The Ripple Effect

Aloha ka poʻe āpau (Hello everyone), it is day seven of the “Stay At Home” directive in Hawai’i. The total number of people tested positive for Hawaii Island is 17 with 5 recovered.  The remaining 12 are quarantined at home with Department of Health monitoring. Governor’s Proclamation of “Stay at Home” will remain in effect until April 30. Effective tomorrow, April 1, the Governor will issue a new interisland travel policy which will require a quarantine for 14 days.

Sadly, Governor Ige reports at today’s briefing the first coronavirus death. A 65 year old man with underlining health conditions. The actual cause of death is not known at this time. However, the patient did test positive for the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus.

The President held the longest Task Force news conference yet. Over two hours long. While the outlook looks grim, the President is trying to give Americans hope and assurance his administration is doing everything in its power to defeat the virus. Despite the lefts constant criticism and misinformation, I believe this administration is doing a great job.

Nazi Piglosi is a despicable piece of garbage. Now this evil witch is suggesting another impeachment of the President. This abusive troll that rips off the American people for personal gain is a traitor to the United States. The democrats are fund raising off the virus for votes. They don’t care about the welfare of the American citizens. Selfish rubbish is not even human and should be isolated under the stairway like some crazy aunt. Social distance this clown into a padded cell for life.

Over the next few days, into the months ahead, and over the following years, the effects of this pandemic will ripple through the lives of every human on this planet. I’ve always wondered about the unknown and what adversity will follow in the future, and here it is now. How this global event will effect the lives of people is the great unknown.

The map of Moku O Keawe (Big Island Hawai’i) shows where the outbreaks of the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus locations. The severity of the outbreak is on west Hawai’i island. That’s the most popular tourist spot. In east Hawai’i, where I live the outbreak is here. Is it spreading? I don’t know. Only time will tell when this will peak. The good news is most of those affected have recovered. There has only been one death recorded on the island of O’ahu. So this has gotten serious. O’ahu’s population is much more denser and there are a lot more cases.

I don’t like to be depressing, but these are the facts. The largest effect on these islands will be the tourism industry. The hotels, restaurants, entertainment, tours, and many of these people are the working poor families. The county of Hawai’i has the food bank open and distributing food. The Salvation Army is doing their part, as with others in the neighborhood to help one an another.

I wish there was alternative interisland transportation in place. The Superferry is still a great idea over air travel. But now, the State has implemented that all interisland travel must quarantine for 14 days. Basically, all travel is shutdown. I worry about patients that need to travel interisland for medical care. Many healthcare services require either the doctor or the patient to visit neighboring islands. O’ahu has all the advanced hospital and medical services. This will cause great hardship and be a potential danger for people needing immediate medical care.

The ripple effect works both ways. One small invisible virus can bring the whole world to a halt. One random act of kindness can travel around the world. Sometimes a lifetime.

“An act of kindness can make someone’s day. For him, it lasts a lifetime. This story is about a man who wants to pay tribute to a stranger’s good deed that moved him decades ago.”


Aloha Kekahi a Kekahi

(Love One and Another)

Our weather today was a mix of rain and overcast skies. Temperatures in the upper 60’s with humidity at 95%. It’s a good soup night. We’re under a flash flood advisory. We’re expecting the weather to remain the same throughout the week.

Kēia Ka Lā Kanakolukūmākahi, Malaki

The Gathering

Aloha! Today is day 6 of the stay at home directive. I ventured out today to gather some provisions. Traffic was like any other normal day. The shopping markets were open. Although some stores were low on stock. Especially the grocery stores. However, no one is going for the vegan stuff.

The great mobilization of industry, science, religion, and markets, have been called to be the generals on the frontlines in the fight against the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. The 4 elements of prosperity that drives the economy and our way of life. Perhaps that has been our vulnerability over the years. The comforts of our lives over time has caused us to forget the 5th element of our strengths, defense.

The gathering of the CEO’s during these White House Task Force press conferences are impressive. That hasn’t happened since World War II where private industry mobilized to assist the Wartime President. The left may not agree with President Trump being a Wartime President, but there’s no denying the reality of this serious time in our history.

