God. Now a new, golden idol to abortion stands on top of a New York City courthouse as a reminder of the religiosity with which abortion activists defend the mass slaughter of babies in the womb.

The “NOW” statue also hints at the satanic: a naked, golden woman with hair braids fashioned as horns that protrude from her head as she surfaces from a golden lotus. These images are used by Satanists and The Satanic Temple that often depicts Satan with goat-like horns. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

If it’s not abortion that the left worships, then it’s Planet Gaia, the god of environmental foolishness. The left hates God and his creations. The left would rather worship their own gods. The left that infests our government openly supports this evil. Public Broadcast System always dispenses with misleading disinformation. It’s no wonder why PBS disabled the comment section in this YouTube video about gas stoves.

PBS is a Joke and a Waste of Taxpayers money. In the real business world, they would never survive, but our taxdollars pay for this Marxist propaganda. Watch Capt’n Hook explain how electric (useless Induction) stoves are more efficient than gas stoves.
These idiots eat bugs, not food. They don’t know how to cook. Boil water, yes, but cook real food, clueless. Defund this BS Rubbish.

I know something about induction stoves. They’re inefficient and expensive. You must purchase special pots and pans to make the induction surface work correctly. Those pots and pans are not cheap and they’re hard to find. Plus, induction stoves are not popular with the public. The idea never took off. Even electric stoves that use coil or ribbon elements are finite in their operation. They wear out quicker than gas stoves and are expensive to replace.

Also, does anyone remember when the left said magnetic fields cause cancers? If you lived too close to high-voltage power lines, the radiating energy causes cancer the left claimed. If you live near a G5 Cell phone tower your being microwaved by radio waves. The purpose is to frighten people to give up their standard of living and comfort. Everything around you is damaging the environment says the left. Don’t believe this nonsense.

Creating false science by inventing new illnesses that never existed before. Where did this Natural Gas disinformation come from? It came from Communist China. This disinformation came from Communist China. It because we have vast amounts of Natural Gas wells in this country that burns clean with no pollutants. This Natural Gas hoax was invented to frighten the public. People have been using Natural Gas for cooking and for heating their homes for decades with no ill effects. It’s cheaper and more efficient than electric stoves and heaters. But all of a sudden, this pops up to distract people from the increasingly inflated cost of electric service. Gas is superior and cheaper. Electricity needs gas to generate power. It’s not by solar panels and windmills to power a city.

The left claims that overpopulation is going to destroy the planet. Resources needed to feed people will dry up and cause mass starvation. But that prediction has never come true. We have more to worry about population collapse than some vehicles tailpipe exhaust. A population collapse would create mass starvation and possibly drive the human race into extinction. We would turn into the Planet of the Apes in no time.

Selling the apocalypse is easier because fear sells. The hard work of farming, mining, and creating is easier to demonize. But we need vast numbers of people to do that work. To invent the next medical cures and industrial marvels. To maintain our quality of life takes people. Our ultimate survival depends on more people. For example, Japan’s population is shrinking. If that trend continues, then Japan will cease to be a functioning society. The overpopulation apocalypse myth is great for science fiction, but not applicable in real life. We have more to worry about nuclear war than population expansion.

When I see the left trotting out the Doomsday Clock and making dire warnings of a planetary cataclysm, I roll my eyes in disbelief. In the sense of science fiction, the Electric State is a Beautiful Nightmare. Here’s a story of how terror can be entertainment. Because humans can differentiate between real life and a fictional story with beautiful symbolism. Monsters of the ID remain in the imagination of the mind. A dreamscape to ponder.

This is an interesting tale that the brilliant artist Simon Stålenhag explores as an alternate version of the United States in the late 90s. It’s a story where a young woman and a small robot venture across a ruined landscape littered with the skeletons of terrifying machines. It’s a poignant story and a warning of how runaway consumerism can have apocalyptic consequences. But of course, it’s pure fiction and wonderful for entertainment. Consumerism is what maintains our level of comfort and longevity.

