Campaign Of Whispers

Hāwanawana means to whisper. There is a whisper campaign being promoted by our governor to report people that violate the COVID19 Lockdown rules. A whispering campaign is a method of persuasion in which damaging rumors or innuendo are spread about a person, while the source of the rumors seeks to avoid being detected while spreading them.

Essentially, what the Governor and Mayor of Honolulu is to snitch on their friends, neighbors and anyone they think are violating the lockdown orders. The is will summon the COVID19-COPS to issue citations and even arrest people for standing in parks, sitting on the beach, and not wearing a face mask when outside.

Gov. David Ige and Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced the new order, which they call “Act With Care — Do Not Gather,” at a news conference last Thursday afternoon. Sounds more like, “You Will Respect My Authority”.

It mandates that all 303 city-run parks and 18 state-operated sites on the island will be closed.

People will be allowed to “traverse” in and out of the ocean if they are engaging in water activities, but no activities will be allowed in parks or on beaches, Caldwell said. This doesn’t make any sense. Isn’t going in and out of the ocean an activity?

People have said they’ve been approached by the COVID19-COPS if they’re walking towards the water. People shower leaving the water. They’re being timed and spied on by how long they shower and how fast they leave the park.

“We need to clamp down as hard as possible on large, uncontrolled gatherings,” Caldwell said.

Running, jogging, walking and biking through the parks won’t be allowed. What  about through the neighborhoods? What is the difference?

The closures include all pools, playgrounds, courts, fields, exercise equipment, dog parks, skate parks, the Koko Crater tramway and the People’s Open Markets. However, golf courses can remain open. Park showers and restrooms will remain open. Do your business and then leave.

Homeless people and their tents line a canal in Honolulu in June 2015. Hours after a city crew cleared the banks of the canal, the homeless people that had been living there moved right back to the riverside.

The Governor and Mayor of Honolulu never said anything about the homeless living in Hawai’i. The homeless don’t wear face masks and they neither do they social distance. They live in the parks and beaches and they’re still there. They use the same facilities such as the showers and public restrooms at the public beaches. So if they get arrested, then the homeless are guaranteed three meals, a cot and a place to squat.

Hawaii’s Homeless: Estimated to be around 15,000 homeless individuals in Hawai’i. 1,500 – 2,000 chronically homeless individuals (“Chronically homeless = Have been homeless for more than 6 months + mental and/or physical health conditions)

The city’s order runs from 12:01 a.m. Saturday through midnight Sept. 4, essentially the next four weeks, although the end date may change depending on the circumstances, city officials said. If the past is a guide towards the future, then we’re going to be in lockdown for the unforeseeable future.

Imagine it’s a super hot day in Honolulu. It can get into the upper 90’s in the concrete jungle city and muggy. You stop in the shade by a tree in a park to rest awhile, and the COVID19-COPS get a call.

Welcome to the Land of Aloha. You’re Under Arrest For Violating COVID19 Lockdown Orders. You’ll spend the night in the luxurious Hale Paʻahao (Jail) and receive a non-refundable $5,000 charge for your stay.

So much for the Land of Aloha. We’re now the land of lockdowns and whispers. Where you can tattle on your family, friends and neighbors in confidence. The long term consequences of this lockdown is going to be extremely painful for local people. the Mayor and Governor don’t care, they get paid anyway.


Today’s weather started with morning sunshine followed by sunshine and cool tradewinds. We got only a 1/8 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the 80’s with humidity at 76%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEiwa ʻUmi Kūmākahi


Fhony Fauci

Fhony Fauci is a snake oil salesman. Incompetent and crooked. He has no clue what he’s doing and I don’t understand how anyone could trust this charlatan of being a scientist. He record of accuracy is abysmal and like his pitch to the opening baseball game, is just a bit outside.

I’m speaking, of course, about Fhony Fauci’s scientific expertise in handling the COVID19 virus pandemic. Fhony Fauci is a supposedly a virologist with almost 50 years of experience. We know during past viral pandemics Fhony Fauci was involved and approved the use of hydroxycholroquine. It was proven to be effective against the Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus. So what changed in the virologist’s minds about using hydroxycholroquine?

