Taxing Thursday

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. That was the response from Jesus when his enemies tried to trap him by asking whether it was right for the Jews, whose nation had been taken over by the Roman Empire, to pay tribute to the Roman emperor.

Others, like me say that taxation is theft. Because like socialism, once the tax is passed, it will never go away. For example, the term to describe public spaces is a lie. You are the public, but you have no say on how to use public spaces. Publicly owned lands, beaches, parks, and other publicly described places are controlled by what political party is in control. You, John and Jane Q. Public, have no say how public spaces are used.

Look at our beaches in Hawai’i. The beaches are called public spaces, but you cannot go to the beach because the government says it’s to protect you from a virus. Therefore it is a crime to sit on the beach. The beach which is supposed to be a public space. A public space that you paid for through your taxes. It’s actually owned by the State, and not by the public, and you cannot use the beach.

It’s like property taxes. You pay off your home but you still have pay property taxes. If you do not pay property taxes, then people with guns will come to your property and confiscate your home. I guess you really never actually own your property, you just pay the government rent to live on your property.

Federal taxes and State Taxes are two different set of taxes. State taxes can overlap depending on where you live. In New York State, you have a state tax, a county tax, a city tax, a general all purpose tax. In Hawai’i we have a General Excise Tax (GET). The tax rate is dependent on what is your business. Probably the worse tax is the tax on food and clothing. That hurts the working poor.

The people in congress that keep raising taxes should be put on a commission plan. Art Laffer said this on Mark Levin’s show on Fox, “Life, Liberty and Levin”. The concept is excellent. I believe the President is looking into the idea of a Payroll Tax Holiday, or more like a tax vacation.

Congressional Commission Plan: Pay a congressman their full salary when the economy is growing at 3% growth. At 4% double their salary. At 5% triple their salary. A commission plan also has consequences when the economy is not doing well because of bad economic policies and over taxation.

At 2% growth, a congressmen gets no salary. At 1% they have to pay us with their salary. Watch how fast they act like CEO’s and board members. I don’t mind congress making more money if the rest of the country is making more money. When congress isn’t not picking winners and losers as congress does too often. Everybody wins.

You would see every politician start to run the government like a company CEO And board all the incentives are inline with stocks and options. There’s no incentive for politicians to do a good job running the economy. They have to be punished if they do a bad job and that  starts with their pay. They must be held to the same standards like everyone else in that has a job. There’s are metrics to be measured for compensation. We have people in congress that have made a career for decades with no voter accountability. Tie the nation’s economic health to congressional salaries and you have greater accountability.

States like New York and New Jersey allow a tax deduction for State taxes. There’s no reason why other states should have to pay for other states tax deductions. These states got upset when the new tax laws limited their deductions. The people in those States need to fix their own State taxes. That’s called Federalism.

A payroll tax holiday waver of all payroll taxes until December 31st is a great idea.  This would increase workers pay by 7.65%, that’s the employee contribution. It would reduce the employers burden cost of labor by 7.65% and help to retain and hire more employees. It’s a short term discount to encourage production to the end of the year. It would jump-start the economy for everyone. A tax cut over a spending increase is always good because it costs the government more money to collect taxes and then spend it back out. The government doesn’t make money, it prints money, which is phony money because there is no voluntarily exchange of goods and services. Monitory value happens when actual trade happens between two, or more, parties.


Our weather today is a mix of scattered showers, clouds and some sun. Lots of breezy winds. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity at 79%. Aloha ʻApelila, e welina mai Mei.

In today’s Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu news! What we should all be doing right now!

Kēia Ka Lā Kanakolu, ʻApelila


The Endless Search

Ka Pele Mahele

In an authoritarian world, the search for truth is whatever the gatekeepers of information allow you to access. Knowledge is controlled by a few to maintain control over the rest of us all. The illusion of safety and security are wrapped in a warm blanket of deception. It’s the New Matrix, the new normal, of our world where Orwell said, “Some Are More Equal Than Others”.

