Chilly Sunday


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Aloha kakou! Today was chilly and blustery.  Temperatures stayed in the 60’s more most of the day.  It was chillier in Volcano and rainy.  It’s expected to get even chiller this evening into tomorrow.   We had to close the sliding doors because the wind was so cold.  Socks and sweats are the clothes of the day.  Aloha.



Coconut Island

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Aloha Friday







We are getting morning showers after a long dry spell.  Trade winds should last through the weekend.






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Fresh Fish Daily





Jungle Umbrella





Like a green tunnel, a jungle umbrella filters out the sunlight and keeping the heat off the road.   Here, you can listen to the birds singing in the trees.  Feel the balmy breezes and smell the scented flowers.  I love the serene seclusive embrace of nature.



Ground Hogs Day



We don’t have Ground Hogs in Hawai’i, but we do have Mongoose.  They were originally brought to Hawai’i to eradicate the rat problem, but they didn’t realize that rats are nocturnal and Mongoose are diurnal.  It’s the twilight now.


2014-05-16 18.34.58a


The Sun sinks down behind the mountain




A shift In The Sun



The Morning Sunlight Shifted This Morning


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Aloha Kakahiaka

I never need an alarm clock to wake up in Hawai’i.  The dawn brightens the sky quickly and the light wakes me.  Then, as I watch the sunrise, I noticed a shift where the bright ambassadors of morning stream in through my bedroom window.  The morning sunlight falls across my bed as I watch the day begin to rise.   From the trees I can see the sun’s position as the Earth’s orbit shifts closer to the spring season.  I noticed a change in the sun’s position when moving across stationary objects in the distance.

It has been very dry during this el Nino weather pattern.  However, we have had occasional trade wind showers.  That has refreshed the ‘Aina (land) and brought life back to the plants.  E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe








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