The worse part is the warnings were there, but no one heeded the warnings. Congress knew of the reports of shortages and lack of preparations for another pandemic. The fake news media also has shamed anyone blaming China for the virus. In particular, the New York Slimes that hates America so much that they are blaming the Chinese virus on Christians. They claim that Christians don’t believe in science. It’s very much like how the Communist Chinese persecute Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs.

Watch My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell speaking at the White House, today, Monday, explaining to the American people what his company was doing to help during the coronavirus crisis. Lindell also had some words of spiritual advice for the country. Afterwards, the fake news media mocked Lindell for his religious convictions.

As the exposure of religious hatred becomes more apparent, there is a fight to sway the public into believing the propaganda that the communists are spreading. They want you to believe that Communist China is not responsible for the virus. The fake news media is all in on spreading this propaganda. They want you to believe that people of faith don’t believe in science.

Religious charities, Salvation Army and Samaritans Purse, are leading the way to provide the healthcare needs to anyone. They don’t care if you’re religious or not. They are there to save lives. For that, they are mocked, spat upon, and demonized as anti-science bigots.

Nazi Piglosi, that shrew that pretends to be a practicing Catholic, lies about being “prayerful”. She wants more taxpayer funding for Planned Butcherhood to murder children. She says it’s women’s healthcare. Here we have a war against a deadly virus, and she wants to kill babies. Remember the CARES Bill that was passed? Piglosi wanted millions of dollars for the ritzy Kennedy Center. A arts and entertainment center for the rich and famous.

So much misinformation by the fake news media. They are so “prey-full” that America is hurt badly by this virus, they are willing to depress their viewers. Take Rachael Madkow and her predictions about the Naval Hospital Ship, Comfort, arriving in New York.

Abracadabra Bitch

The forces of good are gathering to fight this war. Regardless of the lefts hatred of America. We have real heroes fighting for America. Never count out the ingenuity of the United States Military to get the job done.


Our weather today was a mix of rain and sunshine. Mostly rain and cloud cover. Temperatures in the low 70’s with humidity at 93%.


Kēia Ka Lā Kanakolu, Malaki


The Sun Never Sleeps



Aloha Lāpule. It’s day 5 of the stay at home directive. It’s Sunday and it’s raining. It always rains during the time leading up to Merrie Monarch and Easter. It’s actually the coldest time of the year because of the rain and the Pacific breezes. Welcome to the food edition of my blog.

Sunday is actually a day of rest, but it feels like I’ve been resting for the last 5 days. There’s only so many times you can clean the house, sort through the recyclables, and watch 190 channels of nonsense on the television. I’ve been trying out different recipes. It’s always fun to play with food. The problem is that I’m gaining weight from eating too much.

French Toast With Blueberries

I know Hawai’i is doing its part in trying to flatten the coronavirus curve transmission. We’ve been very lucky that the numbers of infections has been low. I believe the State of Hawai’i is doing what’s best to prevent the spread of the virus. We have coronavirus testing stations set up in Hilo and in Kona.


Very clever and funny PSA video. I was watching the daily Corona Virus Updates on TV. These updates are very informative. I like that the President has surrounded himself with industry leaders that are able to provide concise answers to what people want to know.

Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta

The impact of the Stay At Home directive has Hawai’i tourism grinded to a halt. People arriving into Hawai’i, or traveling interisland, must quarantine themselves for 2 weeks. All hotels, bars, restaurants, and most stores are closed. Except for grocery, hardware, and essential government services, Hawai’i is shutdown.

Mahimahi over Brown Rice and Saute’ Vegetables

There are warnings of scamers in Hawai’i that are claiming to be from Hawaiian Electric threatening to disconnect people’s electric service if they don’t pay up. Hawaiian Electric is saying these are scams and to ignore them. The other day, Hawaiian Electric warned about rolling blackouts. I questioned if we are expecting rolling blackouts, and the electric company said they wanted to prevent rumors. Backwards logic if you ask me. Why warn people unless there’s a problem.



