The Colour Of Fools

These four fools are calling themselves a “squad”, I have a better name for them.

These four fools have a habit of calling people racists whenever someone disagrees with them. All of them have used the phrase, “They don’t like us because we are women of color.” Democrats always use this as a way to silence any discussion. No one wants to be accused of being a racist, but these fools have made very racist statements and they have never been called out for it.

The majority of Americans do not see people as color. Instead Americans look at the character of the individual. Of course, there is racism still in this country and these fools are a perfect example of overt racism. I find them disgusting, vile, and racist.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, uses the term “concentration camps” to describe detention centers holding undocumented immigrants along the southern border. Insulting ICE border police as Nazis and demeaning survivors of the Holocaust.

Ayanna Pressley, spouts a mouthful of racist innuendo including smearing gays. Best to watch the video:

Ilhan Omar, defends al Qaeda terrorism and denigrates Jews as un-American and driven by money, her comment, “It’s all about the Benjamin’s”. Here she is defending islamic terrorism.

Rashida Tlaib, here’s one of my favorites, Tlaib calling President Trump a Motherf**ker.

I want to reiterate that President Trump never called out these fools by name. These fools believed the President’s tweet was meant for them. The Fake News Media also ran with that narrative as well as the democrats. I agree with the President. It’s gets tiresome when these fools constantly put down the country. It is behavior unbecoming of members of the House of Representatives. The democrats have refused to condemn it. Pelosi fears these fools. There was nothing racist in the President’s tweet. The president is saying what we are all thinking.

Don’t Like It Here, Get Out!




Thirty Meter Telescope

The Thirty Meter Telescope is set for construction on top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It is not without controversy. While there are many telescopes on top of the mountain, a total of 12, all from various international science organizations, the mountain is considered sacred to native Hawaiians.

It has been a 10 year process that went through the courts, environmental impact studies, and government permits. Now that all the legal steps have been cleared, Governor David Ige announced construction of the TMT will begin on July 15, 2019.

The construction will create a lot of jobs for years. Hawai’i will advance as the premier world location for astronomical sciences. The TMT will create 140 permanent jobs. Over 400 construction jobs. $I Million dollars in STEM education on the island. $30 Million in leases. Millions more in education, high tech jobs, and science contributions. The State and County of Hawai’i will benefit enormously.

Native Hawaiians consider the mountain sacred, and protests have begun. Protesters have camped themselves on Saddle Road, also known as Danial K. Inouye Hwy. Some protesters have chained themselves to a gate on the observatory access road. Heavy construction equipment was schedule to arrive, but was canceled because of the protesters. There are hundreds of protester at the entrance of the access road.

Counter protesters were in Hilo along Hwy 11, Kanoelehua road, to support the TMT. They held signs in support of the TMT.

While I sympathize with the protesters and I respect their religious protection of the mountain, I have to wonder where they were when the islands were being scared with windmills and solar farms. They let the religion of environmentalism destroy the land.

If the mountain is part of the island, the ‘Aina, shouldn’t it be all sacred? I’m supporting the TMT because the economic benefits outweigh any religious aspect. Plus observatories have been on the mountain for decades and have made astonishing discoveries. Besides the scientists, no Hawaiian lives on top of Mauna Kea.


The Four Horsefaces Of Impeachment

Note: President Trump never called these congresswomen out by name. He simply referred to them as “Progressive” congresswomen. Of course, these four angry racist women naturally thought the President’s tweet was meant for them. They took the bait, and so did the Fake News Media.

All of America is thinking the same thing. President Trump is saying what we Americans are all thinking. The Four Horsefaces Of Impeachment. These socialist democrat anti-American, antisemitic haters: Illhan Oman, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley. They all hate this great country. They hate Jews and Christians. They hate the Constitution. They hate the Founding Fathers. They call the United States corrupt and racist. It’s no wonder why they believe the message was meant for them.

These are the democrat socialists that want to destroy our way of life. It was Cortez that successfully chased Amazon out of New York. While the inept mayor, Bill de Blasio, and clueless governor, Mario Cuomo, sat with their thumbs up their rear ends and did nothing. Now, thousands are out of a good paying jobs. Great Job, morons!

