Tale Of Two Flags

Over the weekend I was watching the events unfolding in Hong Kong and in Portland Oregon. I was deeply impressed by the people in Hong Kong would wave the flag of the United States of America, and dismayed by the antifa fascist waving the Communist China flag. In Hong Kong the protesters were peaceful. In Portland the socialist fascists were violent. Chinese police are threatening to use violence against the Hong Kong demonstrators. In Portland the police were ordered to stand down and not engage the violent extremists.

Hong Kong protesters open a path for an ambulance to pass. The protesters apologize to local businesses for blocking the streets. The protesters realize the impact to businesses and explain they are fighting for their freedoms. Over a million protesters filled Victoria Park.

In Portland the antifa fascists block traffic and threaten elderly people. The antifa fascists damage vehicles, spray people with bear spray, a painful noxious weapon, chase people down and beat them, attack people using bicycle lock, crowbars, bats, and other weapons. Police do nothing to stop the violence. The leader of Portland antifa, mayor Ted Wheeler, also the police commissioner, called the violence, “peaceful.”

I’ve been to both Hong Kong and Portland many times over a 25 year period. I’ve seen Hong Kong grow to a prosperous, culturally diverse country. The people are friendly and many speak English fluently. Education is very import to Hongkongers, a name they proudly call themselves. They are fiercely independent and yet welcoming.

Portland has been a different story. The decline in the Rose City is astonishing. In the 1990’s Portland saw a resurgence in the  city. Old boarded factory building in the north west part of the city were being renovated in to high end shops and restaurants. The city was clean and welcoming. Festivals along the Willamette river, the microbreweries and wineries were some of the best in the world. A booming high tech economy was promising opportunity and growth. That has all changed. A growing homeless problem, drugs, and rising crime rates. Mob rules on the street.

With a sense of irony I’m watching a growing fascist socialist movement in the United States. While in South East Asia there’s a growing call for independence, individual rights and freedoms. I could only imagine what a Hongkonger would think about these events in the United States where spoiled upper middle class youth and the democrat party embracing communism.




Fighting For Freedom

A extraordinary remarkable event in Hong Kong where protesters against mainland China waved American flags and sang the United States National Anthem. The protests formed when legislation was proposed to send people accused of crimes to be extradited to mainland China where there is no extradition treaty.

The people of Hong Kong are seeing their freedoms slipping away. They see the freedoms the people of the United States have and they want the same freedoms for themselves. They don’t want to leave Hong Kong, their families, their culture, and everything that makes Hong Kong so unique. I’ve been to Hong Kong, it’s more than just a city. It is an independent country made up of islands that does border China at Shenzhen.

The communist stacked legislature proposed the law for victim justice. Apparently, a man killed his girlfriend in Taiwan and then fled to Hong Kong. As we all know well, China has no due process when handling criminals. This prompted the Hong Kong demonstrations.

China is due to take full control of Hong Kong on July 1, 2047. Currently Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous nation ever since the 1997 transfer of power from Britain to China. Ever since then China has been chipping away at the 2047 deadline. As the deadline gets closer it is causing great anxiety with the people of Hong Kong.

I don’t blame the protesters since China has been cracking down on religious practices: Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Uyghurs are being replaced with atheism. Symbols, churches and Chinese folk religions are being removed and people are being sent to reeducation camps. With this kind of authoritarianism the people of Hong Kong are seeing the end of their Chinese culture.

A 1974 Christian hymn “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord,” has become the Hong Kong protest anthem.

The full article about this hymn and the reason why it is permitted in Hong Kong can be found here <–

In America we have leftist communist moron athletes that take a knee during our National Anthem. They take their freedoms for granted. We see Hollyweird idiots that praise communist leaders like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. They have their right to express themselves, and I have my right to call them idiots.

I worry that China is planning another Tienanmen Square attack on democracy. Let’s hope it doesn’t comedown to this.