Good Eats Edition

Temperatures in the upper 60’s with humidity at 95%. We have lots of rain and some thunderstorms. So glad I don’t have to out anywhere. I’m listening to my scanner for East Hawaii Emergency and Police channels. Lot of good people out there taking care of us. Stay safe out there.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāiwa, Malaki



China Coronavirus Stats

Welcome to day 4 of the Stay At Home State Directive. Hawai’i Department of Health reports 29 new cases of the Chinese Wuhan virus bringing the State’s total to 151. No deaths are reported. No community transmissions. No hot spots.

An interesting statistic is emerging from all the coronavirus reports. We get reports on the total number of cases, the total number of deaths, but not the total number of recoveries. Check out this screen shot I took of the John Hopkins University CSSE data gathering.

Total worldwide confirmed 660,706. Total deaths 30,652. Total recovery 139,415. The number of recoveries far exceeds the number of deaths. If this is a trend, then the scope and urgency of the this emergency just may be over exaggerated. Not that an abundance of caution is not warranted, it is. However, there seems to be a fear motive to heighten the anxiety level.

Oh yes, there is Jackassery Afoot. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been sending out misinformation regarding the coronavirus. It started when the WHO said the virus by airborne transmission. Then they had to correct themselves. It’s not the first time the WHO has been wrong about world health issues. They have repetitively published incorrect, erroneous, and even harmful information.

Then there was this strange news conference with the WHO’s Bruce Aylward. The World Health Organization’s assistant director-general Bruce Aylward abruptly ended a video call with an RTHK journalist after she asked him about Taiwan’s status.

At first, the epidemiologist appeared to pretend not to hear producer Yvonne Tong’s question about whether the UN body would reconsider Taiwan’s membership. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your question, Yvonne… let’s move to another one then,” he said.

When Tong called him back to ask again about Taiwan and its coronavirus measures, Aylward said: “Well, we’ve already talked about China.”

Taiwan is excluded from the WHO due to Communist China’s, “One China” rule. Like Hong Kong, Taiwan is an independent sovereign nation.

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus won his post after China backed him in the May 2017 election. Since then, the WHO has been very Pro-China. Tedros’s close relationship with China isn’t new. He worked closely with China during his time as Ethiopia’s health minister, and China backed Tedros’s 2017 bid for WHO director-general, media outlets noted at the time.

The WHO echoed China’s false talking points about the potential for human-to-human infection during the early stages of the outbreak. “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China,” the WHO tweeted on Jan. 14.

In Europe, the large coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy can be linked to transmission from Wuhan China. This region of Italy has a large high-end garment design companies. Many of the workers are Chinese. During the lunar new year in January, 2020, many Chinese traveled home to Wuhan to celebrate. They were infected in China and returned back to Italy where the coronavirus spread. When the United States warned about the virus, many Europeans scoffed at the warnings to avoid person to person contact, and the virus spread faster.

The Communist China regime knew of the virus spreading, but decided not release the information. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, millions of Chinese people migrated to the Wuhan province. When they returned to their jobs and homes, they took the virus back with them. Not just to Italy, but worldwide. That’s how the Communist China Virus spread. Worse part, Communist China knew all along.

In the United States, the hotspots are in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Then there’s Washington, Kalifornia, and Michigan State. All run by by democrats that run to the federal government for handouts. They become the squeaky wheel that runs to the media to whine, complain and blame someone else for their own poor decisions. Take New York City’s health commissioner, for example:

These are the people that blame President Trump when they make mistakes that cost people their lives. Classic transference of self guilt. The governor of New York, Fredo’s brother, really Dodo Cuomo, sits on a Warehouse full of hospital ventilators and whines to the fake news media that he doesn’t have enough ventilators.

The fake news media are scumbags. Here’s a good example of journalism malfeasance.

It’s crap like this that makes me angry. This is gotcha baiting. The media is so irresponsible, vile and despicable.


Our weather today is nice. We have sun and clouds. Temperatures in the low 70’s with humidity at 90%. The weather people tell me that thunderstorms are expected over the weekend.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāwalu, Malaki

A Dangerous Precedent


Kūlana Kumu Alakaʻi

Happy Aloha Friday. It’s Day 3 of the Stay At Home directive, and I’m still alive.