Ever since the dawn of man’s sentiency, a gift from the Creator, which separates us from the rest of the creatures that inhabit this planet, we have the ability to reason and create. Unfortunately, some cannot reason very well. As in biblical times worshiping false gods is still the venue of the foolish. It forces them to repeat the same mistakes over and over. In a never-ending loop where history repeats itself often. We would think that we’d learn from the past, but the left always erases the past and rewrite the future.

It’s why they tear down statues that remind us of our history. Because past history is offensive to the left and therefore, they destroy the past to rewrite what will be. That’s a virus to the future and a pathway to repeating the same destructive destinations we all visited once before. It is said that if we do not learn from the past, we are destined to repeat the same mistakes. History is a cruel Master of Human survival, and it must be remembered and learned to prevent repeating eternal recurrence.



Mostly cloudy skies possible evening sprinkles. 60% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the east at 8 mph, gusts 20 mph. Cloud cover is 58%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 3/16 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Humidity is 77%. Barometric pressure is 29.96 inches and dewpoint is 68°. UV index 7. Air quality Index is good at 30. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Iwakālua Kūmālima 2023


Hackable Animals


Aloha kākou. Have you heard of the “Kill Switch” that the government wants to install in all vehicles? Especially all electric vehicles. A kill switch in an IT term to describe a mechanism to shut down or disable a device or program. The idea was to use a kill switch to prevent theft of a machine or data or shut down machinery in an emergency, and cybersecurity. Protecting criminals stealing a car, or a phone, where a remote device can disable and prevent the criminal from getting away with someone’s property.

But in the hands of unscrupulous government entities or some criminal organization, a kill switch would be used to commit crimes. Cybercriminals using malware could shut down an electric power station. Disable other vital systems and cause havoc. That has been used to shut down the Iranian centrifuges used to develop nuclear fuel and a bomb. Hackers have disabled and stolen data from computer systems. So, it is in the realm of actual possibilities. There are good and bad uses for a kill switch.

The wonder of semiconductors has made our lives much more productive. They can be found in almost every electronic device today. Even in smart toasters. Cochlear implants allow the deaf to hear. Pacemakers are used to help people’s hearts keep beating. There are so many medical marvels where semiconductors have helped disabled patients regain some normalcy in their lives. Elon Must has been developing nano technologies to implant semiconductors into human brains. So far, Musk’s intentions seem to be honorable, but I’m not certain that nano technology is needed in all people’s bodies if they’re perfectly healthy.

Could a kill switch be installed in Humans? The answer is yes definitely and there is talk about installing cybernetics in humans. To understand what sorts of malfunctions and abnormalities underlie violent sociopathic behavior, it is necessary to first outline how it is prevented in normal individuals. Then we can begin to understand what reinforcement processes maintain such behaviors in violent psychopaths. Morals, culture, empathy, and emotions, in addition to negative consequences and numerous other factors, likely play a large part in keeping violent behavior under control. But what if a kill switch is used for nefarious reasons?

CBDCs are Central Bank Digital Currencies. They are digital currencies that monitor the individual. Watch this documentary and judge for yourself. It will be clear the direction government is moving to regulate our lives. Semiconductors will be implanted UNDER OUR SKIN.” Watch the Full Length Presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts Today HERE:

The Truth About Executive Order 14067 & Central Bank Digital Currencies. The Truth About the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) Plan to Introduce a New Gold-Backed Programmable Central Bank Digital Currency. BRICS Nations Discussing Introduction of Single Currency to Ease Trade, Says Russian Envoy – READ and Understand the Truth about the Biblical Timeline 60 Signs of the Times.

Hackable Humans is what Yuval Noah Harari of the WEF is talking about. We will have no autotomy, no independence, and no freedom. We will be digital slaves. Once they get our money by digital credit banking, they can shut off our access to our earnings. We will be forced to live a life the government demands we comply to. This is not a far-fetched conspiracy theory, because we are moving closer to this reality.

