Aloha Lāpule. Why is Christopher Wray still the director of the FBI? What does he do there, besides draw a paycheck? Other that hunting down those people that attended the President Trump’s Rally to Save America, what is Chris Wray’s function? The DNC’s KGB does not go after criminals, but they do go after innocent American citizens. Does the DNC’s KGB protect American citizens from terrorists, both domestic and foreign? Nope. They let them run free around America.

Rep Jim Jordan: “Big tech censoring conservatives, the cancel culture mob attacking anyone who disagrees with them, de-platforming the sitting president of the United States, Democrats writing letters to the network carriers telling them to take certain news organizations off their platform. Freedom is under attack and, director, a lot of Americans think you’re part of the problem.”

FBI raided a home in Alaska of a couple that they thought were involved in the Save America Rally, but they had the wrong people. They used a picture and facial recognition software to identify the wrong people. How many people are being held by the DNC’s KGB that are innocent and falsely accused? We don’t know.

Listen to how weak Wray squirms to avoid answering questions from Rep. Jim Jordan. Who is on the exclusion list and why? Why is the FBI using Google to collect phone numbers? If you happen to be in Washington D.C. and never got near the Capitol building, then the DNC’s KGB will pay you a visit and harass. You’ll be put on a list of potential domestic terrorists, and spied on by our government. Your phone records will be captured and no doubt your conversations tapped. People that you know in your contacts list will be spied on as the DNC’s KGB hunts for any supporters of President Trump. We have criminals running the Justice department.

This is the logical question we all need an answer to. Why is the FBI not investigating leaks to the Fake News Media? Why is the FBI not investigating the IRS for abuses? Why won’t Wray be honest and say that Critical Race Theory is being taught in the FBI ranks? He’s hiding information from the Congressional oversight committee.

Would you want to cooperate with a government agency that already considers you a domestic terrorists? Would you trust the DNC’s KGB to not assume you’re guilty of domestic terrorism? When the DNC’s KGB comes to your door to ask you questions, they’ve already made the assumption that you are guilty of something. They’re looking for a crime because they’ve already found you. They will not stop until they find a crime, even if it’s not related to January 6th. It could be either an omission of detail, or a wording of an answer that they could use against you as a process crime. Just like the DNC’s KGB did to General Flynn by twisting his words into a false lie. If they could do this to President Trump’s staff, then they will do this to you also, and you will have no recourse to prove your innocence..

Video Surfaces of Some of the First to Enter the Capital! Do these people look like Trump supporters? Surprise! Surprise! It’s Nazi Piglosi’s ANTIFA Fascists. They’re wearing full military outfits. All Black Bloc clothing with facemasks to hide their identities. No Supporters of President Trump were hiding their identities. It’s no wonder why Nazi Piglosi turned down the National Guards because it was a set up for ANTIFA to come in. Where are DNC’s KGB arrests and investigations into ANTIFA?

Why is the Injustice department withholding hours of video on January 6th? Is there something there the DNC’s KGB is hiding from the public? Why are people still being held in solitary confinement without any charges? With no access to lawyers and family. When will Americans wake up to the Marxist takeover of America, before it’s too late to save our Constitutional Republic.



The day started cloudy skies and intervals of passing sprinkles. By afternoon some clearing skies arrived. Tradewinds from the northeast at 9mph with gusts at 23mph. Cloud cover is 34%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 1/8 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s. Humidity is at 77%.

Iune ‘Umi Kūmākolu, 2021


You Can’t Handle The Science


Aloha kākou. I AM THE SCIENCE, says Fhony Fauci. He says attacks against him are attacks against science. I wonder if that includes Gain of Function research that he funded. Fhony Fauci says people are just not smart enough to understand the science. I suppose Fhony Fauci lumps in all the other virologists, doctors, and scientists that provided life saving solutions that Fhony Fauci dismissed as all anecdotal. No one could disagree with Fhony Fauci and if you did you were pillared as a kook and science denier.

Fhony Fauci says, “Attacks On Me Are Attacks On Science”. But after being caught lying to Congress about Gain of Function funding, will there be any process and perjury charges brought against Fhony Fauci? There should be and I don’t know why there is not more talk about it in Congress. Congress wasted no time putting false process charges against President Trump’s staff and followers. Why is Congress dragging it’s feet with this weasel?

Fhony Fauci is still the darling of the Fake News Media morons that continue to try to blame the Communist Chinese Wuhan Kung Fu Flu Coronavirus on President Trump. The Fake News Media is still protecting Fhony Fauci. Is Congress afraid of the Unelected Fake News Media? Those that critically question Fhony Fauci are attacked by the Fake News media. There are a few people in Congress that ignore the Fake News Media noise and demand answers from Fhony Fauci. Jim Jordan is one such Congressman.

The so called expert, Fhony Fauci, continues to squirm, obfuscate, lie, and dodge questions about when it will be safe to return to normal life. To oppose Fhony Fauci is to oppose science. What a little weasel Fhony Fauci is, he plays this act up everywhere he goes. He’s lost all credibility and I don’t understand why people are still listening to this clown.

