Bitter Coffee

The Starbucks coffee chain that caters to mostly snooty leftist clientele serving expensive caffeine and stale scones. They had a sign in the store that read “Restrooms Are For Paying Customers Only“. So when two black guys entered the store, they refused to purchase anything. Then they demanded to use the restroom, and they were denied. The shop manager asked the two black guys to either purchase something, or leave. They refused.

People cannot just walk into places of business and take up space that could be used by paying customers. Yet, these two black guys decided they were just going to plant themselves in the store. So the shop manager called the police. The police came, asked the two black men to leave, and they refused, so they were arrested. So far, standard operating procedure when dealing with two trespassers.

The left immediately lost their collective minds. The idea that “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” is now considered racism, is beyond all rational thinking. Yet, this is how the left thinks. Anything that they disapprove of is considered racist. It’s the only argument they have to silence people, destroy businesses and corporations. Once this leftist feeding frenzy starts, the “Fake News Media” begins pushing the leftist narrative. Then the firing of employees just doing their jobs begins, and the apologetic groveling of Starbucks CEO’s Kevin R. Johnson. Followed by the Police Chiefs, and the Mayors apologies. Then the unhinged protesters appear staging sit-ins, with bullhorn chants of repetitive annoying nursery rhymes, and spouting hysterical madness. The left has a guilt complex and if you don’t follow their fascist ideology, then you are labeled a racist. Again, this is constant tactic used by the left to destroy people’s lives.

Was there a racial component to this leftist hysteria? Not as far as I can tell. I believe the shop manager was following company policy that only paying customers can use the restrooms. Most businesses have the same policy. However, the lefts hyper-sensitivity to anything they perceive as objectionable is immediately labeled as racist. However, a black comedian found some humor in the lefts hyperbole and got some free coffee. Fox News pundit and conservative radio talk-show host Laura Ingram interviewed Brian Sharpe, who goes by the name “Hotep Jesus”, put it all in perspective and to the point.

“Why did you do this?” Ingraham asked.

“I am sick and tired of liberals using black people and making us look like victims, making us look soft with their liberal dogma,” Sharpe said. “It is disgusting.”

So what does Starbucks do? Starbucks decides to close down all their stores and punish their employees by requiring them all to undergo racial bias training. Well, isn’t that special. Is that not over reaction or what? Fault the employees for following company policy. So what now? Does Starbucks now allow everyone off the street to use their restrooms? Allow the homeless to bathe and live in their restrooms? It’s horrendous enough that the left doesn’t know the difference between genders and which bathroom to use. Starbucks has a history of berating conservatives in their stores. Just wearing a MAGA hat can get you mocked and a denial of service. Police officers were even denied use of the restroom and service, just because they are the police. Yet, there was no outrage over these incidences. The left’s double standard.

So why does the left use this heavy-handed club of racist accusations? It’s to silence people. It’s as simple as that. They use this public shaming to destroy the lives of good people. People that are just following the rules, going about their daily business, just doing their jobs; their lives are destroyed by the left. The fake news media splashes innocent faces all over the airwaves placing a scarlet letter on their lives. If you ask me, the real racists are the left. The left is never held accountable for their crimes against innocent people. The left won’t be satisfied until they get their pound of flesh. This is what evil looks like.

The left always gets away with these atrocities. This is their modus operandi. Conservatives don’t act like this, and therefore rarely fight back. It’s not in the conservative nature to falsely attack people. Conservatives don’t use mob tactics to shout down people. Conservatives use logic and reason, the left uses emotion and hysteria. Conservatives use the power of thought and self determination. The left uses victimology to characterize people. The left places people into boxes with no chance of expanding their outlook. Conservatives see opportunities, liberty, and independence. The left assumes people are helpless. The left insults people’s intelligence.

I had switched to drinking tea years ago. For me, Starbucks has become bitter and stale, and it reflects the blackness of the leftist heart. Soulless. Intolerant. Hate-filled.







