Hypnagogia Exploitation


Democrats have abandoned the American people, and all Constitutional values that make this great country what it is. Their goal now is to turn the country into a hell-hole of criminals and welfare dependency. Democrats are admitting it. They are not hiding their contempt for United States citizens. They know that the majority of citizens will not vote for them. Therefore, democrats are resorting to voter fraud to steal elections. Keep the people dependent on government, then you create a slave citizenry. A collective of dependents living on a bloated government welfare system at taxpayer’s expense. Keep them dependent on government for votes. Horrific Slavery.


Kalifornia is the first state to allow illegals aliens to vote, and other states with socialist leftists democrats are doing the same. Issuing identification cards that will allow them to vote in the local, and national elections. This will be the greatest voter fraud scheme in American history. This is why democrats want open borders. Democrats are power hungry socialists that only want an oligarchy government where our Constitutional rights are removed. Your right to protect yourself and family, your rights to liberty, and your right to property, will be taken away for the ‘Greater Good’. This is happening in Europe today with their immigration policies. People are being kicked out of their homes to accommodate illegal aliens. Too bad Europeans don’t have a Constitution like ours.

When immigrants come to America, they come for one reason: A Better Opportunity. So why do they bring the values from their home country with them? Why do they bring the things they left behind and want them installed in their adopted country? In the following video by Prager University, Gloria Alvarez explains:

When immigrants come here, they come for one reason: A Better Opportunity. So why do they also bring with them the very same destructive policies that denied them opportunities in their home country? It’s because they do not understand the values America offers. It’s the reason why we have a immigration process that includes passing American Civics Course.  See if you can answer the questions in the Civics Quiz. You’d be surprised how many people, American Citizens, fail the test. —> CIVICS QUIZ <—


The problem with freedom, as former Secretary of State and socialist democrat Presidential candidate, once said: “In America, you have the right to be stupid.” Indeed, that was probably the most honest answer John Kerry has ever said. Which is why Kerry lost the 2004 Presidential election, not for being honest, but by demonstrating gross ignorance and stupidity.

However, Stupidity is just not limited to Democrats, there are plenty of mentally challenged Republicans. Which is why voters have to listen carefully to what candidates are saying. Otherwise, the very same policies that immigrants left their home country, will follow them to their adopted country. Kalifornia, and other States, are proving to be a perfect laboratory examples of voter apathy and voter fraud.

However, as history lesson, democrats are far guilty of violating Constitutional freedoms. As Nick Freitas, Virginia House of Delegates and a Republican candidate for the US Senate in 2018, explains:

Personally, I don’t trust democrats and there is a lot of history to support my disdain towards democrats. Starting by the assertion at the beginning, “Democrats Have Abandoned The American People.” What’s even more confusing is the very people whose families were interned by a democrat president (FDR) are also democrats that support the same policies. The nature of leftism is self destructive.

Even our own misrepresentatives in Hawai’i are insensitive to the destructive policies of the democrat party. Hawaii Rep. Hanabusa, who is also running for Governor of Hawai’i, fails to point out which party interned her grandparents. Why? Because leftists will always be hostile to conservatives. In my opinion, the level of insensitivity is on the side of socialist democrats that never learned from history, but are doomed to repeat history, over and over again. Awue!

I did not consider Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke comment insensitive, rather a greeting to Rep. Hanabusa, and she didn’t seem offended by it, she actually correcting him that it was still morning. “Kon’nichiwa” meaning “Hello, or Good Afternoon“, and “Ohiaio gozai masu” is “good morning”.  Leftist democrats immediately slammed Mr.Zinke as being insensitive. As usual, the cries of insensitivity by socialist democrats. However, it was not insensitive, from a phonics point of view, it was correctly spoken, but this is how the leftist media framed it. Most multilingual people appreciate the effort to speak a second language, just as Americans honor immigrants efforts to speak English. A second language is hard to learn, but those immigrants that embrace the Constitution, American values, and Culture, will fit in perfectly. That’s always how is should be. Leftist disagree and they become violent in their efforts to destroy the American Way Of Life. Starting with infiltration into the school system.  Everyone has dreams; however leftist exploit dreams into nightmares, and that’s a horrific crime against humanity.

Black Sabbath said it best in their song “Over To You“. It’s about a bloated government that stole a child’s future.