There are hundreds of papers out there proving the virus was created in a Communist Chinese Lab. Yet all these scientists are being silenced from publishing their work. Think about the thousands of lives that could have been saved if only the Fake News Media and Unsocial Media allowed the free flow of information. I specifically blame Fhony Fauci for these unnecessary deaths because those alternate drug therapies were suppressed from being tried. Some studies were incomplete and done incorrectly. Many studies produced erroneous results. Other studies were conducted in better controlled environments and did prove positive results for drugs like hydroxychloroquine. Those studies were deliberately silenced by Unsocial Media and the Fake News Media.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) says emails written between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Facistbook CEO Mark Shitterberg, appear to show the pair were essentially running a PR campaign surrounding disclosures about the possible origins of the coronavirus. Not only that, Twatter was suspending accounts of other scientists posting their findings. Apple, Google and YouTube were removing any data that did not follow the science orthodoxy of Fhony Fauci. All because it didn’t fit their leftist narrative to hurt President Trump at the expense of thousands of lives.

These Unsocial Media freaks are not disease experts. What makes them arbitrators of truth? The public was denied information that could have saved thousands of lives. The Fake News Media echoed Fhony Fauci’s lies and continue to do so. Fhony Fauci stands there beating his chest shouting, “I AM THE SCIENCE”. He soaks up all the attention like a sponge. Fhony Fauci loves the attention and he feeds off the adulation. Fhony Fauci, the Communist Chinese, the Fake News Media, and Unsocial Media are responsible for Crimes Against Humanity for helping to spread the Covid Virus and disinformation.



The day started cloudy skies and intervals of passing showers. By afternoon some clearing skies arrived. Tradewinds from the north northeast at 10mph with gusts at 25mph. Cloud cover is 51%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 4-3/4 inches of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s. Humidity is at 73%.

Iune ‘Umi Kūmālua, 2021


King Kamehameha Day 2021


Aloha kākou. Today is King Kamehameha Day. Every year on June 11, the Hawaiian state of the United States of America celebrates King Kamehameha I Day. Kamehameha the Great, the Hawaiian monarch who was the first to unify the Hawaiian Islands of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawai’i, was named after him. A duplicate of this statue can be found at Emancipation Hall at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C., and in Hilo, Hawai’i. It is State holiday.


To spend this Aloha Friday in style, a visit to the King Kamehameha statue in Hilo and then lunch at Miyo’s Japanese restaurant.

2021-06-11 13.59.27

Zaru-Soba (Cold Soba Noodles) and Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura. The mentsuyu dipping sauce was excellent. The food is always good at Miyo’s. Located in downtown Hilo next to Big Island Candies. In two weeks from now, the Merrie Monarch Festival will take place, but without an audience. It will be taped and broadcasted on the first week of July.



The day started with brilliant sunny skies. Tradewinds from the northeast at 6mph with gusts at 17mph. Cloud cover is 38%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 1/4 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s. Humidity is at 73%.

Iune ‘Umi Kūmākahi, 2021


Political Prisoners


Aloha kākou. America’s political prisoners are still locked up in solidary confinement and no charges have been brought against them. The are being denied due process, access to lawyers and contact with family. In effect, the Marxist democrats, and republicans are holding Americans against their will as political prisoners. Why?

The protest on January 6th was a peaceful demonstration. The only trouble was by BLM-Antifa infiltrators that were damaging windows and doors. I have video showing Antifa violence and demonstrators trying to stop them from damaging the Capitol building. A woman was murdered by a Capitol police officer and we still don’t know his name.

I posted back in January that I was seeing Capitol police standing down. I saw Capitol police open the gates and allow demonstrators to enter the Capitol building. I saw protester begging the Capitol police to stop Antifa from damaging the building and the Capitol did nothing to stop these Antifa animals. At that time, I suspected the Capitol police was told to stand down. I believe both Nazi Piglosi and cocaine Mitch McConnell instructed the Sargent at Arms of the House and Senate not to stop the protesters. I believe it was a setup from the beginning. Here’s the proof.

Investigative journalist John Solomon said the D.C. Metropolitan police has denied his news company’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see the department’s investigation into the Capitol Hill riot. In an interview with “Real America’s Voice” host Eric Greitens on Wednesday, Solomon said police are keeping interviews with key capitol security officials secret because there is something “embarrassing.”

“The question I have is what did Nazi Piglosi, what did cocaine Mitch McConnell know about these threats beforehand?” John Solomon asked. “If they didn’t know, it’s an intelligence failure of the police. If they did know, there’s something they didn’t tell us before we went into this impeachment round today.” There is significant evidence that the Capitol Police, the NYPD, the FBI all had prior warning there was going to be an attack on the Capitol and did nothing to stop it. There’s no doubt that they gave this information to both Nazi Piglosi and cocaine Mitch McConnell. Why then was there a reduction of police presence on January 6th?

During all large events in Washington D.C., there are increases in police presence all around D.C. But not on this day, why? It is their job to provide security. What I know is that BLM-Antifa was bussed into the Rally to Save America. People posted pictures of these rioters on unsocial media. I copied many of those pictures and videos. I’m reluctant from posting those pictures and videos because the DNC’s KGB (FBI) has been harassing Trump supporters and giving BLM-Antifa a pass. At some point in time when the Marxist democrats political prisoners have been exonerated and released from prison I’ll post them, until then, I’ll just keep them archived.