We know know this Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus is not very different from past viral outbreaks. We know that the majority of people will be asymptomatic. We do know some people will suffer flu like symptoms. We know some people will be adversely effected. We do know there is a viable preventative and we are prevented from getting access to this prophylactic. I’m having trouble understanding how people, especially those in leadership and media positions haven’t put the numbers together. It seem they are transfixed by Fhony Fauci’s Snake Oil Salesman Act.

Democratic city councilman, Paul Vallone, in New York City, says hydroxychloroquine saved his life when he was ravaged by coronavirus earlier this year. “I couldn’t breathe. I was very weak, and couldn’t get out of bed,” Paul Vallone, who represents the city’s 19th Council District, told the New York Post. ”My doctor prescribed it. My pharmacy had it. Took it that day and within two to three days I was able to breathe.” The drug acted quickly to save him, Vallone told the Post. “Within a week I was back on my feet.” The drug saved my life.

How many more testimonials do we have to hear before people start to wake up and realize we are being lied to by these snake oil salesmen that tell us a vaccine is in development. If anyone remembers the AIDS virus, there was never a vaccine developed for that virus. Only a cocktail of medications keep the AIDS virus in check.

Every time we hear about hydroxycholroquine helping a patient life, some study pops-up to discredit hydroxycholroquine. It’s like clockwork. Then the government starts another round of locksdown. Again the Fake News Media starts another round of Covid19 Panic Porn. As always the Fake News Media goes to the Snake Oil Salesman, Fhony Fauci. The latest from the Fake News Media, “Fhony Fauci is ‘disturbed’ by all the students in schools not wearing face masks. Frightening the parents and the teachers.

Teachers are using the virus as a cudgel to make demands by using the children as shields. They don’t want to go back to classrooms. The teachers only want online learning. Providing you can afford internet access and the hardware to provide a proper connection to classrooms. Then there kids trying to gather around a laptop screen. So much for social distancing. What about students in different grades, do they have to have separate laptops to connect to their classes? This is impractical and affordable.

I’m not a doctor, but I do know that wearing a face mask for long periods of time and breathing in your own CO2 is not a healthy thing for a child. It’s not healthy for anyone, at any age, to be wearing a face mask for long periods of time.


Fhony Fauci is very vague explaining the virus, schools, vaccines, and face masks. He goes on explaining to the Fake News Media, “If we do the things we need to do, we can defeat the virus”. OK, so what are those things? The Fake News Media never asks those follow-up questions.

It should be clear to any one that Fhony Fauci hasn’t a clue. The Fake News media relies only on Fhony Fauci to provide the answers to what to do. Fhony Fauci hasn’t a clue what to do. Meanwhile, as mounting evidence that there are preventative drugs to protect even the most vulnerable are being ignored.

Hydroxycholroquine usage comparison between countries. The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug.

To this day Dr. Fhony Fauci, Dr. Birx, the CDC and the FDA continue to refuse to promote the use of HCQ in the early treatment of the COVID19 virus. Think about this and what they’re not telling you. These people are putting our lives at risk to appease their own egos.


Today’s weather started with morning rain followed by some afternoon scattered sprinkles. As evening approaches clouds are clearing.  We got only a 1/4 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 89%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEiwa ʻUmi


Wine With Supper

Aloha Lāpule kākou! East Hawaii island doesn’t have a lot of upscale restaurants. The high-end restaurants are found only on West Hawai’i side of Moku o Keawe. Hawai’i island is divided into two parts, the Komohana a me Hikina (West and East). West side Hawai’i has all the resorts and hotels. It’s caters to the tourists and not much to the local communities. It’s not hard to understand since these hotels are very expensive to stay.

During these hard economic times restaurants are doing anything they can to stay open. It’s difficult since our state governor opens and then closes the state every time someone sneezes and diagnosed with COVID19. The Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus. Restaurateurs go out and invest in produce and perishables foods, only to be forced to close because of a mandatory lockdown. You cannot maintain a business with this chaos. The state government doesn’t seem to care that they’re destroying lives by taking away their livelihood.

At least one entrepreneur is trying something different to comply with the ever changing rules. In order to meet the Dept. Of Health rules say restaurants need to have tables spaced to meet social distancing rules. Which means restaurants will never meet maximum capacity to make a decent profit. Anyone that has ever run a restaurant knows that profit margins are razor thin.


I love wine tastings with dinner. “Waina a me ‘Aina Ahiahi” means “Wine with Dinner”. The table d’hôte  pairs a wine with each course. The seating was two hours long. The restaurant was at full capacity this evening, despite having to social distance and having to wear a mask when leaving the table.