We Believe Truth Over Facts

Are you tired of being called a racist because of your political views? I know I am. The intolerant democrats are now on a racist rampage against President Trump and his supporters. That means me. I don’t like being called a racist, by those who are racists themselves.

You can’t go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Doughnuts without a slight Indian accent, said Joe Biden, and that’s not the first time Biden has made racist remarks. Biden’s latest gaff was at a campaign where he was calling Trump and his supporters racists. Quote: “We Believe Truth Over Facts”. Seriously Joe?

A bitter Joe Scarborough calls Trump donors “White Supremacists”. Take note that Scarborough loved Trump before he became President. He would suckup to Trump hoping he’d get a position in Trump’s administration. When Scarborough didn’t get a position, he turned bitter and angry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of these intolerant people calling Americans racists. I’m tired of this. I need a mental break. So here’s a nice little jazz ditty to make me feel better.




Legislating Evil


Men do not differ much about what things they will call evils;

They differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable.

I didn’t catch the author who quoted that statement, but it seems appropriate given the hysteria by the media. There is talk about passing “Red Flag Laws” and this will be chilling for all Americans. It will give some judge the power to arrest and detain you for a crime that hasn’t been committed. It’s the first step to totalitarian rule. You’ll be denied your Constitutional rights because someone deemed you a potential threat. Can you imagine how politicized that could get? If a judge doesn’t like your political views, you can be detained and labeled a terror threat.

We have a two tiered justice system in this country. It’s been building for years by the left that wants total power in government. The exposure of this unjust system has become more evident over the last three years. The illegal coup attempt to unseat a duly elected President. The planting of false evidence to frame the President. Witnesses with false testimony. Prosecutors that hide exculpatory evidence of innocence to make a conviction.

In the case of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, both the men could have met the reasonable definition of a red flag. However, it’s not a crime to say things that people disagree with. Although, it is a crime to threaten people. The people in government and others with fame and fortune often have protective services around them. It is a crime to threaten the President. Yet, these actions are excused as just blowing off steam. For anyone else that would be true, but for others, it is excusable. That’s the two tiered system of justice.

For example, a group of people went to the home of Senator leader Mitch McConnell shouting death threats. No action has taken against them. Joaquin Castro is an American Democratic politician who has served in the United States House of Representatives for Texas’s 20th congressional district since 2013. He tweeted a graphic titled “Who’s funding Trump?” and listed the names of 44 people who purportedly contributed the maximum amount allowed by campaign finance laws. Their occupations, which, like donor names, are public record, were also listed. Close to a dozen of the donors shown are retirees. What Castro is attempting to do is incite crazies to go to the homes of these people and harass them. Castro wasn’t castigated for attempting to cause a riot. This is Doxxing people.

Too often the left uses this intimidation tactic to silence those that do not follow their political ideology. Another group of crazies are the Antifa. These are modern day mobs of terrorists that roam the streets beating people, destroying private property, and committing criminal acts. What’s worse is they are doing so with the approval of city mayors and governors. They use social media to coordinate attacks against people. The same social media that will ban conservatives from speaking out against this fascism. Social media excuses these terrorists. The constitution guarantees the right to assembly and protest, but there is no right to riot.

In Chicago, over the weekend, 47 people were shot and killed. In Baltimore, the number of people killed in shootings has passed 200. The media doesn’t report it. It’s the same in other cities that are run by democrats. The murder rate is higher than the murder rate caused by mentally deranged killers. Then there’s the inevitable calls for gun control. More calls to chip away at our constitutional rights. The majority of Americans that own guns are responsible gun owners, but the fake news media and democrat politicians will lump them all together as potential mass shooters. This again is making an accusation of a crime when a crime has not been committed.

The worse crime is making a false accusation against someone and it seems it’s now a sport by the left to see just how outrageous they manufacture a false narrative. The prominent media figures and democrats have spent days accusing President Trump and his supporters of mass murder. Here’s an example of how deranged these accusations can get: See the video below:

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi breaks down the rhetoric coming from the president in the wake of two mass shootings and explains why it’s cause for a lot of concern. Ever wonder why Mr. Figliuzzi is no longer with the FBI? Was Mr. Figlizzi even with the FBI. There doesn’t appear to be any record of him in the agency.