To my great disappointment is that many republicans have abandoned these people that are being unlawfully held. Only a few republicans have voice concern. Only one news source is asking what about these political prisoners. But there should be more asking why are these people being held unconstitutionally with no charges. They never did that to BLM-Antifa rioters that nearly burned down Washington D.C. and nearly destroyed a church near the Capitol building. Those riots had Capitol police take President Trump to the nuclear shelter, they were so bad. There was plenty of Capitol police then. Again, January 6th was a setup by Nazi Piglosi and cocaine Mitch McConnell to damage President Trump.

An investigation has determined that the decision to forcibly clear BLM-Antifa rioters from an area in front of the White House last summer was determined not influenced by President Donald Trump’s plan to stage a Bible-toting photo opportunity at that spot. That story was a lie from the beginning and only now has President Trump be vindicated. How many times has President Trump been vindicated by false charges from the Marxist democrats and the Fake News Media. Why are the cowardly republicans not standing up to these lies.

As Investigative Journalist John Solomon talks about in the video posted above, the Marxist democrats have a history of fabricating lies to cover their corrupt assess. The Capitol riot was a planned attack. It was not spontaneous as the Fake News Media has said. It was known for weeks that an attack was coming by BLM-Antifa. The impeachment after the January 6th riot was done with no investigation into what really happened. As with the first impeachment that was done with no evidence of Russian collusion presented. This was the Deep State corruption that permeates in our government that was out to get President Trump by any means necessary. This was a betrayal to the American people by our Injustice department.

We have corruption in all layers of our government. A corrupt Jim Crow Joe and his family. The Fake News Media will not cover this corruption. It’s left up to independent investigative journalists to uncover the truth of what really  happened. However, the damage to people and their lives has already been done. Where do these innocent people go to get their reputation back? There’s no restitution to people lives that have been shattered by a corrupt government.

Look at what has happened since January 6th. A 12 foot high fence with razor wire now surrounds the Capitol building. Armed soldiers surround the Capitol building. Fake News stories of another pending attack on the Capitol building by supporters of President Trump that never happened. Which was a lie from the beginning, and the lies are continuing. BLM-Antifa are still roaming the country Burning-Looting-Murdering businesses and people. Our government has betrayed their solemn duty to protect the country and its citizens.

The release of information is being prevented. We still don’t know why we’re prevented from knowing the truth of what really happened on January 6th. I agree with John Solomon that there will be many embarrassing truths will be revealed. I believe there was a conspiracy by people in both parties, the Capitol police, DNC’s KGB (FBI) all were in and encouraged a riot to happen. It was planned and carried out by our elected officials and the justice department. This betrayal to our Constitution liberties continues today. Those that are fighting back are routinely accused of false charges. Dismissed as conspiracy kooks. Stripped of their committee assignments and marginalized. It makes for a great argument for term limits. Vote The Corrupt Establishment OUT.



The day started cloudy skies and passing showers. By afternoon scattered rain continues into the area. Tradewinds from the northeast at 8mph with gusts at 21mph. Cloud cover is 59%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 6-1/2 inchs of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s. Humidity is at 84%.

Iune ‘Umi, 2021


Perfidious Erudition


Aloha kākou. How many genders are there? Well, in basic third grade biology that I was taught, there are only two genders. A male and a female. There are no biological exceptions. It’s programmed into our DNA. It is the nature of the human race. It is the nature of just about every creature that inhabits this planet. From Humans, to Animals, to Plants, all have sequence of procreation in the male and female genders. The male provides the seed and the female produces the offspring. It’s been that way since the creation of this world which we inhabit. Until now.

Birthing Person. What is a Birthing Person? A debate has broken out over some words used in Jim Crow Joe’s Budget proposal. As per reports, the White House 2022 Budget paper uses the term ‘birthing people’ instead of ‘mothers’ in a section regarding maternal mortality. Pro-choice groups like NARAL have supported the usage of such gender-neutral terms. However, associations like Heritage Action called the phrase ‘woke and watered-down’. This is a discriminatory slap against woman and motherhood.

Notice how the loony liberals insist we follow their science? Their science is settled science and you’re not allowed to dispute it. If you do, then you’re a transphobe. Okay, So I’m a transphobe. So what? I’m only following the science that I was taught and that has been proven since the beginning of time. Everyone is included. No one is excluded. Including the whacky loony liberal left that wants to rewrite science to fit their Marxist ideology. Yes, it is a warped ideology that dumbs down the education system into a conformist socialist society where truth is fiction and fiction is truth.

What this really is, is a War On Women. A War on Girls. A War on Feminism. It is discrimination against females. It is grotesque and unhealthy. It is not inclusive because it excluded biological women. It favors a demented mind of males that cannot compete as males. These are the Darwin examples of survival of the fittest. The product of natural selection. Males cannot reproduce. No matter how much these mentally deranged want to believe it. It is pure discrimination against the female gender. It is dehumanizing women.

When Unsocial Media pushes this fantasy of gender dysphoria, it just amplifies the fictional theory that transgenderism includes males as “Birthing Persons”. This puts women and girls in danger of being attacked by males that want to be accepted as females. If a male in prison makes the claim they identify as a female, they get moved into a female prison. Where they rape and hurt other women. That is a fact.