A dangerous Precedent happened today with Congress passing of the COVID-19 AID BILL, or CARES Act. Congress Approves Economic Relief Plan for Individuals and Businesses. There was no roll call on the vote. The vote was by voice only. Who could shout the loudest I suppose.

On Friday afternoon, March 3rd, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed the House of Representatives by a voice vote. They, Congress, passed a Two Trillion Dollar Bill by voice only. There was no roll call to see who voted Yea or Nay. Could we expect voting for such high ticket bill like this in the future? Yes, we can expect to see this more often. A dangerous precedent has been set that will forever affect how government is conducted in the future. This is not what the founders envisioned.

“We’re so pleased to be able to have passed on the floor—practically unanimously—this important bill, CARES. And we want to demonstrate that we do care for the American people in every way,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Ca.) said after the bill was passed by voice vote.

Pelosi’s plan to pass the massive aid package by a voice vote looked to be in jeopardy after Rep. Thomas Massie (R., Ky.) said he would vote against the measure and force a roll-call vote. A single member of the House can block a voice vote if they object that a majority of the body isn’t present. Republicans and Democrats managed to gather the numbers needed for a majority, then passed the bill by voice vote.

This bill had better work. I am concerned by provisions in the CARES ACT that are not related to providing assistance to the country. There is a very long list of non-related to recovery funding that includes arts programs, universities and other institutions. Why taxpayer monies are going to the Kennedy Center, universities and other non-related groups is a mystery to me. This was part of the pork that Nazi Piglosi loaded up into the bill. Although much of the garbage that Nazi Piglosi tried to sneak into the bill was stripped out, this we’re told was a compromise to get democrats for vote for the bill.

House Majority Whip James (Racist) Clyburn, D-S.C., reportedly told members of the House Democratic caucus last week that the coronavirus crisis represented “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our (socialist) vision.” Their vision is social engineering the country into a socialist country. What was in Piglosi’s version of the coronavirus bill?

Piglosi’s coronavirus proposal included repealing Trump’s executive orders on unionization, forgiving $10,000 of student debt, implementing mandatory early voting, mandated that states allow voting by mail, and same-day voter registration (voter fraud), and requiring that any company receiving federal relief raise their minimum wage to $15 per hour. Fast tracking small bushiness into bankruptcy.

Mandated “diversity” on corporate boards and in banks. Forcing unqualified people on corporate boards. Think Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma.  Required airlines to disclose and reduce emissions. Replacing airplane engines with solar panels, windmills, and rubber bands. Increased union bargaining power by eliminating Right to Work laws. Abortion, Nazi Piglosi wants the government to use taxpayers monies to murder children during the time we’re trying to save lives from a deadly virus. Ghoulish Evil.

What I object to is the size of the bill with money going to areas that will not help the economy. Why send money to arts and entertainment? Are we not supposed to be avoiding gathering in large groups? This seems to be counter intuitive to the needs of the economy.


President Trump isn’t messing around. When General Motors started balking at producing ventilators, Trump ordered GM under the defense production act to produce ventilators. I believe GM is the first company being ordered under the defense production act to produce. Every other company has stepped up to help. 3M, Johnson&Johnson, Cepheid, Apple, and Hanes underwear of all companies. So many much more are helping with this war on the Chinese Virus. GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, is not the right person for this company. For years GM has been mismanaged. GM is one of the reasons why I will never buy a General Motors vehicle ever again.

The media continues with its propaganda of fake news. Even during the President’s daily news conference to update the progress of the war on coronavirus, the fake news media continues with gotcha accusations questions. I was astonished by the lousy fake news channels deciding not to broadcast the President’s updates. The fake news media says the President is using the conferences to up his poll numbers. Disgusting trolling media.

Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist with a great analysis on the fake news media’s coverage of Trump’s news conferences.