Remdesivir was announced today by Fhony Fauci as a miracle drug that tested positive in fighting the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. The NIH, and China, released some trial data of the US Pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences Inc., trial testing on the coronavirus. The drug was originally developed to fight other diseases. Like Hydroxychloroquine which was developed over 50 years ago as a malaria treatment, Remdesivir is relatively new in the coronavirus treatments. Hydroxychloroquine is FDA approved. Remdesivir is not FDA-approved. As a result, there is limited published information on Remdesivir as a potential COVID-19 coronavirus treatment.

Remdesivir is an experimental antiviral that was first developed over a decade ago. In lab experiments, it’s shown potential against an array of viruses, including other coronaviruses, so it was sped into clinical trials in the early days of the pandemic. The drug is designed to interfere with the process the virus, called SARS-CoV-2, uses to make copies of itself. The resulting copies of the virus lack their full RNA genome, so they can’t go on to replicate themselves or infect other cells. This is very similar to how Hydroxychloroquine works.

Why is Fhony Fauci excited about Remdesivir? I believe it is because of the cost ratio. Hydroxychloroquine is made pennies on the dollar and all patents have expired. so there’s not a lot of money to be made from Hydroxychloroquine.  Remdesivir is new, still unproven, and patents will allow investors to make a lot of money. You can follow the money why Fhony Fauci is excited about this new drug.

If the promise is confirmed in ongoing studies, medicines for Covid-19, including hydroxychloroquine, which President Donald Trump touted as a treatment, and Gilead Sciences Inc.’s Remdesivir could be manufactured from $1 to $29 a course, a study published Friday in the Journal of Virus Eradication found.

Manufacturing costs were estimated for nine other drugs considered to be leading candidates for the treatment of Covid-19 based on recent reviews and analysis of ongoing clinical trials. Estimated manufacturing costs are shown below.

Hydroxychloroquine has been successful in treating people who are not critically ill with the virus. It is not useful in people who are in the last stages of life. Especially those with severe underlining conditions. It will be interesting to see if Remdesivir makes any real difference when compared to Hydroxychloroquine .

Fauci spends a lot of time warning about a second wave of the virus. Remember, Fauci said back in January that we didn’t have to worry about this virus. Fauci now says the second wave is inevitable. How can he know that when he was wrong about the virus transmission, the virus morbidity modeling, and the role of the WHO and China downplaying the virus early in the pandemic?

This is the reason why I call him Fhony Fauci. He’s an enigma in contradictions and over exaggerations. His track record of medical accuracy is spotty and his connections to people of questionable reputation is obvious. Fauci does love to be in-front of a fake news media camera. He’s always on the networks that are looking for anything to damage the Presidency of Donald Trump. He often gives interviews with borderline contradictory information to networks that are openly hostile to President Trump’s administration. It’s left open to speculation.

All this speculation fuels authoritarian leaders in government to exercise extreme control over the people. Governors and Mayors in liberal blue states are overexerting their constitutional authority and violating people’s liberties. We’re seeing a fascistic form of totalitarianism like that of Communist China with the heavy handedness of a Nazi Concentration camp commander.

The Big Apple Maggot Mayor of New York, Bill de Bozo, is just such an authoritarian. This is the same idiot that released prisoners from Rikers Island. Prisoners must go free while law enforcement harasses you to stay under house arrest. Crime rates are going up and elected officials are allowing it. De Blasio doesn’t talk about the homeless living in the subways. The majority who are blacks, and de Bozo is married to a black woman. The same maggot mayor that wants people to snitch on family, friends, and others not social distancing to his satisfaction, is now attacking Jews. Where have we’ve seen this in history?

Nazi Piglosi said it’s biblical compassion to release criminals. Nazi Piglosi said quoting from the bible.

“In our caucus, we are very devoted to the Gospel of Matthew when I was hungry, you fed me, when I was homeless, you sheltered me, when I was imprisoned, you visited me. And so this for us is a part of our value system.” — This has to be the height of hypocrisy.