This scene is being played out in other cities where the democrat socialists have taken over. In Seattle WA, Amazon is moving its headquarters out of the city because of hostility of radical city council members. They’re all leftists that hate corporations. It’s not the corporation’s fault the city didn’t plan for the necessary housing, infrastructure, traffic and services. The left lives in a Utopian fantasy world which is economically unsustainable. These are the same cities that are sanctuary’s for illegals, a growing homeless population, shrinking middle class, and the streets are lined in feces.

It’s rather amusing watching the democrats battling each other. There’s a saying, “Never… Murder Someone Committing Suicide”. The democrats are committing political suicide. As they continue to lose members of their base, and gain members of a radical left, they are increasing becoming more violent. Socialism throughout history has left a trail of bodies in its wake. One of the most destructive political ideologies that continues to believe that this time, somehow, socialism will finally work.

Of course the Fake News Media calls President Trump’s tweet racism. The Four Horsefaced Fools are fueling President Trump’s march to a landslide reelection in 2020. To that, I am very pleased, but not complacent. We must get out the vote if we are to keep the country great.

I remember the 1960’s when during the Vietnam War, violent demonstrations by radical leftist hippies and domestic terrorists repeated the same thing. “Our Country, Love It Or Leave It” — was the motto from patriot Americans that grew disgusted at this violence. Back then as it is today this extremism was all orchestrated by the democrats. History repeats, and lessons are never learned.


The Invisibles

Tonight I am incensed with anger. Democratic congress members are feeding people in Matamoros, Mexico who are waiting to seek asylum. Sen. Jackie Speier (CA) and Rep. Filemón Vela (TX) are seen making food plates for the migrants. – Twitter source

While in this country we have Americans living on the streets. We have American Veterans that need medical help. We have American families that cannot afford housing. Yet democrats have the time to feed, clothe, house, and provide healthcare to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, Americans in democrat run cities cannot afford the basic necessities because of high taxes and high rent. The shrinking middle-class in democrat run states are turning parts of America into a Third World Hellhole.

Some kook in Tacoma Washington tried to blowup a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center. Police killed Willem Van Spronsen, 69, of Vashon Island after he was armed with a rifle, throwing incendiaries at the center and nearby vehicles, and attempting to blow up a propane tank.

In Aurora Colorado, a group of about 2,000 leftist protesters stormed an Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) center and hauled down the American flag, deface it, and hoisted a Mexican flag. This is what the open borders socialist democrat party stands for. They’ve gone full socialist anti-American. They care more about illegals than American citizens.

It is well within U.S. law for ICE to arrest and deport illegal aliens. They have broken the law. The democrats are encouraging this lawlessness. How is it compassionate to have illegals aliens enter the country and consume our resources at the expense of American citizens? I will pray for the ICE agents safety to do their lawful job. The open borders people I condemn as heartless anti-American, antifa loving democrat  fascists.

I leave you tonight with this video by Pink Floyd, “Of The Turning Away.” A live recording featuring a claymation animation characters of “The Invisibles” — It shows how society ignores its own homeless problem. So why is the greatest country in the world ignoring our own in favor of illegal aliens? Where are we going to place these people? It doesn’t make any sense.



Week In Review

We dodged a storm, again! Hurricane Barbara whimpered out but stayed long enough to recharge the water catchment. The downside is hurricane season has only started and will continue till December.

It’s about time that the government is looking at the Unsocial Media Big Tech platforms. Fascistbook was fined 5 Billion dollars by the FTC for privacy violations. Full story here <— YEA!!!

It seems the divide in the country centers on patriotism. On one side, the democrats, aka leftists, communists, antifa, islamic terrorists, violent fascists. On the other side, the Republicans, aka American citizens, Trump supporters, God fearing, country loving, patriots. I must point out that some RINO’s (republicans in name only) are not Pro-American. Many are part of the swamp that infests the government. A good example is former House Speaker, Paul Ryan, he’s upset that President is moving too fast to repair the damage to the government.

At the Whitehouse Rose Garden, a gathering of conservatives arrived to participate in President Trump’s Social Media Summit. After the event there was a press conference where one reporter started verbally abusing the participants. A reporter for CNN, Brian Karem, then challenged Dr. Sebastian Gorka to a fight. Seb Gorka got up and confronted this CNN moron and called him a punk. Brian Karem is no stranger to the Whitehouse press pool, he has verbally abused former Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. This punk is the enemy of the people.