This is the most irresponsible, sick, insane reasoning I have ever heard. Who gives a platform for this fantasy of conspiracies, why MSNBC’s, Brian Williams, the defunct fake news journalist that embellishes his fantasies with, “I Was There”. You know some nutcase is going to pickup on this false accusation and take action that could get more people killed. This is slander. This is libelous and criminal.

It’s the pattern of the left to produce false testimony, false witnesses, and criminal accusations. Normal American people don’t think like this nutcase. No one could fathom such a conspiracy without being some mentally deranged nutcase. This is how bad this has become.

You Cannot Legislate Evil


In Hawai’i news, Mayor Kim tweeted a post of a poll conducted by a local news agency, Civil Beat, the poll said 2/3’s of registered voters approve of the Thirty Meter Telescope. The problem I have with Civil Beat polling is how the sampling was done. Polling is proving to not to be a true representation of the public’s opinion. I believe putting it on the ballot and have everyone vote either yea or nay is the right way to solve the issue.

Since the passing of tropical storm Flossie its been extremely humid. Flossie dragged humid air up from the south of Hawai’i island. So 80 degrees felt like 90 degrees since Monday. Very uncomfortable conditions. Today is starting to return to normal humidity levels. Thank goodness for that.




The Dogpile

The democrat dogpile is getting more shrill and desperate as each of the candidates attempt to sell the American voters on their socialist policies. Some might call is socialist light, but it’s still socialism. At least half of all the democrat candidates are full blown socialists.

The recent horrific events in El Paso and Dayton has started the democrat blame game. With the assistance of the fake news media, the accusations of racism has both the democrats and the lame-stream media wallowing like pigs in the mud. It’s pretty sad when both the media and a political party cannibalize themselves for attention.

Instead of calling for unity, the democrats are ramping up accusations of racism. Their main target is President Trump. It’s the democrats modus operandi to divide people into groups. Just as the media and democrats accused the President of saying White Nationalist and the KKK were good people. Even though there is video of President Trump condemned both groups on multiple occasions, the media still lies about what the President said. If that is not pathetic enough, the democrat dogpile runs with that same narrative.


This is the front page of tomorrow’s New York Slimes headline above the fold. The democrats and fake news media are not going to be happy about this. Don’t think the American people are blind to the events taking place in the media. The American people are thinking what Trump is saying. The media sensationalizes tragic events like this and ignores mass shootings elsewhere.


Well that’s didn’t take long. The leftists screamed and howled at the NY Slimes that they gave in and changed the headline. Cowards!


Inner Harbor

Over the weekend, President Trump posted on Twitter that called for Rep. Elijah Eugene Cummings to clean up his own district. Rep. Cummings had falsely accused the Trump administration of forcing illegal alien children to sit in cages in their own excrement. It was a false accusation against President Trump’s administration’s effort to try and get control over the volume of illegals crossing the border. This vulgarity by democrats is typical hostility towards law enforcement, the President, and the American citizens.

The former mayor of Baltimore complained about the smell of rats in her city.

This is Rep. Cummings district. He’s responsible for his constituents, but he could care less for them. Where is Rep. Cummings today? He’s in Venice, Italy with Nazi Piglosi at a 5 Star hotel, eating at 5 Star restaurants, all at taxpayers expense. It must be nice to take a month off and fly to Europe at taxpayers expense. It should also be noted that Nazi Piglosi’s district has the same problems of homelessness, rampant drug use, and a decaying city, and Piglosi’s district is San Francisco. As a matter of fact, all democrat run cities are hell-holes of crime, drugs, and homelessness.

Elijah Cummings has a net worth of $1,200,000. He’s been a Baltimore inter city misrepresentative for 36 years. His districts median household income is $46,600-$15,000 below the national average. Yet, Cummings has the audacity to say he supports his district. Baloney!