Nazi Piglosi is pro-abortionist who is in favor of murdering children up to the moment of birth. Her values are to use politics to leverage legislation to enrich herself, her family, and her friends. All at the expense of the taxpayers. Two phases of Payroll Protection Program to help small business owners was held up twice so that she and the democrat could put their pet projects into the bill. Nazi Piglosi wanted to put in the bill nationwide mail-in voting. Making voter fraud easier in all States. That was stripped out of the bill, but Nazi Piglosi has vowed to put mail-in voting back into the bill at a later date.

The growing fascist authoritarianism is well documented. Unsocial Media is flexing their muscle to limit free-speech. They are acting like publishers to limit content on their platforms. They are not open and unbiased. YouTube, Fascistbook, and Google, are all limiting the content on their platforms. In effect, they are limiting the free flow of information they deem as contrary to the establishment authority.


The opinions of experts that are contrary to the authoritarian rule will be removed from public view. How is this doing a public service? Where videos of antifa thugs beating up people are allowed on YouTube, but important medical information is being censored. The unsocial media fascists say opinions like this are against their community standards. I ask, what community standards? Unsocial Media makes them up as they go. Anything that goes against the leftist orthodoxy is immediately shutdown. That’s how Communist China manages their people, and we’re being managed in the same way. People should be terrified of seeing their liberties taken away.

Ka Pele Mahele means The Division Bell. Something will always divide us, whether it’s war, science, religion, politics, philosophy, or pettiness. Just don’t believe everything you’re told and think for yourself. Stand up to authoritarian rule. Do not surrender liberties for the false comfort of security.



Our weather today is a mix of rain and sun. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity at 76%. Tradewinds kept everything cool.

We are required to wear masks when we go out. It’s now required in buildings also. Governor Ige says until there’s a cure for the virus or vaccine the lockdown will continue. What if they never find a cure or a vaccine? The common cold is a coronavirus and there’s no cure for that. How long will we shutdown our lives before poverty starts to slowly kill us all off?

Me, when I have to wear a mask to go shopping.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāiwa, ʻApelila


Tuesday’s Tickles


Aloha kākou! It is day 44 of the extended Stay at Home Lock-down here in the State of Aloha. After Governor Ige decided for no scientific reasons to extend the already burdensome lock-down, our County Mayor, Harry Kim, had to follow suit and continue the lock-down till the end of May. Again, where’s the science behind locking down the State when the science says quarantines are not working. Especially when our virus numbers are so low.

On today’s report of COVID-19, or the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus. The total number of people who tested positive for Hawaii Island remains at 69.  From this, 49 have been cleared as recovered with the remaining 20 quarantined at home.  At this date, no one is hospitalized. There have been 607 cases of COVID-19 identified in the entire State of Hawaii. Only 68 requiring hospitalization and 16 deaths. Statewide, the majority of people requiring hospitalization are 60 years and older with underlining conditions.

This is why I say a lock-down is unnecessary because many of the confirmed cases are asymptomatic. Social distancing does seem to work along with good hygiene practice. Special care for our Kupuna (elderly) to prevent the spread of the virus is also a good practice. I don’t believe there is any scientific proof that locking down the entire state is going to accomplish a thing.

Interesting that Fhony Fauci keeps showing up in the company of people that don’t think highly of the United States

Fhony Fauci and the miscreants at the CDC, NIH and WHO, that continue to insist on population lock-downs. However, other Epidemiologists are seeing different results at the front line. Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, both doctors from California, recently did a virtual press conference about their take on the current coronavirus lockdown orders. Erickson criticized the lockdown orders, because “we’ve never seen the healthy, where you take those without disease and without symptoms and lock them in your home,” as the sick are usually the ones being quarantined. The press conference was posted on YouTube and was taken down shortly afterwards. However, the video is still available on Bitchute and Vimeo. YouTube, and parent company Google, are now in the publishing business and are censoring information.