Not all media is anti-American and anti-Trump, there are outlets popping up that are doing the job of reporting. These are the true journalists that respect the art of objective reporting. John Solomon, formerly of The Hill, started a new news website called “Just The News“. John just posted a timeline and list of government responses to coronavirus. An informative list of actions the federal government has taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Epoch Times, OAN, Newsmax, and many more news startups that are legitimate objective news. The broadcast dinosaur alphabet news outlets are just propaganda mouthpieces.

I don’t understand the governor of New York and the Mayor of NYC. They complain and whine that the Federal government isn’t doing enough to help. Apparently, these leftist mayors, governors, misrepresentatives, senators, all forget how our Constitution works regarding enumerated powers between the States and Federal Gov. The President governs the Nation. That’s why States have their own little thiefdom’s to govern. Apparently, they can’t do their jobs unless Trump is holding their hands. Putz’s.


Our weather today is mostly rain. It’s Lent and it’s typical end of winter weather. For me, it’s gets me out of the honeydew list of yard work. Temperatures are in the upper 60’s with humidity at 94%.

DishTV is allowing paid cable show on its network for FREE!!! YIPPIE! Movies to watch! Breakout the Popcorn!


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhiku, Malaki


Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Day

Today, March 26, 2020, is Prince Kūhiō day. He was the last Prince of Hawai’i, Kūhiō was the first prince in U.S. Congress. He served as a Republican for 19 years, until his death in 1922. During his time, he introduced the first bill for Hawai‘i statehood (1919) and the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act (1920). He also restored the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, established the first Hawaiian civic club, and got funds to construct Pearl Harbor and create Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park.

Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaole Piikoi was born on March 26, 1871, in the village of Kukuiula in the Koloa District of the island of Kauai. Kuhio was the youngest of three sons of High Chief David Kahalepouli Piikoi and Princess Victoria Kinoiki Kekaulike, both members of the fast-disappearing Hawaiian royal caste.

Exhaustive campaigning and the rigors of constant long- distance travel between Hawaii and Washington finally caught up with the prince. He fell ill in the fall of 1921 and ignored his doctors’ prescriptions for bedrest. Kuhio died of a heart attack in Honolulu on January 7, 1922. He was accorded a state funeral in Hawaii with full military honors.


Day 2 of Stay at Home directive. I went shopping. Picked up enough food to last the weekend and then some. Today’s temperatures were in the low 70’s with moderate rainfall for the most part of the day and evening. Humidity at 96% with chilly tradewind breeze. I’ll probably leave the house to pick up the mail on Saturday. There’s plenty of people on the roads and at the stores. There’s been no sign of community transmission.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāono, Malaki


Day 1 Of Stay At Home

Day one of Hawai’i’s State 14 day order to Stay at Home. You can still go out, but only for essential needs: food, hardware, doctor, and repairs. Unlike other places in the world, this is not a Lock-Down. The Hawai’i State government just wants to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Official Proclamation: Effective today, March 25, 2020 the Governor’s State Proclamation of “Stay at home” policy takes effect.  State and County government employees will be notified of their status by their supervisors.  The private sector permitted to remain open has been identified by the Governor’s proclamation.

We learned that the only death of the coronavirus was incorrect. In an embarrassing blunder, the state Department of Health acknowledged Tuesday that test results which led to Hawaii announcing its first coronavirus-related death had been misread ― and the individual did not die of the illness. So, Hawai’i has ZERO deaths due to the Wuhan Virus.

The Department of Health confirmed 14 new cases of coronavirus today; 10 new cases on Oahu, 3 non-Hawaii residents, and one that is currently unknown. This brings the statewide total to 90 as of noon, March 24th. There was a discrepancy in the DOH data from yesterday which reported 77 cases instead of 76. There are no signs of community transmission of the virus.

UPDATE: Hawai’i Health Dept. reports 6 new cases of coronavirus making the total state count at 95.

Some bizarre things going on elsewhere around the country. In New York, the Big Rotten Apple, the brilliance of the local government to release prisoners from Rikers Island. I question the wisdom of this move. It makes me think about the movie, “12 Monkeys”, where the city released the animals from the zoo. New York City plans to release about 300 nonviolent inmates from Rikers Island, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday, after the city’s first prisoner tested positive for the coronavirus last week. The spread of the virus is directly related to New York state’s sanctuary city policy. Same with Kalifornia. These two states are the hot-spots in the country.