When a male claiming to be a female competes in sporting events against biological females, they are likely to win competitions. That is also a fact. Since it’s conception, Unsocial Networking site Fascistbook has only allowed users to choose between 2 genders: male and female. However, they changed that by adding over 50 new gender options. How is this considered science?

Why are people bowing to the intolerant trans-psycho weirdos? Why are they given special rights over females? These trans-psychos are mentally sick and should be hospitalized to prevent them from hurting themselves and others. This is not fair to females. It’s discrimination and it dehumanizes females. Trans-psychos are males that cannot compete against other males, so they claim they are females to win in sports competitions. That should never be allowed.

Perfidious Erudition, means false education. This gender dysphoria is pernicious in grade school education. Drag Queen Storytime is insidious because it is normalizing pedophilia. Kids in grade school do not need to be exposed to this filth. It is not healthy and it is sexualizing’s children. You have children as young as 10 years of age encouraged to take hormone drugs to change their gender. This is child abuse.

Children that haven’t reached puberty are being convinced they are not the gender they were born. Children can’t vote, they can’t smoke and drink. Can’t own a credit card, can’t drive a car, but they are being allowed to make life altering changes to their bodies. This is child abuse and it’s criminal. Suddenly this child abuse is acceptable in today’s society? When did people lose their moral compass to allow this to be pushed upon their children? This is a mental disease that must be stopped.

Are people so afraid of the Woke Mob that they will surrender their children’s safety and future over to trans-psychos that would rape your child if given a chance. There are laws against kiddy porn. Why then is trans-psycho porn drag queen storytime allowed? What’s the difference between Drag Queen Storytime and kiddy porn? There is no difference. It’s child abuse.

Just like trans-psychos competing in women’s sports, this is the dehumanizing of the female gender. It’s also confusing both male and female children into making bad life changing decisions that they would never been allowed to make. There was a time when adults, parents, and even doctors, would protect children against this violence. And it is violence against women and children, make no mistake about it. A gender alteration is a lifetime decision that usually ends up in suicide later in life. It is permanent torture to the mind and body.

Your gender is a creation from God. You were born with the gender gifts from God. To deny your gender is to deny science. It is to deny the creator’s design and replace it with a grotesque experimentation. You should be proud of your gifts from God and celebrate your gender. Your gender is an exclusive design in procreation and sustainability of the human race. It is what makes us all unique in the universe. Maybe that’s the answer to the problem of all this gender debauchery that is permeating our society. Returning education back to include God, Family, and Country as it used to be before the Marxist leftists came in and corrupted education.



The day started with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. By afternoon thick tropical clouds and scattered rain has moved into the area. Tradewinds from the northeast at 7mph with gusts at 19mph. Cloud cover is 54%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 1-3/8th inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s. Humidity is at 80%.

Iune ‘Eiwa, 2021


Bathhouse Barry

OBAMAAloha kākou. We knew him as the worst President since Jimmah Carter, and indeed was the worst President in history. Then came along Jim Crow Joe and within 5 months, Jim Crow Joe has set a new bar for being the worst ever by lightyears. But we all know who is in the background pulling Jim Crow Joe’s strings.

Barry the Bullshitter Obama is back in the news, he sat down with Anderson Stuper of the Communist Nutbag Network to whine about President Trump. Barry the Bullshitter Obama said that Republicans have been “cowed into accepting” a series of positions that “would be unrecognizable and unacceptable even five years ago or a decade ago,” telling CNN’s Anderson Stuper he is worried about the state of democracy in the US. What Barry the Bullshitter is saying is that when government fears the people you have greater liberties. Barry wants people to fear the government.

Barry the Bullshitter went on to repeat the Big Lie that President Trump said Neo-Nazis are good people. Of course,  Anderson Stuper didn’t correct Bathhouse Barry, because everyone knows that President Trump never said that. Bathhouse Barry has a history of lying, like all the Marxist democrats, lying is a prerequisite to become a Marxist democrat. But there’s something else that Barry the Bullshitter and his allies in the Fake News Media are not telling you.

Texans elected three new Republican mayors over the weekend, building on the GOP’s significant 2020 gains among Hispanic voters. The border city of McAllen, Texas, which is about 85% Latino, elected its first GOP mayor in 24 years. Last year, Trump and the GOP saw a major surge in Latino support in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. What used to be democrat strongholds are switching to Republican. That has Bathhouse Barry and the Marxist Democrats running scared. This is why you’re seeing Barry the Bullshitter and the Marxist democrats launching a disinformation campaign against Republicans. The Marxist democrats are scared and here’s why.

A Democratic pollster has found that Latino voters are moving away from Jim Crow Joe, the Marxist democrats and moving towards President Trump positive populism. When people in the border towns were reminded of Marxist democrats’ positions on immigration policy, they saw their quality of life disintegrating. Pollsters and others have also found that Latinos who voted for President Trump in 2020 were much more likely to have conservative views on crime, public safety, policing, and religion. Some experts believe that the GOP’s argument that Marxist democratic policies hurt public safety and the left’s calls to “defund the police” has helped push many Latino voters to the GOP column last year. These are the experts are suddenly realizing that people, Latinos, can think for themselves. What a surprise.