In 2018, President Trump awarded $15.7 billion in federal grants to the City of Baltimore for improvements for it’s citizens. Where has the money gone? Did the corrupt democrats pocket the money? President Trump is trying to create enterprise zones to promote job growth. Baltimore under democrat rule has lost the ship building industry, the auto industry, the airline industry, and other industries that pay high wages. Instead, Baltimore has encouraged other criminal industries: Drug and Prostitution.

This is Baltimore’s inner harbor, circa 2004, we went here for vacation. At the time we lived just outside Philadelphia in New Jersey. It was job related and we took advantage of visiting the cities along the north east coast of the United States. This is in the center of Baltimore city. To get to this location is like passing through a war zone. The city has been crumbling for years. This is also true with Philadelphia, Boston, and Newark NJ. They all have their tourist attractions, but the surrounding parts of the city is horrible.

It’s like this on the west coast also. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle all are plagued with democrat rot. I know first hand because I would travel to these cities for business. Even in my own State of Hawai’i, the city of Honolulu is crumbling with homelessness, drugs and human despair. Honolulu puts all it’s resources into a money pit called “The Rail.” A short elevated railway to try an ease traffic on the highways. Money that could be better spent providing solutions for affordable housing and jobs. Democrats don’t think that way.

What I find disgusting is how the democrats will accuse anyone of racism when questioning their malfeasance. It’s their default reaction to anyone questioning their power. So when Rep. Cummings and other democrats accuse the President of abusing illegal aliens, they and the fake news media follows along spreading false news. Yet the fake news never reports about the robust economy, low unemployment rate, raising wages and job creation. They never give any credit to President Trump’s winning policies.

Why do democrats do this? Success, they hate success. They need dependency. They need racial conflict. They want to keep people poor. They want voters to believe they are fighting for them by lying. They claim others are holding them down. It’s a lie.

Playing The Race Card


The weather started this morning with tradewind showers and by noontime the Sun came out. The evening is calm and cool. Very comfortable. Storms are far off in the distance and are not affecting the weather here. Maybe some surf conditions, but no real issues at this time. We’ll see what happens later on this week.



We are tracking Tropical Storm Erick today which appears to be heading towards the islands. The storm is 2,055 miles east of Hilo as of 11AM HST. It could reach sustained winds of 40 MPH and is expected to reach the islands by late next week. The storm has not organized into anything but a tropical depression, but that could change over the next few days. I’ll keep you informed as time marches on.

Speaking of storms. U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee, who has called Trump a racist and sharply criticized his immigration policies, was scolded by the President to clean up his own city of Baltimore.

With typical democrat knee-jerk reaction, Nazi Piglosi jumped to Cummings defense saying, “We all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership.”  The problem is that cities and States that are run by democrats are suffering from neglect and ruin. If you look at Kalifornia, Los Angeles and San Francisco (Piglosi’s district), have changed in the worst of ways. In my past life I did business in both cities and the change is frightening. Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon are in the same mess. With mayors and governors that simply don’t care.

When you criticize these leftist liberal people, you are called a racist. Which is what happened after the President tweeted his remarks. So it’s racist to point out the faults of these misrepresentatives? The President is running the country, people like Cummings are representatives for their districts. The representatives are responsible for their districts. Nazi Piglosi, Mad Maxine Waters, Ted Wheeler, Mario Cuomo, and other democrats that have failed their States and cities. Why do people continue to vote for these idiots?

In Hawai’i, both Crazy Mazie Hirono and Brian Snotzs are more concerned with their image at the Washington D.C. cocktail parties than our State. Tulsi Gabbard has delusions of grandeur believing she’s qualified to be President. No one knows who she is. Then there’s Ed Case who took over for the inept Colleen Hanabusa in 2019. Been there, done that. What has changed this time? More single party democrat failure.

Storms come in different forms. They all have something in common: they expel a lot of hot air.

Have a happy Saturday! See you all tomorrow.


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