We like getting their early to have a cocktail before the event starts. A lilikoi martini with li hing mui rim. As the restaurant is filling up and seating is completed, the restaurant owner greets everyone and introduces the menu. Then the owner introduces the sommelier to describe the wine pairings.

A description of each wine is provided that describes the region where the wine was produced.

The first paring is a Pinot Grigio with a salad of arugula with a honey mustard dressing. The fruit is an orange and grapefruit slices which worked well as an intermezzo. Although not iced like a traditional sorbet, the fruit did the job well as a palate cleanser.

Next paring is a Sangiovese, Rosso Piceno Farnio wine with a grill Ono fish in a spice tomato sauce. It worked very well.


Next pairing features a French Bordeaux with a rack of lamb lollipop ribs. Cooked medium rare with grilled vegetables atop of a purple Okinawan sweet potato purée.

The last pairing is Cave Brut sparkling wine from Spain with a chocolate torte. Excellently presented and delicious.

I love going to these events. When I was younger I was hooked on McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I still do like the fast food. However, these days I don’t get out as much as I want. I cook mostly at home because I love to cook. I do use silverware over plastic knives and forks, but I use paper napkins over linen. Real bone china plate over paper, and yes, I am the dishwasher also.

To me, this replaces going out to the movies. I don’t like the crap coming out of Hollyweird. Plus theaters are getting as expensive as restaurants. Wine tastings are my escapism. I can expand my waistline with out the guilt associated.


Today’s weather started with morning rain followed by some afternoon scattered sprinkles. As evening approaches clouds are clearing.  We got only a 1/4 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 89%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEiwa


Will Your Vote Be Counted?

Aloha kākou, today was the last day to cast your vote in Hawaii’s state primary. As of this posting after the 7PM HST deadline.This election is by county to select a mayor, and state representatives, prosecutor, and OHA members (Office of Hawaiian Affairs).  Besides the traditional parties, Republican and democrat, we also have a total of 8 political parties. The numbers are coming in and some winners have been projected.


Every Mail-In-Ballot has to be counted by and before the deadline date. How will this be done when you don’t need a stamp? Where’s the postal mark that proves your ballot was received by the Post Office by or before the polling date deadline? We have to place our signature on the outside of the envelope, I’m not happy about that.

On election day, your vote is counted. You cannot be counted after the polling places are closed. You cannot be counted the day after either. But how will anyone know if you made the mail-in deadline if there’s no post mark?

What happens to ballots that arrive to the polling places with no Post Mark proving they were sent by the deadline? Will they be forced to be counted? Anyone know the meaning of FUBAR?



Today’s weather started with morning rain followed by more afternoon scattered sprinkles. As evening approaches clouds are gathering and more rain is expected in the forecast.  We got only a 1/4 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 88%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEwalu



Aloha and Happy Aloha Friday. Here we go again. Life in Lockdown again. As we test more, the more cases are discovered. That is the reasoning that Governor Ige is using to close businesses and force people back into homes and closed environments.

People traveling inter-island must now quarantine for 14 days. People arriving from the mainland and overseas already have to quarantine for 14 days.

The State now wants people to wear face masks out doors. Even though there’s no science that face masks prevents transmission of the virus. Plus anything that Fhony Fauci and Robert Redfield says about the virus and protecting yourselves should be suspect. How many times can you be wrong before people start to look at their track record.

When the CDC and NIH knew all along that there was a life saving drug that could have prevented the deaths of the most vulnerable. Those with underlining medical conditions are the most vulnerable to COVID19 mortality. The politicization of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus has been the root cause of the thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Now the race for a vaccine, and the promise that Fhony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Big Pharma will profit in the Billions of dollars. That’s why they don’t want to promote a known tested and safe drug. The Fhony Fauci crowd will sell souls for six pieces of silver. Ghouls.


Here’s a perfect example of far-left bias in the Fake News Media. They got spanked today by the President at a news conference in Bedford New Jersey with approval from the audience. President Donald Trump defended a group of supporters who chose to attend a press conference as part of a “peaceful protest,” after a reporter complained that they were not following the CDC guidelines to prevent the coronavirus.