Nevada’s Socialist Governor, Steve Sisolak, a democrat, has taken a page from Nazi Piglosi’s playbook to screw over his constituents by banning the use of antimalarial drugs for suffers of the Chinese Virus. The order makes no sense because other democrat governors hae ordered trials of the malaria drugs that have shown promise in combating the virus. While it is true the drug is not approved by the FDA for treatment of the coronavirus, there is anecdotal evidence that the drug is promising to relieve the effects of the virus.

Forbidding clinical trial is due to either a over-reaction to some poor fool that swallowed fish tank cleaner, or, and the most likely reason, the governor’s hatred for President Trump. To deny the drug to patients already suffering from the coronairus is a gross violation of human rights, and an infringement of the doctor-patient relationship. It’s partisan politics at the expense of the people. This is why elections have consequences.


Congress, that chamber of baboons, is struggling to pass a economic relief package. After Nazi Piglosi blew up the bill by adding leftist goodies that would damage the economy. Things like Ballot Harvesting in all 50 States, Union control and diversity (???) on corporate boards. Environment restrictions for airlines, all sorts of non-related socialist stuff that the democrats always want the American people to pay for.


Right now, the economic recovery bill is still sitting in Congress and the text of the bill still hasn’t been released. We’re told there is language in the bill that still has to be worked out. After the sabotage by Nazi Piglosi, the bill is being delayed further, and we don’t know just what leftist landmines are going to be hidden in the bill. For example, Pelosi’s massive pay raises for Congress, student load forgiveness, and eliminating Right to Work protections from forced unionization. Democrats have made it clear that they would rather score political points than help suffering Americans. The dims believe if they can hurt the economy enough, it will spoil President Trump’s reelection chances.

The President continues with his daily Coronavirus Task Force briefing. As usual, the fake news media asks accusatory questions as usual, and the President slaps them down by calling them fake news. These pretend to be journalists are not reporters, they are propagandists with “gotcha questions” looking to make the President foolish. It’s bias reporting.

Four Republican senators have warned they will appose the $2 Trillion economic recovery bill unless the language is changed regarding unemployment insurance to incentivize people to NOT go back to work. We cannot have people living on unemployment extensions like the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama did back in 2009. This is why the recovery bill is taking so long. The dims are loading the bill spending crap that will increase the debt and not help the economic recovery.

Some GOP senators have said they have combed through the garbage that Nazi Piglosi dumped into the recovery bill. However, we’re hearing crap like Ballot Harvesting is still in the bill. Ballot Harvesting is just another term voter fraud. I’m waiting to read the finished version of the bill before it goes to debate in the senate and voted for the President’s signature. If there’s any of Piglosi’s pork in the bill, then it needs to be removed. What Nazi Piglosi did was keep relief from getting to the American people and businesses. Remember this in November.


I’m at home today watching TV and listening to conservative talk radio. The day before the stay at home order the stores were a madhouse. I had already picked up everything I needed for the next two weeks and then some. I made a batch of Pipi Stew (Beef Stew) last night that will last for dinner tonight. It’s a good thing also because our weather is huʻihuʻi (chilly) with tradewind rains. The humidity is 93%.

A ripper has been parked in the lot down the street. Looks like they’re getting ready to bulldoze the lot. I knew this subdivision would grow over the years. Many of the lots were empty and owned by speculators hoping to get a huge return on their investment. Over the years, the lots have started to build homes. We’re trying to keep the subdivision zoned as agriculture as many of the lot owners are small business farmers. The area is still rural and that makes it an idyllic place to live.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālima, Malaki


The Cure Worse Than The Virus


CBS News Headline — Arizona man dies, wife ill after taking drug touted as virus treatment: “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure”

One of the most irresponsible and fake news reporting I’ve ever seen. First, the Arizona couple took chloroquine phosphate, which is used to clean fish tanks. It is poisonous and it says so on the container. Second, hydroxychloroquine is used for treating malaria. These are two separate drugs. They are even spelled differently.