What is significant is that normally democrat border towns are now voting Republican. That’s no accident or polling error, this is the result of Positive Populism. The elections were not tampered as others were in 2020. Now that President Trump has done his first rally, with hundreds of people gathered in Greenville Saturday, hoping to catch a glimpse of former President Donald Trump who was in town to speak at the North Carolina GOP Convention. President Trump’s hundreds of fans and a handful of counter-protesters lined the streets all day long, anxious to hear the former President’s message, some hoping it would be another run for the presidency. That has Marxist democrat’s and Barry the Bullshitter Obama running scared.

Several factors convinced these Hispanic border towns to vote Republican. Illegal aliens entering their communities is  probably the largest factor in their decision. Jim Crow Joe is dumping these people in their communities. These people are seeing their quality of life being trampled by the Marxist democrats. Their taxes are going up to pay to house, feed, and educate these illegals. The border town residents believed in the President Trump’s Wall. Before Jim Crow Joe, these people saw crime going down. Under President Trump’s administration they saw job growth and rising incomes. Now that’s all being reversed by Jim Crow joe.

The Marxist democrats and academic elites have launched a smear campaign to label all conservatives as racists White Supremacists. Bathhouse Barry made the same racist smear saying, White Americans fear the browning of America. “It’s hard for the majority in this country of White Americans to recognize that, look, you can be proud of this country and its traditions and its history and our forefathers. And yet, it’s also true that this terrible stuff happened. And that, you know, the vestiges of that linger and continue,” Bathhouse Barry said. “I also think that there are certain right-wing media venues, for example, that monetize and capitalize on stoking the fear and resentment of white population that is witnessing a changing America and seeing demographic changes,” said Barry the Bullshitter Obama.

This has always been the Modus Operandi, pull the race card whenever they’re losing favor with Americans. They forget that we’re Americans first and race isn’t a factor in voting. The Marxist democrats have always taken minority voters for granted. It was assumed they will always vote for the plantation life under the Marxist democrats. Bathhouse Barry downplays Racist Marxist Critical Race Theory when we know it was developed by Racists and it’s being taught in schools. The Fake News Media loves to promote this Racism because it fits their narrative to assign White people as all racists. This is the virtual signaling group thinking of the Marxist democrats. They think you’re buying this crap.

NY Slimes’ Mara Gay: “I was on Long Island this weekend, visiting a really dear friend, and I was really disturbed. I saw, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with expletives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases, just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing, because essentially the message was clear, it was, ‘This is my country. This is not your country.” So, if you own a pickup truck, then you’re a White Supremacist. Does that mean no Black, Asians, and Hispanics own pickup trucks? That’s the assumption here by this racist New York Slimes fake news reporter. Expect this Racist rhetoric to amplify as we get closer to 2022 midterms.

 Lieutenant governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson give a fiery speech at the North Carolina Republican convention. This is what the Marxist democrats fear. Seeing their sheeple finally waking up and seeing who the Marxist democrats really are. After 4 years of President Trump’s Positive Populism that worked for all Americans, the Marxist democrats are seeing their power slipping away. Therefore they pull the race card. It all the Marxist democrats have left in their bag of lies. The Marxist democrats don’t like the idea that we’re all American’s first and not tribes.

When Barry the Bullshitter Obama opens his racist mouth to accuse Americans of being White Supremacists because they disapprove of Critical Race Theory, he’s right, we do not want CRT in our schools, businesses and government. Barry the Bullshitter Obama’s resentment of America is to put down the country as racially monolithic when we’re having more interracial mixed marriages. Can you imagine children of mixed interracial families, both White and Black, being told in schools that their brother or their sister is a White Supremacist, and you should hate them because of their skin color? That’s how Marxist’s destroy the American family. This is what Marxist Critical Race Theory is all about. If you’re White you’re an oppressor, and if your Black you’re the oppressed. If you’re White, you were born a racist. If you’re Black you were born into suppression. This toilet trout, Bathhouse Barry, is such a smug hater of Americans.



The day with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. By afternoon clouds and rain moved into the area. Tradewinds from the northeast at 7mph with gusts at 17mph. Cloud cover is 36%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 1 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s. Humidity is at 73%.

Iune ‘Ewalu, 2021




Aloha kākou. Now that the ugly truth about the COVID Coverup has been exposed and all the characters are being revealed, will there be any consequences? The Communist Chinese where the virus was developed and released from a lab. From Fhony Fauci and the WHO that covered for China. To the Fake News Media and the Tech Giants that prevented information to save lives from being known. This is quite the sticky wicket for a lot of people that could not contain their hatred for President Trump.

Sen Ted Cruz: “it now is clear that Fascistbook was operating at the direction of and in the direct benefit of the federal government and operating as the government’s censor, utilizing their monopoly position to censor on behalf of the government.”

Fascistbook Suckerberg needs to be rotting in prison for the rest of his life for the murder of millions of people. And not just Suckerberg, but Fhony Fauci and others for causing the worst pandemic in history. The Communist Chinese may have created the virus, but Fascistbook and the Fake News Media helped Fhony Fauci and the WHO to cover for Communist Chinese crime of the century. Now, the Fake News Media wants to pass the blame to President Trump.