Born in a window

Nobody’s fool

Raised in a prison

You called a school

Taught young in legends

Told what to do

I handed my childhood

Over to you




Misdirected Blame

Students with misdirected blame refuse to protest against the system that failed them. The FBI, the Broward County Sheriff, the school, all the red flags that were in plain sight, but ignored. This isn’t the first time law enforcement has failed to protect citizens. It has happened many times before, but the aftermath is to always focus the blame in the wrong direction.

Instead of directing anger at the shooter(s), the focus is on the weapon. How misdirected is this? When someone dies in an automobile accident, they blame the driver. When someone uses a gun, they blame the gun, not the shooter. They blame gun owners and gun organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA). People that had nothing to do with the crime. People that are responsible gun owners are vilified. Innocent people are made scapegoats over the crimes of a mentally disturbed individual.

Who is responsible for misdirecting this rage? The left is. The same people responsible for the rape of our culture. The same people responsible for the murder of millions of babies under the guise of women’s healthcare. It’s the antiseptic brushing aside of a mass tragedy done behind the walls of a clinical abattoir. Yet when schools designate within their walls a “gun free zone”, it’s like putting a target on everyone inside. It’s misdirected rage towards a single event, and not equally towards a daily occurrence.  You never see such tragedies where guns are allowed. That’s because the crazed shooter will think twice before attacking with gun violence.

It is not the fault of responsible gun owners for the tragedy of a crazed shooter. It is the responsibility of schools, administrators, and police to protect students and teachers from potential gun violence. It is the responsibility of the shooter for the crimes. It is the responsibility of the schools, administrators and police to put into place protections needed. However, the left, and the media, misdirects blame upon innocent responsible gun owning people. They hype and feed the frenzy of tragedies for political and social warrior purposes. You’ll notice the same anger is neither directed at the shooter, nor those charged with protecting people.

Why we have a Secondment Amendment right: one reason is self protection from crazed shooters. When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes, and sometimes, as in the high school in Parkland, Florida, the cops didn’t enter the school to stop the shooter. Where’s the directed outrage at the police for failing to do their job? Instead the cowardly sheriff blamed the NRA and the gun. Deputies resigned in order to protect their pensions. Now, where’s the outrage? You don’t hear about this because the media fuels the misdirected blame.

What about the 20 year old woman having to make a decision to protect herself over an abusive boyfriend, or a rapist? What about the renter wanting a gun to protect themselves and family in a bad neighborhood? What about the home owner wanting to have a gun to protect their family from either a violent intruder or burglar? Indeed, there are more examples of people defending themselves with guns, than the numbers of mass shootings.  The “Stand Your Ground” law has been used with both success and failures.  Case in point where the law failed to protect the innocent happened in Florida.

Alexander is a black mother who was a licensed gun owner when she shot at her estranged husband in 2010, saying she feared he’d hurt her. The bullet never even grazed the man but she was initially sentenced to up to 20 years in jail 

The innocent are sometimes denied due process because of a misdirected justice. Yet cities with the most restrictive gun laws deny citizens their right to defend themselves. They are usually the most vocal anti-second amendment radicals. The democratic process devolves into mob rule. Peoples rights are taken away because  the leftist idea a “gun free zones” will protect people. That is a dangerous and false premise of security, and  those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Leftist democrats, whom have armed guards surrounding them, reason that the people should not be afforded equal protection. They use the children, and the victim families, to inflame a false narrative that someone else is the blame for the actions of a crazed person. Mental illness, mass murder, follows leftist exploitation. This time, the left is using children to demand people give up their rights. That’s not going to happen.  This is why they misdirect blame at the NRA.  Let’s be honest, most mentally ill mass murderers are leftists, and not the majority of responsible gun owners who are conservatives.  The left insists that putting targets on children will keep them safe. That’s inviting a tragedy.

Consider the misdirected outrage that the leftist media will not report because it’s not politically correct and doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. In Florida a 17-year-old Muslim convert and suspected ISIS supporter Corey Johnson went on a deadly stabbing rampage. During a sleepover, Johnson, who already had federal charges pending against him for threatening a Catholic school in England, allegedly cut his younger friend’s throat and wounded two others, whom he accused of offending his religious beliefs.

Do we now blame the knife? This was barely reported. What about people using hammers to murder, or hands and feet? Do we now blame them? Where’s the outrage?









Bitter Sore Loser

Hillary Clinton called red states “backwards” and mocked Trump voters as poor and racist during a speech in India on the weekend. In a foreign country, bitter Hillary called American white people that supported President Trump: racists, haters, bigots, and xenophobic.