President Trump never said hydroxychloroquine was a cure. The President said the drug looks “promising.” That didn’t stop CBS News from trying to blame this incident on President Trump. The same with CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, ABC, NBC, all of the established Fake News Media. They all lied and tried to blame the President for someone that tried to self medicate.


This story by CBS is still up, the tweets are still up. There’s been no retraction, no apology, and correction to this obvious attempt to smear the President. Why is it that the media, which has first amendment protections, must lie to sell eyeballs? They are the enemy of the people.



The list of MSM lies about President Trump and the Wuhan Chinese Virus:

      1. Trump never said the virus was a hoax
      2. Trump never told governors to find their own ventilators
      3. Trump never claimed a monopoly on a coronavirus vaccine
      4. Trump never said anything about a National Curfew
      5. Trump never said Google was launching a nationwide website
      6. Trump never shutdown the CDC Pandemic Response office
      7. Trump never tried to muzzle Dr. Fauci
      8. Trump never caused a delay in virus testing

Yet, the Fake News Media continues to repeat these lies. So is the Governor of New York, Fredo’s Brother, Cuomo. The governor said all lives are valuable. This from the same governor that signed into law legalizing abortions up to the moment of birth. Meanwhile, Cuomo sits on his perch squawking about slow government response. He’s the governor of New York and needs the federal government to wipe his ass.

Unsocial Media, Twitter is partnering with the Communist Chinese dictatorship. Twitter is censoring facts from coronavirus posts, and not touching the propaganda tweets from China. So realtime accurate information is being censored. Of course there is false information on Twitter, but reliable sources are being censored. That should frighten everyone, because Google and other tech giants are working with regimes that silence the free flow of information.

Did you see all the pork that Piglosi had in her “Families First Relief Bill”? Money for the Kennedy Center, elimination of the U.S. Postal Service’s debt to the treasury, environmental regulations on airline emissions, and much more. The scariest part, provisions for a federal takeover of elections. Same day voting. Senator Tom Cotton explains what’s in Piglosi’s Pork Bill.

Easter is the timeline that the President wants to see the end of the quarantine period. It’s a date set in wet cement and if all department work together, this could be a reality. We can hope this will be sooner, rather than later.

Congress should remove both Nazi Piglosi and Shmucky Schumer from the negotiation process, and restart the original bill that was very close to being passed. This congressional malfeasance has gone on for too long. Remember them in November.


Our weather today was spectacular, and cold. It was 57 degrees at 6:30AM HST this morning. I’m not used to this cold. If it’s this cold at my elevation, I can only imagine what the temps were in Volcano and Kamuela.



It warmed up to the mid 70’s after sunrise. By evening the temperatures have dropped into the 60’s. Humidity dropped 63%. Today was dry with brilliant sunshine. This evening is calling for overnight showers.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhā, Malaki

Flatten The Curve, Not The Economy

Now we know why Nazi Piglosi and Schmucky Schumer blew up the Family First Bill. They wanted to load it up with stuff non-related to economic relief. Piglosi wanted to write her own bill and now we know what will be in it. In order to move forward with any kind of relief package, Nazi Piglosi and her far-left Democrat caucus will demand the following main points to be included:

1) Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions

2) Increased fuel emissions standards for airlines

3) Expansion of wind and solar tax credits

But wait! There’s more! Leftist goodies stuffed in the bill that has nothing to do with the “Family First Bill.”  Plus, here’s a list of what’s not funded in Piglosi’s bill: Small Business Loan Program, Hospitals, vaccines, Veterans Healthcare, Education, and FEMA.

Instead, Nazi Piglosi wants emission controls for airplanes, more solar and windmills, more Union controls over collective bargaining. Nothing for putting businesses and people back to work. This is so transparently evil by the democrats. The democrats are calling the original bill a slush fund for corporations. They all ready have a boogieman setup to blame the President.

Last night, the New York Slimes changed their headlines several times. How many times did the New York Slimes change this headline until Nazi Piglosi and the DNC editorial board approved it?