New Yorkers Lawrence Wright suggests “hundreds of thousands of lives might have been spared” if Trump had not been President during COVID. The Fake News Media is now trying to cover their asses by blaming Covid on President Trump. Dear God, the man did everything in his power to prevent deaths, fast track a vaccine, and help provide information to the public. The Fake News Media, the Deep State, Fhony Fauci, and the Tech Giants, did nothing but get in the way and prevent misinformation that could have saved may more lives. These ghouls should be rotting in prison.

The Covid-19 conspiracy widens. Now we know that top virologists with a vested stake in souping up deadly viruses created the false impression of a scientific consensus regarding the origins of the virus. And their lies were protected at the highest levels of the U.S. government.  The depth and scope of the Covid conspiracy is larger than anyone realized. Dinesh D’Souza details just how involved virologists, Big Tech, the Fake News Media, including Marxist democrats that all involved in a cover up conspiracy. Now they all want to place the blame on President Trump’s. These people are sick, vile, and evil. They allowed a virus to spread all to chase after grant money.

At the North Carolina GOP convention, former President Donald Trump called for reparations from China. The Communist Chinese forbid travel in and out of Wuhan, but allowed travel from China to other places in the world. Accelerating the spread of the Covid Virus. They knew what they were doing. It was biological warfare, pure and simple.

I blogged about this last year and made the assertion that this virus is too strange to be natural. After reading what other bloggers in Hong Kong were saying, I came to the conclusion they had then. Further proof came when Zero Hedge published the science papers of Chinese virologist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan. This was another lab virus. After all, where do you think these Chinese viruses came from? H5N1 (Bird Flu 1997), SARS (2002), H1N1 (2009), H7N9 (2013), Now COVID (2020). What makes this even more diabolical was that American scientists were deeply involved and also tried to hide the source of the virus. That cannot be forgiven or forgotten, but it must be punished.



The day with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. Tradewinds from the northeast at 7mph with gusts at 19mph. Cloud cover is 36%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 7-1/2 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s. Humidity is at 75%.

Iune ‘Ehiku, 2021


Fauci Ouchy


Aloha Lāpule. File this one under Persuasion for Vaccination. Win a prize for getting your Fauci Ouchy.  Our stooge Governor David Ige made some big announcements on the vaccination incentives and statewide travel goals on Friday. All inter-county travel restrictions will end on June 15, as the state anticipates reaching its goal of 55% fully vaccinated residents by mid-June. That means inter-county travelers, even if they’re unvaccinated, will no longer be subjected to testing and quarantine rules. Wait? We were were told the goal was 70% fully vaccinated. Moving the goalposts once again? I’m sure that number will change once again. Here’s a list of incentives to get your Fauci Ouchy.


Step Right Up! Step Right Up! Everyone’s a vaccine winner. Covid Bargains Galore. That’s right you too can be the proud owner of a Fauci Ouchy. The quality goes in before the name goes on. Act Now! We got a year end clearance sale. We got our vaccine sale on a Covid damaged economy. You can drive your life away today. Act now! And receive as our gift, Our gift to you, They come in all colors even the gay ones. One size fits all. How do we do it? How do we do it? Volume, Volume. Turn Up The Volume. Please allow thirty days for vaccine delivery. Don’t be fooled by cheap Fhony Fauci imitations. You got it buddy. The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away. Get away from me boy, ya bother me. Step Right Up! Batteries Not included.

Have you ever heard of such a deal? Coercing people to get their Fauci Ouchy and win a free prize. Is Covid now a Cracker Jack product with a prize inside the box? Gamble your life on a experimental vaccine and win a free all expense paid trip to the Ninth Island (Los Wages). Maybe get free happy meals for a year. Assuming you survive your Fauci Ouchy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’ve been vaccinated for everything under the Sun. I had to be fully vaccinated to travel around the world as a child and as an adult. To that, I am truly grateful. But I draw the line at experimental vaccine cohesion for prizes and free stuff. Especially when the virus is 98% survivable. The most vulnerable are the elderly and those with weaken immune systems, they should get the vaccine. Healthy people don’t need the vaccine. So why are we trying to vaccinate everyone when the vaccine isn’t fully tested? It’s rushing when those who are are least susceptible to infection and transmission are at low risk. Give the vaccine time to be fully studied.

What the hell is Hawai’i doing providing incentives to get vaccine? Is that really necessary? What are the long term consequences? No one knows. Why vaccinate the least vulnerable? What about the long term effects of the vaccine. The vaccine was designed to protect the most vulnerable, not the least vulnerable. This needs to be better thought out.

The bottom line is the state is setting up a requirement for travel, job qualifications, and perhaps public shaming of anyone that refuses to get their Fauci Ouchy. It’s the workaround to a mandatory vaccine passport. When has any government coerced it citizens to get an experimental vaccine by tempting them with prizes and discounts? Why is it the governments responsibility to get involved in what is supposed to be a voluntary and personal decision?  The government supplanting an individual’s personal decision to refuse a Fauci Ouchy should never be permitted. Children should never be subjected to experimental vaccines. They are the least vulnerable to the virus. The vaccine long term effects and consequences are unknown. So why put children’s futures at risk to an experimental vaccine?