The bitterness and hate Hillary Clinton has towards being rejected by the American people shows just how vengeful she would have been towards Americans. It shows just how unqualified she is to run this country. She lost the election to a TV game show host!

Although President Trump was a TV game show host, he was talking about politics for decades. Hillary’s political history goes all the way back to President Nixon and Watergate.  A long history of unethical and criminal conduct has followed Hillary’s career and accelerated after she married serial rapist Bill Clinton. Members of the democrat party have been involved in criminal activities for years. From Ted Kennedy’s treasonous collusion with the Russians, to Joe Biden’s public pedophilia displays; democrats are self-serving opportunists. Democrats have all but abandoned the American people for criminals and illegal aliens, and the democrats openly admit it.

Listen to Hillary say:  “We do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women,” Clinton said at a conference in Mumbai, India. “And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

She claimed Trump’s message to voters was: “You know, you didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs. You don’t want, you know, to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are.”

During the campaign, Clinton apologized for her “basket of deplorables” remark, where she argued Trump’s supporters were driven “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” beliefs.

This is a sad, bitter, hateful creature. Remember that Hillary claimed that Trump would not abide by the election results, and that would be un-American. It was Hillary’s relationship with rich powerful Hollyweird producers is where they get their funding.

Many of Hillary’s biggest contributors are known sex offenders. Hillary loved Harvey Weinstein. So now she resorts to using ad hominem attacks to blame everyone, but herself for losing the election. Disgusting trash.

So glad this monster lost










So the Mueller sham investigation into President Trump’s collusion with the Russians to fix the 2016 elections is a farce. A Lie! A Witch Hunt! Innocent people’s lives were destroyed by a corrupt special prosecutor that indicted 13 Russians. No Americans, Not Trump, All Russians. Big Deal! Who Cares? What a waste of money and time!

This is government corruption at its worse since Watergate. I’ll wager greater in scope and corruption. The FBI was sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead, they conspired and colluded to overthrow the government. At the heart of the deception is the Democrat National Party. Pure Corruption. They allowed the Russians to lead them by the nose like cattle.

Where is the real Russian collusion? Right Under The FBI’s nose. I believe they allowed it because the most corrupt hussein lapdogs were willing to do the bidding of America’s enemies. Hussein even colluded with the Russian’s! Caught On Tape!

It troubles me that the Fake News Media ignores this and focuses on a nonexistent charge against President Trump of collusion. They invented a Dossier that was more of a Peter Sellers Pink Panther story than truth. How stupid do these useful idiots think the American people are?

They KNEW! They Did Nothing But Cover It Up!

The FBI knew about the Florida shooter, knew about the San Bernardino shooters, the Orlando shooter, and they did nothing! NOTHING!

The FBI can no longer be trusted to protect the United States Citizens. They need to ‘Drain The Swamp’ of this corruption! The FBI was too busy colluding with the Russians to manufacture a coup to overthrow a legally elected government. The FBI allowed terrorists and disturbed millimums to murder innocent people. This goes for the entire Justice Department also. What the hell is Jeff Sessions doing? It’s like the Keystone Cops. If it wasn’t so true, it would be sadly funny.

Show Me The Man And I Will Find The Crime

This has been the method of operation by corrupt democrats charging President Trump with Russian collusion. This has also been the exploitation of tragedies by democrats.  Add the corrupt news media that spreads false information faster than Russian Pravda can travel, and you have a shadow government of communists.

Pravda in Russian means ‘Truth’

Truth seems to be a bewildering concept within the third branch of government. Perhaps it’s the result of eight years of anti-American implants put into positions of high government by a corrupt hussein regime. It’s beginning to look like a banana republic! Not just the mall store!

When progressives advocate for socialist ideas, remember they are only regressive policies, like that of Venezuela. The millennials have been thoroughly indoctrinated with this leftist dogma. They equate socialism with social media, and they demand safe spaces for a mental health day. Where are the parents? Missing in action. Let me tell you this, I will not be caring for these adult children.

If you send your child to college and not do the research into the political atmosphere, then you are wasting your money.  You deserve the useful idiot with a degree in totalitarianism. If you teach your child to hate their country, they won’t defend their country. When you think about how many people want to enter this country for the freedoms; ask how millennials can reject the freedoms they take for granted.

Despite all the warnings, and all the calls for investigations, the powers to be decided it wasn’t worth the FBI’s time.  There were more pressing rabbit holes to chase down. Who will be held accountable? Doubtfully, no one.

Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff

I’ve got wild staring eyes.

And I’ve got a strong urge to fly.

But I’ve got nowhere to fly to. 

When I pick up the phone. There’s still nobody home.

I think the assumptions by Chucky ‘Cheese’ Schumer, Nazi Piglosi, Debbie Wassamaterwitherhair Schultz, and all in the national democrat socialist party are a reflection of a deterioration of American Constitutional Common Sense. This is a fascist party of hate that spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt, to manipulate the electorate into believing America is nothing more than a nation of hate and bigotry. This has got to be stopped for the sake of the country and our God Given Rights.



The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors.  They were allowed to remained in the country illegally. There were to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for work. It was the most cruel thing done to illegals by the hussein regime.

Democrats have taken the position that the illegals are of more importance than American citizens. 

Let remember that DACA was an illegal policy by the hussein regime. It encouraged people to enter the country illegally. It gave them false hope of citizenship. The real reason why hussein did this is because the democrats have been losing elections, so they were using DACA as a back fill for votes. The democrats know that if they give DACA welfare, free tuition, jobs, the dependency on democrats for handout benefits at the expense of American citizen, they will continue to vote democrat. The very thing immigrants fled their home country from; socialism.

That’s the cruel joke. Because rights granted can be easily taken away after an election. Plus democrats, knowingly usurping the law, and will try to demonize anyone denying rights to illegals as racism. Democrats have used the race-card argument for decades.  Essentially holding Americans hostage in their own country.

Think of it like this: suppose a stranger comes into to your house, and decides they are going live in your house.  You call the police and report a trespasser, but the police tell you there’s nothing they can do because the trespasser has special protected status. That is exactly what democrats are doing.  Plus some of these illegals are gang members like MS13.

Democrats like to use the term ‘Dreamers‘, which I find offensive because like all Americans, we all have dreams.  We have people that have been legally in line for the legal immigration process, and democrats are ignoring these people. Democrats have openly said they they don’t care about their constituents that voted for them. The have openly said they favor the dreamers over Americans. Democrats cite that dreamers are serving in the military. Well, yes, but out of 800,000 dreamers, less than 900 are actually serving in the military. How illegals ever got into the military is in itself problematic. Employers are suppose to prove citizenship, or visa status to work in the the US. Apparently, the military doesn’t have an I-9 employment eligibility form. Still, I would be in favor of granting special exemptions for any illegal that serves in our military. However, an all voluntary military must have a screening process before hiring illegals.

By now you know the Schumer Shutdown turned into the Schumer Surrender. That was not wise of the democrats because the optics of the shutdown made democrats look like they didn’t care about the other components in the continuing resolution. It had everything the democrats wanted, except for DACA amnesty. I think the republicans should have negotiated for a longer term than 3 weeks from now. We’re just going to go down this road again, with probably the same results

In Hawai’i, our misrepresentatives also favor illegals over their constituents. Here’s a sampling of crazy mazie hirono’s tweeter feed. Why people keep voting for these people I’ll never understand.  Their policies actually hurt legal citizens. 

I have no idea what and why dreamers need protection. Does hirono believe her constituents deserve less protections? Protections from what exactly? Deportation? If dreamers have committed a crime in this country, do they still deserve legal status? The argument that they were brought here at no fault of their own, might be true, but it still doesn’t allow them to jump ahead of the immigration line after others have been following the rules. It just encourages more immigration lawlessness.

Many of the 800,000 dreamers are unskilled and uneducated. So by protections, what does that mean? Welfare? Who pays for that? What was in the CR just passed? CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program for an additional six years for one. The DACA resolution should have never been attached to the CR – Continuing Resolution to fund the government. It rightly needs to be handled separately since it is about the government functioning for the country.  DACA is about non-citizens residing in this country and their status.

Let’s be clear. The first and foremost responsibility of the federal government is the protection of its citizens. Not for protecting illegals. It is the reason why we have borders. Hussein did this to provoke chaos. To cause pain. To further divide America. The difference between President Trump and hussein, is that Trump is America First. Hussein was a globalist. Hussein was America without borders. A centralized government that takes from citizens and gives to non-citizens. That “We Are The World” nonsense because we are the wealthiest country, we must atone for our wealth. As hussein said before, “If you got a business, you didn’t build that, someone else did.”