Nazi Piglosi’s version of the “Family First Bill” that’s supposed to help the American people eliminates these provisions – Provide Payroll & Rent for Small Business – Credit to Businesses across America to keep them afloat – Cash in American’s pockets – Unemployment benefits.

Piglosi’s version inserts these proisions:  Diversity on corporate boards – Early voting and same-day registration –  New limits on greenhouse gases – Minority credit unions and banks – Retirement packages for community newspapers.

Among the Dims’ demands: new collective-bargaining powers for unions, a lifeline for the Postal Service and a host of climate-change rules,  but never mind the rapidly approaching freight train headed straight for the US economy. What the democrats are doing is holding up the relief bill over irrelevant demands.

Yeah, workers really didn’t need this relief. Schmucky Schumer says the bill gives corporations too many breaks. Schumer calls it a slush fund.  Chucky forgets that corporations are people and they are families. Corporations provides jobs. Why the fascist democrats hate corporations is obvious, they want people dependent on government. That is Communism.

Dims went from saving the economy to stuffing the green new deal in the “Family First Bill”. Instead of flatting the virus curve, they are flattening the economic curve. They want taxpayers to pay for the Green New Deal. Stuff that has nothing to do with providing economic relief for the country. The facts are that the democrats don’t care about the American people.

I hope the American people remember this pettiness by the democrats. They don’t want to the President to succeed, and if it takes hurting the American people, then by any means necessary.



Our weather today was mostly rainy. It is the time before Easter that is defined as our wet season. It would also be when Merrie Monarch Festival happens, but the worlds largest Hula competition has been canceled for this year.

The temperatures have been in the low 70’s with humidity at 92%. Tradewinds are back which makes the surface air feel much cooler, feels like in the low 60’s.

Governor Ige has declared a State Shutdown starting March 25th, 2020. The shutdown will last till April 30th. I’m not happy about that. Even though essential government will be open, along with grocery stores, repair shops, hospitals, and the Post Office. Being closed down for this long will severely damage small businesses throughout the islands. Some, I fear, will never come back.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmākolu, Malaki


Social Sunday

Not A Square To Spare

When hoarding becomes a problem, there’s always innovation. It’s not like we live in grass huts anymore. On my island of Hawai’i, I’m not sensing any panic or high anxiety. Although hoarding has been a problem with paper and cleansing products, food and other items are not scarce. Products are arriving daily and being restocked. Panic level – 0

On State of Hawaii Updates:

  • Yesterday By order of the Governor of Hawaii, starting March 26th, all passengers on inbound international and Continental U.S. flights including private aircraft will be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival.
  • There are no cruise ships scheduled for Hawaii State for the next 2 weeks and policies on this will be addressed later.
  • Mandatory quarantine protects the population from persons that may have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus and will be required by law to be isolated and monitored.

The following is an update on MY Hawaii County:

  • Three individuals on Hawaii Island are in quarantine and being monitored by the Department of Health after testing positive for coronavirus.  All 3 are travel related.
  • To minimize the potential of exposure at County and State Beach Parks all beaches are Closed.
  • County personnel are working 7 days a week to keep you safe, crews have been out sanitizing public areas to lower the risk of coronavirus.

Waiākea Pond in Hilo, with Waiākea Villas in the background. The pond empties into the Wailoa river, which in turn empties into Hilo Bay. It’s a pleasant place to relax and spend the day. Take a hike across the jumping bridge and around the park. It’s very clean and well managed by by the city. I feel funny calling Hilo a city. It doesn’t feel like a city. Hilo is more like a town. It’s really laid back here.

The local people and businesses have a great sense of humor. It’s all in good fun and for a good cause. I can only picture some people being offended elsewhere, but this is the land of smiles, long hair, and tattoos.

The roads are empty, like most of the stores. It’s surreal. The only time you see something like this is on Christmas day. It’s been like this since Friday. Monday starts the workweek and the schools are still closed. This means a working parent will have to take time off work, if they haven’t been laid off already. I can only imagine what the other islands are going through.




Our weather for today, overcast and rainy. Temperatures in the low 70’s with humidity at 87%. It feels chilly.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālua, Malaki


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