Social Censorship

My fur stood up and I got chicken skin listening to this leftist fraud explain how Fascistbook made mistakes. They didn’t make any mistakes, they were purposely data mining users information and allowing fake news to flood their advertisements.  After all, when Suckerberg allowed Barry the Bullshitter to do the same thing as Cambridge Analytica, that was called ‘genius’ by the Fake News Media.

But because Donald J. Trump won, suddenly this practice is somehow criminal. What a phony leftist double standard.

Cruz: Is Fascistbook a neutral public forum allowing everyone to speak?

Suckerberg: Well Senator, here’s how we think about this. There is certain content we don’t allow. Like hate speech, terrorist content, nudity, anything that make people feel unsafe in the community.

And Senator Cruz continued to grill Suckerberg on if Fascistbook is a political censorship platform. Suckerberg’s answer was a non-answer and deceptive. Of course Fascistbook censors content, but not the content Suckerberg spoke about. As Senator Cruz pointed out, and Suckerberg stumbled answering, there is a pervasive bias withing Fascistbook to censor conservative content. Planned Butcherhood is freely and openly distributed, whereas Pro-Life sites are restricted and often blocked.

The larger question is, who defines ‘hate speech?’ Who defines what’s ‘safe content?’ When Diamond and Silk’s facebook account was deem by Fascistbook as ‘unsafe’, because they are Pro-Trump. So the mask comes off.

As with Facebook; Google and Twitter, also restricts content. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted:  A “good read” is a post co-written by a Center for American Progress senior fellow that calls for “civil war,” the destruction of the GOP, and the adoption of how California runs everything from sea to shining sea.

Seems pretty clear to me that the unsocial media companies are hostile towards conservative viewpoints. So much so that they are willing to trample on their First Amendment Rights. So then, why not just admit it and put up a s sign on their fascist media platform that “conservatives need not join.”

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine the socialist democrats are not behind this effort to silence conservative voices. Fascistbook and other unsocial media sites use far-left hate groups like Southern Poverty Law Center that labels conservative groups as hate groups. Privacy is the issue behind all this smoke and mirrors during these congressional dog and pony show.  It about suppressing conservative viewpoints. It’s about allowing a robust debate about issues. If that’s not allowed, and it does seem this practice of suppressing conservative voice will continue, then it’s time to move away from Fascistbook and find another platform that is fair and balanced.





The Grand Inquisitor

Nobody expected the democrat Inquisition? Yet they should have. The reckless recusal of AG Jeff Sessions, set off a spiraling rathole of  prosecutions and accusations against good honest people. Lives are being destroyed by fascist democrats hell bent on destroing the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Yet, here is the openly criminal activities of Barry the Bullshitter, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, James Clapper, John Brennon, James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein, with the remaining Stalinist regime leftovers of the worse presidency in American history. The regime of the ‘Deep State’ of socialist corruption. These are the real criminals that are deflecting the National Security Crimes committed by the hussein regime. So they are using socialist fake news media to wage a war on Conservatives. The fake news media is gleefully supporting this leftist fascism by disregarding the Constitutional First Amendment rights granted to the press. It is an abuse of power and freedoms.

Make no mistake, the rathole of communist subversives in government runs deep like tangled roots. It was revealed that traitors Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were uncovered conspiring to fabricate information against President Trump. This traitorous pair exchanged some 50,000 anti-Trump love text messages throughout the presidential election. Who knows how many more Strzok’s and Page’s are in the deep state of corruption? However, it is clear we have deep corruption withing in the State department, FBI, IRS, and Department of Injustice.