Klaus Schwab, evil villain, and founder of the infamous World Economic Forum (WEF), says: “In 10 years you will all have an implant in the brain with which we can feel your feelings. You will be transplanted into an eternal digital realm.” A kill switch to regulate humans. You vill own nothing, you vill eats ze bugs, un you vill be happy. The WEF is all about control.

The Great Reset | COVID-19 BEAST System Explained: A.I., Nano-Tech, Brain-Chips & 24/7 Surveillance

You can see where these oligarchs are going with this. The idea is to control every aspect of our lives. Control of our money, our homes, and what kinds of food we can purchase. They already want us to stop eating meat and start eating bugs. They will control what entertainment we can view, where we can travel, what clothing we can wear. They say it’s to protect the planet. To stop global warming. By controlling the number of people living. To protect us from ourselves. These oligarchs consider us parasites. Who put them in charge? Unelected entities that named themselves the rulers of the world. Some have said that the WEF is not a threat to America and our laws. But look at how much has changed and so quickly lately?

I’ve written before that the three components to control a population, indeed a nation, the world, are Food, Water, and Energy. Every American should be aware of this creeping Communism infiltrating into our government and industry. It is no accident that food processing plants are burning down all over the free world. That Communist China and Bill Gates are gobbling up valuable farmland. Have you seen the price of eggs, milk, and other foods? There doesn’t seem to be any alarms sounding with the public. Some of us have started growing our own food. I raise chickens and have a garden plot to grow vegetables. I have a variety of fruit trees. But I’m not giving up a good hamburger any time soon.

Hackable Animals is how they view us. We’re just a commodity to these elitists. A cog in the wheel for autocratic rulers to toy with. The world is not enough with these people. They’ll live a valued life, but we be hacked to serve our new masters. Transhumanism is defined as a being that resembles a human in most respects but who has powers and abilities beyond those of standard humans. These abilities might include improved intelligence, awareness, strength, or durability. From what the WEF is planning, it’s more like slavery with a kill switch to control us all.



Mostly cloudy skies possible evening sprinkles. 30% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the east at 10 mph, gusts 23 mph. Cloud cover is 57%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 3/16 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Humidity is 79%. Barometric pressure is 30.00 inches and dewpoint is 69°. UV index 8. Air quality Index is fair at 36. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Iwakālua Kūmāhā 2023


Constitution By Omission


Aloha kākou. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are *Life*, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.” As written in our Constitution, but Marxist democrats don’t believe in the Constitution. So, they omit portions of the Constitution for their own evil purposes. 

At an event on Sunday, Kamala “Heels Up” Harris spoke about the Declaration of Independence but omitted the right to life while discussing Roe V. Wade. You have no right to life and those natural rights that we’re endowed with by our Creator are omitted also. To the Marxist democrats, there is no Creator, no God, no natural rights to life. Maybe, these rights are made by the thing.

We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident and … women and men a uh .. you know, the thing. Note that Pedo-Hitler Biden narcissistically claims he’s a Catholic. A devout Catholic, but he can’t recite the United States Constitution line where the Creator is mentioned. What’s the problem? Do Marxist democrats not believe in God? A higher authority, a Creator, an entity where all creation begins. Are they rejecting God? It sounds like it’s deliberate. But wait, it’s not just Pedo-Hitler Biden and Heels Up Harris.

“On September 15, Barry the Bullshitter Obummer did the same thing. At a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Obummer omitted part of the Declaration of Independence by removed any reference to the “Creator.” This is how Marxist democrats view our constitution. On many occasions, Obummer has called our Constitution flawed and unequally applied to some. Despite the amends added to the Constitution after the Civil War that abolished slavery and allowed equal rights to all. Amendments that allowed voting rights to women and so many corrections to live by the words, Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Maybe it’s the fault of the education system? Perhaps Marxist democrats grew up never watching Schoolhouse Rock?  Who knows why, but the Marxist democrats hate the constitution so much that they are willing to omit keep points in the Constitution. In effect, rewriting the Constitution to fit their Marxist authoritarian ideology.