Even Joy Villa passing through the airport was insulted by some woman. She called Joy, gross! Just because Joy was wearing a Trump pin. It’s this incivility by the left that has put people in harms way. The Coventry Catholic boys for example were vilified by the fake news media. People’s personal information placed on the internet where kooks show up at the homes of people frightening families. This nonsense has to stop and people held accountable.

Despite my gloom and doom rants, I do see a positive outlook. People are becoming aware and are starting to fight back. The economy is roaring! All the US Markets are in record territory! Unemployment is at an all time low for all demographics! Economic opportunity and wage growth is rising! All within a three years that Trump has been President. Now if only the dims and the never trumpers would get off their hatred for America First and began to work for the People! This country would reach new levels of greatness.

Meanwhile, the weather here on the Big Island is gorgeous and the weekend is looking great. Our prayers go out to our Maui ʻOhana struggling with a serious wildfire on the Valley Isle.  Stay safe, we’ll see you all tomorrow.


Fashionably Unpatriotic

Pledge Of Allegiance

The left finds it fashionable to be unpatriotic about everything related to the United States, our national pride, and our nation’s history. The left has been busy erasing our history by claiming racism. Now they are trying to remove the Pledge of Allegiance. Everything with the left is either a Constitutional Crisis or a historical grievance.

Anti-American Islamist Omar

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s is a Somali-American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th district. Including St. Louis Park, the city council voted to eliminate the pledge of allegiance at the start of meetings. They voted 5-0 last month to drop the Pledge of Allegiance from their meetings, in an effort to be more inclusive to new residents and non-citizens. This leads to my question: What in the Pledge of Allegiance is excluding?

This is a narrative that democrats have been advancing ever since the regime of Barry the Bullshitter. Ever since the 2016 election of President Trump, the democrats have been accelerating their anti-American rhetoric. The democrats have openly said they don’t respect the flag, the Constitution, and the American citizens. Instead, they are openly apologizing for being American citizens. It’s insane!

Fortunately, the citizens of Minnesota are speaking up. They need to follow-up at the ballot box!

It’s comforting to see citizens speak up against this tyranny. It’s also important to know who you’re voting for in these government positions. In Hawai’i, most local county council members will not declare a party affiliation. Are you a democrat or a Republican? Are you a leftist or a Conservative? In most cases, they’re all leftists. Disconnected from the community and unaware of their constituency. I cannot stress how much people need to ask questions of their candidates. You get what you voted for. Elections have consequences.

You cannot expect much from a fake news media to interview and publish these candidates positions on issues. That’s true all over the nation. Complacency will allow despots like Omar, Obama, Clinton and Biden to get into power. Then it’s too late. The damage they will cause to be hard to repair for years. Republicans don’t seem to be united either. It takes someone with no ties to the swamp of political corruption to properly represent the country, community, and State. Term Limits!


Raise Your Hands

When you prepare to file your tax returns, you first receive a W-2 form. It has your federal and state gross wages. Included are your withholding taxes for Federal, Social Security and Medicare. These are your compulsory deductions the government takes from your paycheck. These obligations are then distributed back once you either reach retirement age, or have a disability.

So at the democrat debate, the question was asked: “A Show of Hands, Will Your Healthcare Plan Cover Undocumented Immigrants”

Every Democrat Raised Their Hands

Judging from the clapping and hooting by the monkeys in the audience, they believe this is a good and moral thing to do for illegal aliens. It’s clear that some in America don’t see the problem with that idea. It will damage the economy and an already damaged healthcare industry due to obamacare.

Let’s talk about fairness. The money that legal citizens paid into the system would be distributed to illegals. That’s your money the government placed in a fund to be distributed back to American citizens, not illegal aliens. How is it fair to appropriate the money you paid into the system, only to have it given to those that never contributed to the system?

The democrats keep insisting that illegals are already paying into the system via sales taxes and property taxes. However, there’s something wrong with that argument. Sales taxes I can see, some states have a sales tax, but property taxes are different. That assumes illegals have social security numbers and bank accounts. If they are new arrivals, then they have none of those credentials. If they have been living as undocumented aliens, then they still do not have those credentials. Thus the term “undocumented.”

The larger question is who are the democrats campaigning for? Illegals or Citizens? Hint: It’s not American citizens.



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