The reporter was met with boos and groans. As the President rightfully pointed out to the fake news media, they don’t ask informative questions, they make statements in the form of a question. The audience of supporters cheered when the President point out that the media is Fake News.

Life in the Lockdown is not following any known science. It is following a liberal power grab of your liberties. We have to publicize that liberal leftist democrats have more in common with Communist China than our Constitutional Republic. This is not about protecting the public, it’s about protecting their power. This lockdown is not about science. This is about using fear as a cure for the virus.


Today’s weather started with morning rain followed by more afternoon rain. A carbon copy of yesterday. As evening approaches clouds are gathering and more rain is expected in the forecast.  We got only a 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 91%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEkiku


Recovery V

The U.S. Markets have been making gains since the COVID19 crash in April of this year. There are strong gain in the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ. In February the DOW reached a record high of 29,500 and was poised to cross the 30,000 mark.

Today the markets closed higher with the NASDAQ closing at another record high. NASDAQ closed at 11,108, DOW 27,386, and Standard & Poors 500 at 3,349. Manufacturing orders are up and jobs are available for those that want to work.The democrats want to keep people on unemployment and discouraging people from returning to work. I don’t think those people on unemployment realize the taxes they’ll be paying next year.

It is only natural for money-creation on this scale to spark fears about inflation, which is the consequence of too much money chasing too few goods and services. All the more so because the pandemic has constrained production, at least temporarily, by forcing factories and shops to close and limiting global trade.

There will be a hard push for austerity measures in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Some economists and investors still insist that the monetary stimulus of 2020 will inevitably tip the scales towards rising inflation. Some adverse economists to government indebtedness will insist it must be paid through higher taxes.

I would have agreed with that years ago, but history has shown that more monitory restrictions on the economy will lead to economic stagnation. Either through prolonging the economic recovery like during the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama and a greater chance of inflation or deflation. The best prescription is to just let the markets sort it all out with minimal government interference.

The economy in Hawai’i continues to decline due to draconian lockdown orders by the State government. It was just announced by Big Island Mayor Kim that a 14 day quarantine for people traveling from the Island of O’ahu.

In a news conference today on O’ahu, governor Ige is shutting down the State again because of a small increase of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus. Restrictions: you can enter the ocean to surf, but you cannot stay on the beach. You cannot go to the parks and recreation areas. You must wear face masks everywhere, even outside. This restrictions will last till the end of September.

Police will be enforcing lockdown orders and people could get arrested and jailed for any violations of the quarantine orders. Which means more people will be out of work and more businesses will continue to be shutdown. Hawaii’s government cure is worse than the virus.

We know the virus is easily contracted indoors rather than outdoors, but you cannot go to the parks and beaches. We have low income large families that live in single room apartments. Some are three generation families in one apartment. Many of these low income families are Pacific Islanders.

Today’s cases bring the statewide tally to 2,591, including 122 on Hawaii Island. There’s only been 27 deaths due to Covid19. All those deaths are people over 60 years of age and with underlining medical conditions.


Today’s weather started with morning rain followed by more afternoon rain. As evening approaches clouds are gathering and more rain is in the forecast.  We got a whopping 1-1/4 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 81%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEono


There’s No Doubt

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday hosted a Senate subcommittee hearing on Antifa, saying that “violent anarchists and Marxists are exploiting protests to transform them into riots and direct assaults on the lives and safety of their fellow Americans.” The title of the hearing was, “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.” As Sen. Mazie Hirono was getting up to walk out, Cruz offered her one last chance to say anything critical of Antifa. She passed.

Shibai Hirono is an embarrassment to Hawai’i. Just as Brian Snotz, Hawai’i Senator and major embarrassment. He’s the pajama soy boy that only care about the environment rather than the Hawaiian people. Both are socialists that are a waste of taxpayers money.


Remember when even Fox News cut away from a White House press briefing when Kayleigh McEnany began to show videos of the rioting in Portland? We guess it’s only OK to show video from during the daytime when protesters are “mostly peaceful” — as in peacefully building shields for the less peaceful segment of the protests later on.


Fox News has gone downhill with their new casts. Fox is a reflection of CNN and MSNBC. They used to be real objective journalism, but not anymore. Except for their primetime shows, I stopped watching Fox. The content is just horrible.

ABC News nightly regurgitates fake news with stories about criminals fighting with the police and then pulling that “I Can’t Breathe” hoax.