Hssein was always putting Americans down. Why people voted for this creep, twice, I’ll never understand. The smugness and condescending putting down of Americans isn’t presidential. Yet, somehow, Trump isn’t Presidential. Give me a break. Trump is doing the job we hired him to do.  What’s so wrong with putting America First? Apparently the media, democrats, and leftist socialist, believe America has had too much success. I guess they forgot that our Constitution gives us that opportunity in three simple words:

Life Liberty Happiness



Economy Stupid

Free Markets

When the free markets are open and free, businesses will survive, and thrive off of the products, services, they produce. When constrained by a heavy handed government regulatory, businesses try to survive in a hostile climate. The purpose of government is to protect the people and country, not to dictate commerce. Too often, the definition of a ‘free market’ by progressive leftists is constraining wealth. The whole idea of liberty and freedom is unconstrained markets. Those businesses that fail are a result of the market choices. It’s not a matter of ‘Too Big To Fail’, but a matter of consumer choices. People purchase value. When you shop for food, you shop for value.

Socialist democrats define markets as equality. Meaning that all markets must produce the same results. However, that is not how markets work. There is a profit and loss component in business. By putting regulations on profits, there is no innovation to grow and expand a business. Then businesses languish’s in stagnation under the heavy hand of government regulations.

When that happens, the government tries to fix the problem they created. If more regulations result in more businesses failures, then the government tries to excuse their meddling by explaining how to manage the decline of the economy. Hussein tried this also.

The Decline of the Economy. Raise the debt ceiling and spend more money. More spending will revive the economy. Keynesian economics. That’s not an economic policy that will help Americans. It actually hurt the economy. Hussein tried this.

After the election of President Trump, the markets rose to new heights. Democrats attribute this to hussein economic policies. To which I have to laugh and wonder where the analysis get their data. The facts are that on day one of the Trump administration they eliminated hussein regulations. That unchained the markets from doing what they do best, PROFIT!

Profit was always a curse for socialist democrats. It meant that market equality wasn’t being well regulated. Equal outcome for all. How can one company make more money than another? Somehow, that’s not fair, the democrats cried. Equality over liberty, that’s the message. Liberty to manage and control your destiny, your business, your finances, your life, and your happiness.

So the hussein regime started ‘quantitative easing’. Meaning, print more money to counter the deficit growth. Resulting in the largest debt in this country’s history. 20 Trillion Dollars. Do you know what that looks like?

Then there were the bailouts, cash for clunkers, and other hair brained policies that put the country into further debt. No responsibility, no accountability, all progressive socialism. You cannot spend your way into prosperity. The health of the economy was diseased by hussein regulations.

Speaking of the health of the economy. How about the health of President Trump?

I had the laugh at the Fake News Media over their disappointment hearing the news about President Trump’s health. I though they were going to blow a gasket, go nonlinear, and drop dead of a heart attack. What a bunch of leftwing loosers! LOSERS!

Review: Hussein never had a payroll, never had a business, never understood economics, no experience in anything, but eloquent blather. Or what we blue-collar workers call “Bull Shit”. Hussein was resigned to manage the decline of the American economy. These jobs were not coming back, the hussein said. There’s no magic wand that will bring manufacturing back to America, the hussein said. BULL SHIT!

Now that the Fake News Media is obsessed with how much diet coke and McDonald’s Big Mac’s the President consumes, they forget about the health of the economy. The White House physician gave President Trump a clean bill of health. Even better than my health. WOW!

The bottom Line: To have a good healthy economy, like a good healthy person, takes work. It takes a clear understanding what direction you want to go. There are choices in life, and consequences. Equality is not liberty, and should never be in the same distinction. Equality is also equal suffering. Liberty is freedom to choose. As it should be.









Democrats called American citizens ‘Deplorable’, and called illegal immigrants ‘Dreamers’. All you need to know about who follows the Constitution and rule of law.  Democrats thought that people would blame Republicans for the government shutdown, but it’s backfiring.

Remember in 2013 when hussein shutdown the government? Hussein ordered barricades erected to prevent people from visiting the national parks in Washington D.C.

Hussein did this out of spite against the American people. To maximize pain on the American people, deliberately. 

Democrats don’t care about the American people. They only care about legalizing illegal immigrants for votes. It’s that simple. They cannot serve the needs of citizens, therefore they need to import illegals with promises of socialist benefits for votes. The Shithole country the immigrants left are being created by the democrats using the same promises of the shithole country. Wow!

They left their country to get away from the shithole life, only to bring the shithole life to America. We don’t need this after 250 years of building this nation. American Civics need to be reinforced.  The democrats, just want to shut-it-down.







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