Consider that the so called Experts, Fhony Fauci, his boss Francis Collins, the FDA, NIH, and other government organizations lied to us. Repetitively. The WHO lied to protect Communist China, the source of the Covid virus. The Fake News Media and Tech Giants lied and prevented anyone from discussing alternate drug therapies like Hydroxychloroquine. Vaccine makers lied to the American people and withheld announcing the vaccine till after the 2020 election. They did that to hurt President Trump’s reelection. That alone should put doubt into the long term safety of the vaccine.

Remember that Covid Panic Porn had governments making very stupid decisions that killed a great many people. Who’s to say that the vaccine developers and scientists didn’t cut corners because they were politically motivative by their hatred of President Trump? After all, we are learning that Fhony Fauci lied that his organization, NIH, was funding the Communist Chinese development of Gain of Function that developed the Covid virus. How many other lies will we eventually learn?



The day with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. By afternoon popup showers appeared. Tradewinds from the northeast at 6mph with gusts at 16mph. Cloud cover is 55%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 1/2 inch of precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s. Humidity is at 75%.

Iune ‘Eono, 2021


45 Train Is Back


Aloha kākou. I’m at home today waiting to watch the True Elected President give his first rally speech in Greenville,  North Carolina. President Trump has just walked onto the stage with Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” song. As always, President Trump is a great speaker.

The President spoke about 2022 and how we have a tremendous opportunity to take back the House of Representatives and finally get rid of Nazi Piglosi.  It is imperative that we elect more Republicans in the Mid Term elections, more republicans that will fight together to defend the country and our values. To take back our country. But they have to be fighters and not RINO traitors like Adam Shitslinger. The President didn’t mention him by name, but I will. No more Cheneys, Bushies and other RINO’s that will go along to get along.

The President spoke about the border and the illegals crossing into our country. The cartel drug and human trafficking being smuggled into the country, and how the regime of Jim Crow Joe is allowing criminality to take over our country. The cyber attacks on our critical infrastructure by Russian hackers, and how the regime of Jim Crow Joe either doesn’t seem to be aware of, or doesn’t even care. We see the consumer prices going up and inflation creeping into the economy. Everything that President Trump accomplished is being trashed because of Marxist democrat hatred of Americans. They’re not hurting President Trump, they’re hurting us.

How Cancel Culture is destroying our liberties. How Critical Race Theory is a racist infestation in our schools and in government. Do we take this, asks President Trump. Do we as a nation want to be taken down this road of Marxist self destruction. This leftist indoctrination of racism and self hatred. How education need to be reformed to return to teaching children to love their country and our freedoms.

President Trump went on to thank his supporters and name names that are crucial to winning in 2022 and 2024. We learned that the President daughter in-law, Lara Trump, will not run for North Carolina Senate for now, because family needs are more important, but she did endorsed Ted Budd for North Carolina Senate. President Trump echoed his support for Ted Budd.

At 7:15 PM ET, over 138,000 people were watching the live-feed on RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network). I’m watching on Newsmax. So I’m wondering what the total number of viewers are tuning into President Trump’s rally. I’m sure there were millions, but those numbers are not available for now. Once the numbers become available I’ll post them.

Ironically, the pedophile creep that supposedly won over 80 million votes, Jim Crow Joe is lucky if he can get over 1,000 people to watch his speeches. Jim Crow Joe only had 560 people watching him this week during a speech on Memorial Day on the White House YouTube page. So obviously, Jim Crow Joe is very popular with all the dead people that voted. The crypt keeper.

President Trump mentioned Fhony Fauci and China. Fhony Fauci for his involvement in funding the dangerous Gain of Function research and not revealing what he knew and when. I agree with President Trump that Communist China must pay for the COVID virus they developed and released upon the world. $10 Trillion in Repartitions. 100% Tariffs on Communist Chinese imports. Communist China has an offensive biological weapons program and that needs to be exposed as the greatest threat over any nuclear war.

President Trump spoke about lowering taxes, and bring back businesses to USA. No more Made in China. President Trump spoke about his trade deals that helped farmers, manufactures, revised the steel and aluminum industries. How Jim Crow Joe’s canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline is more environmentally damaging. How rail and truck to deliver oil makes energy more expensive, and the job losses are hurting the economy.

President Trump’s spoke of his Trade deals. Middle East Peace deals. Getting NATO and SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) to pay their fair share of their nations defenses. Strengthening the alliance of free nations against aggressor regimes like Communist China and Russia.

Ending Endless Wars and returning the Hero Dead. Probably the most saddest part of President Trump’s speech that brought my eyes to misty tears was when he described the families grief receiving their lost love ones at Andrews Air Force Base. The arrival of the bodies of loved ones killed in endless wars. 20 years later we’re still fighting goat herders and islamic terrorists. When we should be protecting our own borders from allowing these toilet trout’s into our country. But we cannot rely on our CIA, FBI, NAS to protect us from these terrorists, as with our own domestic terrorists, BLM-Antifa, which the Justice Department just shrugs their shoulders and says, “They’re Just An Idea”. Don’t expect national security to ever be improved while these morons are in charge. It’s has to be rebuilt from the top down.