There’s no doubt anymore that both the news and democrats support the violence and rioting by fascist antifa and black lies maggots. We are living in extraordinary times where the democrats have abandoned the United States Constitution for fascist socialism.

From congressional democrats calling antifa violence a myth and even calling MS-13 gang members “Children of God”. The democrats have left no doubt who they stand for, and it’s not law biding American citizens. The democrats must believe that the majority of the voting public approves of their socialist positions. The democrats have adopted the Bernie Sanders ideology of democratic socialism. Which is just a phony way of collectivism. Where all businesses and private property is owned and regulated by the community as a whole.

Indoctrination into the socialist collective is just communism lite. Eventually, the government will impose communism and you will have class equality. You just will not have equality of opportunity and individualism. All the fruits your efforts will be equally distributed among those that never participated in your labor. There’s no doubt about the goals of communism.

There’s no doubt that this election is about two decisions. We move to a communist government where decisions will be made for you by the state. Ownership of property is confiscated, and your labor is shared by others.

Or we can continue with the capitalist government we have now with individualism and equal opportunities. I vote to keep what we have now. It might not be perfect, but it’s hell of a lot better than the alternative.


Today’s weather started with morning rain followed by afternoon filtered sunshine. As evening approaches clouds are gathering and rain is in the forecast.  We got another 5/8th inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 81%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻElima


Covid19 Cops

Public housing residents in Hawaii could soon face eviction for multiple violations of rules in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, state authorities said Tuesday. Because someone didn’t wear a mask and some pilau holoholoʻōlelo (stinking tattletale) reported them to the COVID19 Cops.

“In public housing, it’s like being on an airplane,” said Pono Shim, a member of the housing board. “We have a consolidated group of people in a confined space, and as leaders we need to take extreme cautions just like airlines.

The city of Honolulu is going to punish people for contracting coronavirus. The city will evict people, low income people, and make them homeless. Where are they going to go? Will they go and live on the sidewalks and parks gathered together even closer than in the apartments.

The myth that masks will prevent the transmission of the virus is not science. Remember that Fhony Fauci said wearing masks wasn’t necessary, and then he changed his mind and said everyone should wear masks. Now Fhony Fauci says we should wear goggles. What’s next, earmuffs? Hazmat suits?

Who are these tattletales?

Today at the White House, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, was badgered by the Fake News Media on why there isn’t a national shutdown and mandatory masks order. There’s no science that a shutdown and a mask order will prevent the spread of the virus.

The real question is why are dumb ass democrat leaders not being held accountable for their blunders and high death counts? What about the over counting?

The email reportedly went out to more than 600,000 people in the Tricare East Region. To date, around 31,000 people across the Department of Defense, including service members, family members, civilian employees and contractors have diagnosed with the coronavirus. Again, more unnecessary panic porn.

As I’ve been saying in numerous posts, the cure is worse than the virus. These draconian rules of lock downs isn’t necessary. The destruction of the economy wasn’t necessary. We were lied to by charlatans and frauds.

So now our inept leaders in government want to punish people that contracted the virus and kick them out onto the streets. Keep in mind that our lieutenant governor, Josh Green, is a emergency room doctor and he should know better. This is a power trip by the democrats. If you can keep the people living in fear, then you can control everything. This is democrat fascism.


Today’s weather started mostly with sprinkles and some passing clouds with filtered sunshine. We got another 1/4 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 86%.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEhā


Wrong Number

The numbers continue to lie. We’re told there’s a spike in COVID19 cases, but is that true? The Fake News Media constantly nightly broadcasts COVID19 panic porn. We see people in doctors scrubs claiming their emergency rooms and hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID19 patients. There’s no beds available and bodies are being stacked in refrigerated containers. Are they really?

Hospital Operator Tenet Healthcare said, We Are ‘Not Overwhelmed’ With Coronavirus Cases. Tenet, which operates 65 hospitals across the country, said it has seen a “material reduction in patient volumes” since it canceled elective surgeries to free up inpatient capacity like most health systems across the country. Tenet’s facilities are located in several U.S. states including Texas, California and Florida.

According to the CDC, cause of death counts are based on the underlying cause of death, and presented for Respiratory diseases, Circulatory diseases, Malignant neoplasms, and Alzheimer disease and dementia. Deaths due to external causes (i.e. injuries) or unknown causes are excluded.