So what has the Mueller investigation uncovered? Remember that this sham was to find any Russian collusion. Did Muller find any Russian collusion? Nope! Yet there was plenty of collusion found in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Conveniently ignored by the special council, and the fake news media. Unsecured email servers, deleted and destroyed emails, equipment destroyed, sensitive National Security information open to anyone to hack it. And hack it they did, Russia, China, and the guy in his mom’s basement playing Grand Theft Auto games. Yet, there has been all sorts of accusations against the Trump campaign that has never been proven. Over and overwhelming evidence of corruption and National Security breaches by democrats are ignored! Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

Ironically, the more Mueller investigates, more evidence of widespread corruption by the socialist democrat party gets revealed. Yet, this corruption gets no media coverage.  No prosecutions. Yet, people’s lives are being bankrupt defending themselves against false accusations. If the Mueller fascist democrat lawyers show you a red color picture, and you say it’s magenta, then you’re accused of lying. Forced to plead guilty to protect your home, family and what money you have left. This is FASCISM IN GOVERNMENT!

Jeff Sessions should be fired. Mueller should be fired, and investigated for malicious prosecutions. There has to be an end to the Banana republic the democrats have created. Hillary should be in a orange prison jumpsuit. Barry also. Republicans are sitting with their thumbs up their asses not defending the President and not condemning this travesty of justice. 




Investigation Without End

No Oversight









Don’t Be Evil

So says the Google search engine motto. Yet, if you deter from their “code of conduct“, they can and  they will, restrict your rights to “Free Speech”. That’s has happened with their employees, and customers. Google is truly a fascist intolerant conglomerate of socialism, and anti-Free Speech. As a former employee of Google will explain:

Google’s acquisition of YouTube changed the format of a benign video sharing social media company into a creeping socialist dark ‘stateweb’ authoritarian propaganda machine. They do that by filtering out content they deem not conforming to their ‘code of conduct’.  Just see any of the PragerU videos ask how these videos could be considered either violent, pornographic, or for any other reason, a violation of code of conduct? Code of conduct is code for restricting free speech. Code of conduct by Google’s standards invites violence and terror.

Code of Conduct. You will see this phrase used on other socialist media sites such as “Fascistbook“. Violate their free speech rules and they will put you in the Facebook Gulag for a number of days, and even shutoff your access to the site. Conservative views strictly are prohibited.

Fascistbook is currently under investigation by the fascist left for inadvertently helping to elect our current President, Donald J. Trump. However, when Facebook allowed the same data mining of personal information, pushing propaganda media, and promoting political narrative for Barry the Bullshitter, that was considered “Genius!” Well, isn’t that ironic? With a healthy dash of schadenfreude!

Rush to the stage of double standards where the outrage by the leftist media, and their political opinionated minion mouth-pieces, all condemning the 2016 election. Even today, the Hildabeast  continually whines about losing the 2016 election while lifting a glass of Chardonnay wine in hand.  The leftist media still hasn’t accepted the election results either. Neither have they accepted the results of a growing economy, a national security direction, and the exposure of corruption within the highest levels of government. Just turn on CNN (Communists Nutbag Network) and all you’ll see is the Stormy Daniels Whore, Trump Impeachment Impending, and Gloom and Doom of impending nuclear war. Yawn! Give Us Real News!

Let there be no doubt that the current lack of leadership in Congress is being bought and paid for by the power of the social media networks.  The budget proved that case. Trump is correct that there is a swamp of corruption, and it it clear that both parties are up to their necks in the soup of corruption. It took a political novice to expose the weakness in the GOP and expose the corruption in the DNC. No help from the lame stream media. The Fake News Media continues to protect the corruption of the DNC.  GOP With Thumbs Up Their Asses!

The reason is clear: The corrupt politicians need the social media machine to get elected, to get funded, to get noticed. Rush Limbaugh advocated his radio listeners to disconnect from the social media news for a week of sanity reform. I’m torn because I thrive off this stuff. I want to see evil defeated. We can’t do that if we are not informed with the truth. You cannot get the truth from the Fake News Media.  In the conservative media, there are some never-Trumpers that have aligned themselves with the swamp monsters! That’s really a shame, because they are aligning  with evil.