In my mind, these actions disqualify them for public office. Let me tell you who is perfectly qualified for any office.

President Trump speaks to Kid Rock’s audience before kicking off the “We The People, Let’s Go Branden” song.

As Pedo-Hitler Biden and Jill “Alice Cooper” Biden were taking phone calls Christmas Eve for NORAD’s Santa tracker hotline, a father ended an otherwise pleasant conversation by telling the president, “Merry Christmas and let’s go Brandon.” (Dec. 24)

Pedo-Hitler Branden agrees, but Jill is noticeably embarrassed. Apparently, the senile of pedophile doesn’t get the joke. Because he is the joke.

We can’t have elected officials that refuse to follow the Constitution of the United States. It is the Supreme Law of the Land. It is the four-corners of the contract with “We The People.” It cannot be omitted and cannot be rewritten because some anti-American politician hates the wording. To deny the Constitution is to deny God. To deny natural law. To deny our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. There is no Constitution by Omission.



Mix of sun and clouds. 17% chance of precipitation. Possible evening showers. Tradewinds from the east at 5 mph, gusts 14 mph. Cloud cover is 43%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 3/32 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Humidity is 80%. Barometric pressure is 29.97 inches and dewpoint is 69°. UV index 2. Air quality Index is good at 33. Readings taken at 4:00PM HST.

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Hua Moa

2023-01-20 08.01.51

Aloha Lāpule. Happy Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choi. There is an egg shortage that’s affecting the price of the precious package in a shell. Not to worry, I have chickens that supply us with delicious cackle-berries. Enough that I give some away to neighbors and friends. I could sell them, but what’s the point? My neighbors give me bananas and other fruits. So, it works out for everyone. Money is tight, but friendships are invaluable.

Every day when we get home the chickens are waiting for us to feed them, and they thank us with fresh eggs. The weather has been very dry for over a month here in East Hawai’i Island. So much so, that people are getting water from the county spigots. They’re filling up all sorts of plastic containers. Some hold over 50 gallons of the precious liquid. I’m lucky enough to have a rainwater catchment system that holds enough wai mānalo (potable water) coming into the house. However, I’m praying for rain.

All these plastic containers stack up. The transfer stations take recyclable plastics, but what good is recycling? The environuts got the government to ban plastic bags. Now plastic bags are replaced with paper bags. I remember when the same environuts said all this paper is causing deforestation and demanded using plastic bags. Because it takes up less space and causes less pollution. But neither is true.

Lately, the environuts has made claims gas stoves cause pollution. Next your barbeque will be banned. Charcoal grills and other wood smokers will be forbidden from use. The environuts use a combination of fear and the fake news media to spread disinformation. Then they make themselves seem virtuous by saving the planet from ourselves. What a joke.

We need to restore sanity back into government. Replace the children that claim to be ‘the science’ with adults. Replace the corruption in our government agencies that mandate these idiotic policies. It will take us all to pushback against the fear mongers that want to control our lives. It’s the only way to restore the blessings of liberty.

Our country is like an egg. Nutritious on the inside and protected by nature’s package, but fragile in handling. We can break if not handled with care. Like our environment, we are stewards of this planet. God gave us dominion over the land and animals for a reason. Unfortunately, there are those that don’t think about their actions. When it’s too late the damage could be irreparable. Don’t give into fear and act irrationally. Think and test ideas before making them policy. Just because something sounds good, doesn’t mean it does good.



Mix of sun and clouds. 30% chance of precipitation. Tradewinds from the east at 9 mph, gusts 21 mph. Cloud cover is 55%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 1/32 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Humidity is 77%. Barometric pressure is 30.03 inches and dewpoint is 64°. UV index 7. Air quality Index is good at 31. Readings taken at 12:00PM HST.

Ianuali Iwakālua Kūmālua 2023


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