Space Force, the sixth military branch that President Trump created was long overdue. We need our satellites in space protected from aggressive regimes like Communist China. If they take out our GPS satellites, then we’re blind. Our communications and television is gone. Technology will return back to the 1960’s and I doubt there will be any transistor radios that will be receiving digital broadcasts.

Probably the most important point by President Trump was how the Marxist democrats are consumed with gaining absolute power. Socialism isn’t just the goal. It’s total Marxism over this Republic. Freedom of speech gone. 2nd Amendment gone, and replaced with Critical Race Theory. President Trump outlined how the Marxist democrats will use racism to destroy the country. Radical BLM-Antifa in cities are allowed to burn loot and murder and the democrats  don’t seem to care. Democrats seem to encourage the violence. Antifa is an Idea said Jim Crow Joe.

Marxist democrats are persecuting people to hurt President Trump. They’ve found the man, now they’re searching for the crime. We had 4 years of this bullshit, but the democrats are relentless, and the republicans are impotent to stop the corruption. Prosecutorial misconduct is rampant, and SCOTUS should have not allowed this. All these Russian hoaxes, but the Biden’s and Clinton’s get a pass. Where’s the Durham report? It fades away. 2020 election cheating. People know the election was stolen. They used Covid as the reason and forged mail in ballots to steal the election. We know and we have proof. We saw the numbers change in the middle of the night, all at once, realtime.

We saw Mark Shitterberg of Fascistbook breaking the law and interfering with our elections with fraudulent ballot drop boxes. We can’t let our country be run by Tech Oligarchs. President Trump said he’s not interested in returning to Fascistbook. Like me, I’ve been permanently banned from Fascistbook and Twatter for repeatedly violating their ever changing Community Rules. Screw them. There are more free social media sites where my message gets out there.

We’re not a 50/50 nation, said President Trump. Sanctuary states, illegals voting, paying people to vote, is not how our system is suppose to work. President Trump explained that rampant prosecutorial misconduct is trying to silence your voice. He’s the one trying to save democracy, the Marxist democrats are undermining free speech. Voting verification, reforms, and integrity are at stake for free elections. We need Photo ID, Chain of Custody verification, unrestricted poll watchers in order to verify fair elections.

President Trump said that “Our movement is just getting started”. And indeed it truly is just getting started. It’s been a long time since Ronaldus Magnus that we had a President that fought for the American people. Too many of our politicians are owned by campaign high roller lobbyists. We want Lower taxes, more jobs, products that say Made in the USA. Protecting innocent life, protecting religious rights and gun rights. We want the Tech Giants monopoly  broken up. We support the police, our military and veterans. Teaching our children to love America.

President Trump’s ends his speech with YMCA song! 45 IS BACK! Never in his speech was there an I, Me, but always WE got it done. Many Standing Ovations during the speech. Inspiring and uplifting, with the promise of Making America Great Again, and don’t we need this more than ever now.



The day with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. Tradewinds from the northeast at 9mph with gusts at 24mph. Cloud cover is 46%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got 3/8 inch precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s. Humidity is at 72%. It is very dry.

Iune ‘Elima, 2021




Aloha kākou and Happy Aloha Friday. When you’re the spokes person for Jim Crow Joe, intelligence is not a requirement. Because when you’re addressing the Fake News Media which would rather ask such thought provoking questions as, “What’s Jim Crow Joe’s favorite Ice Cream flavor”? Of course, my questions would about how many times a day does Jim Crow Joe get his Depends diaper changed.

Here’s one such intriguing question. When will the Fake News Media see the first White House cat. You know this is an important question because inquiring minds want to know about where the litter box will be placed. The public needs to know these important questions because it changes the subject away from Communist China’s threat of nuclear war if the United States pursues where the origins of Covid came from. After all, Jim Crow Joe’s Fascistbook page is waiting to post all those cat pictures and videos.

In other news of Hawai’i, our illustrious governor, Ige, has issued a press release: Ige announces imminent end to all travel restrictions, free interisland travel to resume June 15. However, that  headline is deceptive. What Ige really said was this: “Ige announced today that the state will lift all travel restrictions once vaccination rates are high enough, with interisland travel restrictions to end June 15”. There’s the gated condition, “once vaccination rates are high enough”. So how will the government know when the total vaccination rate reaches 70%?

In order to promote vaccinations among Hawaii residents, Ige announced HI Got Vaccinated, a program that provides incentives for receiving the vaccine. Throughout June, vaccinated residents can receive deals and discounts at certain Hawaii businesses and win prizes such as 1 million HawaiianMiles from Hawaiian Airlines. Ah, so a vaccine passport by any other name. More discrimination against people that are not vaccinated. Will they be prevented from traveling? Seems likely to me.

In Carmel NY, a Mom lets the local school board have it for teaching Critical Race Theory and Black Lies Maggots ideology. Apparently, writing, reading, and arithmetic, is no longer on the curriculum. GO MOM! Let’s hope more parents get involved to stop this Marxist democrat indoctrination.



The day with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. Tradewinds from the northeast at 7mph with gusts at 19mph. Cloud cover is 41%. Visibility is 10 miles. We got no precipitation in the rain gauge overnight. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s. Humidity is at 68%. It is very dry.

Iune ‘Ehā, 2021


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