Who are they? Michael Medved, Bill Kristol, Evan (Egg McMuffin) McMullin, Johah Goldberg, and many more. They would rather have the Hildabeast as President over Trump. These people should be shunned as the RINO’s they are.  The leftist media earned the badge of “Fake News” and the social media networks equally deserve the badge of evil. They’ve earned it. They are not hiding from it. They Want To See America Fail, At Any Means Necessary. These Are The Antifa supporters in the media and government. Willing to shut off voices!

Take for example that FascistBook considers the hilarious duo of ‘Diamond and Silk‘ is a danger to society. What? Seriously? Why?

Now, the Suckerberg Fascist Book Socialist application is floating the idea of paying or privacy. When they already said they guarantee your privacy in their acceptance to their website of deceit. Not buying it. I’ll find other methods of expressing my opinions. Once I get out of the facebook gulag, I will post my response as a bum-bye to fascistbook.  Just leave this crap and find a better platform. MeWe!

Seriously, Fascistbook and Google, has become a bastion of fake news posts and click bait links. Possibility to virus sites to steal your information. They put profits over people. Now, they punish people for pointing that out. Russia and China, the two most restrictive socialist  countries are gloating they don’t have to lift a finger to disrupt the American Constitution. Leftism is doing their bidding by proxy.

There is a War on America. The left uses accusations of racism, fascism, terrorism, and all the ‘isms you can think of. Conservatives just want a Constitutional Republic we now have in place. It has worked for over 250 years. Yet democrats, socialist, communists (Bernie Sanders), want to return to the rules that failed over generations. The same generation that told the youth of America to “Turn on, tune in, drop out”  is back again.

No Help Here! Eat A Tide Pod.






Hypnagogia Exploitation


Democrats have abandoned the American people, and all Constitutional values that make this great country what it is. Their goal now is to turn the country into a hell-hole of criminals and welfare dependency. Democrats are admitting it. They are not hiding their contempt for United States citizens. They know that the majority of citizens will not vote for them. Therefore, democrats are resorting to voter fraud to steal elections. Keep the people dependent on government, then you create a slave citizenry. A collective of dependents living on a bloated government welfare system at taxpayer’s expense. Keep them dependent on government for votes. Horrific Slavery.


Kalifornia is the first state to allow illegals aliens to vote, and other states with socialist leftists democrats are doing the same. Issuing identification cards that will allow them to vote in the local, and national elections. This will be the greatest voter fraud scheme in American history. This is why democrats want open borders. Democrats are power hungry socialists that only want an oligarchy government where our Constitutional rights are removed. Your right to protect yourself and family, your rights to liberty, and your right to property, will be taken away for the ‘Greater Good’. This is happening in Europe today with their immigration policies. People are being kicked out of their homes to accommodate illegal aliens. Too bad Europeans don’t have a Constitution like ours.

When immigrants come to America, they come for one reason: A Better Opportunity. So why do they bring the values from their home country with them? Why do they bring the things they left behind and want them installed in their adopted country? In the following video by Prager University, Gloria Alvarez explains:

When immigrants come here, they come for one reason: A Better Opportunity. So why do they also bring with them the very same destructive policies that denied them opportunities in their home country? It’s because they do not understand the values America offers. It’s the reason why we have a immigration process that includes passing American Civics Course.  See if you can answer the questions in the Civics Quiz. You’d be surprised how many people, American Citizens, fail the test. —> CIVICS QUIZ <—


The problem with freedom, as former Secretary of State and socialist democrat Presidential candidate, once said: “In America, you have the right to be stupid.” Indeed, that was probably the most honest answer John Kerry has ever said. Which is why Kerry lost the 2004 Presidential election, not for being honest, but by demonstrating gross ignorance and stupidity.

However, Stupidity is just not limited to Democrats, there are plenty of mentally challenged Republicans. Which is why voters have to listen carefully to what candidates are saying. Otherwise, the very same policies that immigrants left their home country, will follow them to their adopted country. Kalifornia, and other States, are proving to be a perfect laboratory examples of voter apathy and voter fraud.