However, if a patient tests positive for the COVID19 RNA, then it’s counted as coronavirus related. That exaggerates the numbers. The person may be asymptomatic, they might have a RNA fragment of the virus, but they get counted as a COVID19 related death.

With more testing you’ll get more positives. However, that doesn’t mean it’s an automatic death sentence. If you listening to the Fake News Media declaring that Americans are falling dead on the streets and hospitals are stuffed with COVID19 patients. Languishing and dying in emergency rooms.

The exception is in democrat run states like New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania that exposed elderly patients and counted deaths in the tens of thousands. To the Fake News Media, that’s the model being followed around the rest of the country. 1 in 5 total deaths in America was in New York.

In Hawai’i we only have 2,448 cases, 1325 recovered, and only 26 deaths. Our governor and Lt. Gov are talking again about shutting down the State because we had an increase of 207 cases. Out of all those cases only 8% are hospitalized.


We’re told that Mail-In-Voting will prevent the spread of the virus. Yet, in democrat run cities, Portland, Chicago, New York, and others with mass street riots, that somehow doesn’t contribute to the spread of the virus. Did you know the Post Office is expecting delays in delivering the mail?

The House Oversight Committee has invited the new postmaster general to appear at a September hearing to examine operational changes at the U.S. Postal Service that are causing delays in mail deliveries across the country.

Doesn’t inspire confidence in the process.


Today’s weather started mostly with sunshine and some passing clouds. We got 1/4 inch of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the low 80’s with humidity at 79%. Trade breezes are keeping things cool. Temperatures drop to a cool comfortable low 70 degrees at night.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻEkolu


Splashdown Sunday

Aloha Lāpule Kākou! It was the first splashdown by U.S. astronauts in 45 years, with the first commercially built and operated spacecraft to carry people to and from orbit. The return clears the way for another SpaceX crew launch as early as next month and possible tourist flights next year.

Test pilots Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rode the SpaceX Dragon capsule back to Earth less than a day after departing the International Space Station and two months after blasting off from Florida. What a day for the SpaceX Dragon capsule, nicknamed “Endeavour”.

This is a historic day not only for Elon Musk’s SpaceX company and NASA, but also for the birth of commercial space travel. It opens up the prospect of new industries and adventures waiting to be discovered. No longer will politicians have a monopoly on space and relying on aging technology. NASA needed a face-lift for years and with the partnership with SpaceX it will finally modernize.

Not only has Elon Mush done what big government said couldn’t be done, he did it faster and cheaper. Sending people into space affordably and safely. Elon Musk built a rocket that could transport twice as much cargo and weight.

11 years ago, an Obama committee concluded that would take 12 years and cost $26 billion. Elon Musk did it in 6 years– for less than $1 billion. Barry the Bullshitter Obama gutted NASA and it’s charter to make it a muslim outreach program. Instead of shooting for the stars, Barry the BS’er turned the clock back on NASA to the 7th century islamic barbarism.

One innovation that was thought never to be possible was reusable rocket boosters. For years NASA dumped their rocket boosters into the ocean. When asked why does NASA do that, and NASA replied, “Because that’s the way it always been done.”

Musk reasoned that if you had to ditch an airplane every time you fly, then that would be very expensive. That’s the advantage of the American entrepreneur. To innovate and to create. To solve problems better, cheaper, and faster. Government should be limited to governing. The government is not suited to play in the world of science and business. If government was limited to the four corners of the Constitution, we’d all be healthier, wealthier, living a greater standard of living.

Education is the key to making this new industry a reality. We need a resurgence of math and sciences in schools. We need a curriculum that will prepare students to enter this new world of space exploration. We need a return to the lessons of classic literature. We need to get political left-wing indoctrination out of schools. We need to abolish both the Department of Education and the Teachers Unions.


We have glimpse into a promising future and it’s at our fingertips. We cannot let socialist ideology of green new deals and income equality replace our economy. That’s not economically sustainable and it’s a fantasy to believe there’s such a thing as clean reusable energy. We must use science to guide our future and continue with our quality of life. That science is before us now and we must embrace it for the greater good of mankind.


Today’s weather started mostly with sunshine. We got trace amount of rain in the gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the low 80’s with humidity at 77%. Trade breezes are keeping things cool.

Kēia Ka Lā ʻAukake ʻElua


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