However, as history lesson, democrats are far guilty of violating Constitutional freedoms. As Nick Freitas, Virginia House of Delegates and a Republican candidate for the US Senate in 2018, explains:

Personally, I don’t trust democrats and there is a lot of history to support my disdain towards democrats. Starting by the assertion at the beginning, “Democrats Have Abandoned The American People.” What’s even more confusing is the very people whose families were interned by a democrat president (FDR) are also democrats that support the same policies. The nature of leftism is self destructive.

Even our own misrepresentatives in Hawai’i are insensitive to the destructive policies of the democrat party. Hawaii Rep. Hanabusa, who is also running for Governor of Hawai’i, fails to point out which party interned her grandparents. Why? Because leftists will always be hostile to conservatives. In my opinion, the level of insensitivity is on the side of socialist democrats that never learned from history, but are doomed to repeat history, over and over again. Awue!

I did not consider Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke comment insensitive, rather a greeting to Rep. Hanabusa, and she didn’t seem offended by it, she actually correcting him that it was still morning. “Kon’nichiwa” meaning “Hello, or Good Afternoon“, and “Ohiaio gozai masu” is “good morning”.  Leftist democrats immediately slammed Mr.Zinke as being insensitive. As usual, the cries of insensitivity by socialist democrats. However, it was not insensitive, from a phonics point of view, it was correctly spoken, but this is how the leftist media framed it. Most multilingual people appreciate the effort to speak a second language, just as Americans honor immigrants efforts to speak English. A second language is hard to learn, but those immigrants that embrace the Constitution, American values, and Culture, will fit in perfectly. That’s always how is should be. Leftist disagree and they become violent in their efforts to destroy the American Way Of Life. Starting with infiltration into the school system.  Everyone has dreams; however leftist exploit dreams into nightmares, and that’s a horrific crime against humanity.

Black Sabbath said it best in their song “Over To You“. It’s about a bloated government that stole a child’s future.

Born in a window

Nobody’s fool

Raised in a prison

You called a school

Taught young in legends

Told what to do

I handed my childhood

Over to you



Misdirected Blame

Students with misdirected blame refuse to protest against the system that failed them. The FBI, the Broward County Sheriff, the school, all the red flags that were in plain sight, but ignored. This isn’t the first time law enforcement has failed to protect citizens. It has happened many times before, but the aftermath is to always focus the blame in the wrong direction.

Instead of directing anger at the shooter(s), the focus is on the weapon. How misdirected is this? When someone dies in an automobile accident, they blame the driver. When someone uses a gun, they blame the gun, not the shooter. They blame gun owners and gun organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA). People that had nothing to do with the crime. People that are responsible gun owners are vilified. Innocent people are made scapegoats over the crimes of a mentally disturbed individual.

Who is responsible for misdirecting this rage? The left is. The same people responsible for the rape of our culture. The same people responsible for the murder of millions of babies under the guise of women’s healthcare. It’s the antiseptic brushing aside of a mass tragedy done behind the walls of a clinical abattoir. Yet when schools designate within their walls a “gun free zone”, it’s like putting a target on everyone inside. It’s misdirected rage towards a single event, and not equally towards a daily occurrence.  You never see such tragedies where guns are allowed. That’s because the crazed shooter will think twice before attacking with gun violence.

It is not the fault of responsible gun owners for the tragedy of a crazed shooter. It is the responsibility of schools, administrators, and police to protect students and teachers from potential gun violence. It is the responsibility of the shooter for the crimes. It is the responsibility of the schools, administrators and police to put into place protections needed. However, the left, and the media, misdirects blame upon innocent responsible gun owning people. They hype and feed the frenzy of tragedies for political and social warrior purposes. You’ll notice the same anger is neither directed at the shooter, nor those charged with protecting people.

Why we have a Secondment Amendment right: one reason is self protection from crazed shooters. When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes, and sometimes, as in the high school in Parkland, Florida, the cops didn’t enter the school to stop the shooter. Where’s the directed outrage at the police for failing to do their job? Instead the cowardly sheriff blamed the NRA and the gun. Deputies resigned in order to protect their pensions. Now, where’s the outrage? You don’t hear about this because the media fuels the misdirected blame.

What about the 20 year old woman having to make a decision to protect herself over an abusive boyfriend, or a rapist? What about the renter wanting a gun to protect themselves and family in a bad neighborhood? What about the home owner wanting to have a gun to protect their family from either a violent intruder or burglar? Indeed, there are more examples of people defending themselves with guns, than the numbers of mass shootings.  The “Stand Your Ground” law has been used with both success and failures.  Case in point where the law failed to protect the innocent happened in Florida.

Alexander is a black mother who was a licensed gun owner when she shot at her estranged husband in 2010, saying she feared he’d hurt her. The bullet never even grazed the man but she was initially sentenced to up to 20 years in jail 

The innocent are sometimes denied due process because of a misdirected justice. Yet cities with the most restrictive gun laws deny citizens their right to defend themselves. They are usually the most vocal anti-second amendment radicals. The democratic process devolves into mob rule. Peoples rights are taken away because  the leftist idea a “gun free zones” will protect people. That is a dangerous and false premise of security, and  those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Leftist democrats, whom have armed guards surrounding them, reason that the people should not be afforded equal protection. They use the children, and the victim families, to inflame a false narrative that someone else is the blame for the actions of a crazed person. Mental illness, mass murder, follows leftist exploitation. This time, the left is using children to demand people give up their rights. That’s not going to happen.  This is why they misdirect blame at the NRA.  Let’s be honest, most mentally ill mass murderers are leftists, and not the majority of responsible gun owners who are conservatives.  The left insists that putting targets on children will keep them safe. That’s inviting a tragedy.

Consider the misdirected outrage that the leftist media will not report because it’s not politically correct and doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. In Florida a 17-year-old Muslim convert and suspected ISIS supporter Corey Johnson went on a deadly stabbing rampage. During a sleepover, Johnson, who already had federal charges pending against him for threatening a Catholic school in England, allegedly cut his younger friend’s throat and wounded two others, whom he accused of offending his religious beliefs.

Do we now blame the knife? This was barely reported. What about people using hammers to murder, or hands and feet? Do we now blame them? Where’s the outrage?









Bitter Sore Loser

Hillary Clinton called red states “backwards” and mocked Trump voters as poor and racist during a speech in India on the weekend. In a foreign country, bitter Hillary called American white people that supported President Trump: racists, haters, bigots, and xenophobic.

The bitterness and hate Hillary Clinton has towards being rejected by the American people shows just how vengeful she would have been towards Americans. It shows just how unqualified she is to run this country. She lost the election to a TV game show host!

Although President Trump was a TV game show host, he was talking about politics for decades. Hillary’s political history goes all the way back to President Nixon and Watergate.  A long history of unethical and criminal conduct has followed Hillary’s career and accelerated after she married serial rapist Bill Clinton. Members of the democrat party have been involved in criminal activities for years. From Ted Kennedy’s treasonous collusion with the Russians, to Joe Biden’s public pedophilia displays; democrats are self-serving opportunists. Democrats have all but abandoned the American people for criminals and illegal aliens, and the democrats openly admit it.

Listen to Hillary say:  “We do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women,” Clinton said at a conference in Mumbai, India. “And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

She claimed Trump’s message to voters was: “You know, you didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs. You don’t want, you know, to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are.”

During the campaign, Clinton apologized for her “basket of deplorables” remark, where she argued Trump’s supporters were driven “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” beliefs.

This is a sad, bitter, hateful creature. Remember that Hillary claimed that Trump would not abide by the election results, and that would be un-American. It was Hillary’s relationship with rich powerful Hollyweird producers is where they get their funding.

Many of Hillary’s biggest contributors are known sex offenders. Hillary loved Harvey Weinstein. So now she resorts to using ad hominem attacks to blame everyone, but herself for losing the election. Disgusting trash.

So glad this monster lost








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