So, the left is going to dictate what is and what is not science through censorship. Two emergency room Epidemiologists are being censored because they disagree with the establishment medical community’s narrative about the coronavirus. In science, we observe, we question, we hypothesize, we test predictions, we Iterate, but we never have a consensus in science because conclusions could either be in error or incomplete. There is known cure for the coronairus. There’s no vaccine and like the flu vaccine, it may or may not work. The yearly flu vaccine only has a 55% reliability rate. China has not shared information about the virus so the chances of a vaccine is a long way away.

The morbidity rate of the coronavirus when compared to other causes of death is low. Abortions kill millions. Cancer and other medical conditions kill at higher rates. Heart attacks, smoking, automobile accidents, poverty, and suicides out number coronavirus deaths.

YouTube removed the doctors video citing a violation of “violating community guidelines.” What community guidelines? Unsocial Media Has No Community For Guidelines. The removal of the video from YouTube follows a previous announcement that they would crack down on “misinformation” relating to the coronavirus, which, in my opinion, is simply a mask to take down videos like these that violate the established opinion on the coronavirus. The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) had previously issued a joint statement condemning the opinions of Erickson and Massihi. Where are these institute experts (ACEP & AAEM) get their information? From the WHO. Which has a huge credibility problem. Like the fake news media.


There was no task force press conference today. I suspect it’s because the fake news media continues to be more confrontational with the President, rather than reporting any useful news. In the latest example of journalism malpractice, Yahoo News reporter Hunter Walker, accused the administration of not testing enough.

“South Korea has done five times more tests than the U.S. per capita,” Walker asked Trump during an Oval Office meeting, “Why is that?”

President Trump responded, “I don’t think that’s true,” Trump replied. “That is true,” Walker insisted. Deborah Birx, a doctor who serves as the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, jumped in to share correct statistics.

Walker later took to Twitter to apologize to the president, saying he had misread a testing chart.
“In the Oval Office, I asked about test rates and infection rates compared to South Korea. President Trump and Dr. Birx said I was wrong that they’ve done more tests per capita. Trump said I should apologize. They did not address multiple questions about our higher infection rate,” said Walker in a tweet to his more than 43,000 followers.  A non-apology, apology. At least there was an effort made to apologize. I’ll give the reporter that much. However, these reporters are suppose to be professionals. They’re supposed to have done their homework.

Now for some comedy satire. Starting with the Babylon Bee’s “Fake News Media Headlines”.

Babylon Bee has some exceptionally funny posts. I thought this was very appropriate given the fake news media’s proclivity for irrelevancy.



Solmemes is undoubtedly one of the best Meme Masters out there. I love all these guys, they are the best in political comedy. The vignettes skills create entertaining and on target political satire. Their video manipulation skills are unmatched in any parody sites.


No Speak Joe


The Meme Warriors are Patriots in the truest sense. William of Ockham offers Birthday Greetings to First Lady, Melania Trump, in this clip of Kill Bill dance scene. Love the Ed Sullivan impersonator.


Melania’s Birthday



Our weather today was sunny and breezy. A beautiful day! Tradewinds kept everything cool and dry in the bright sunshine. Temperatures in the mid-70’s with humidity at 71%. The weather is expected to remain this way over the remaining week. There might be a passing shower since we are on the windward side of the island.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāwalu, ʻApelila


Monday Madness

Aloha kākou! It is day 34 of the reset of the Stay at Home directive. We now going to stay closed till the end of May. Which doesn’t make any sense since the number of Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus cases continues to slow. The governor says we’re not out of the woods yet.

In a decision that was largely expected but nonetheless will be a major blow to thousands of shuttered Hawaii businesses struggling to stay afloat, the governor has extended the statewide stay-at-home order along with the mandatory quarantine for travelers through May 31.

“We are not out of the woods yet,” said Gov. David Ige, in a news conference Saturday, pointing to alarming COVID-19 clusters on the Big Island and Maui. “We still need to remain vigilant.”

President Trump had a task force briefing today. The first since last week when the fake news media lied about what the President said about disinfectants. The fake news media continues to lie about this even when proof is there in front of them.

I believe there is something mentally deficient with the fake news media. They don’t ask newsworthy questions. They ask questions to invoke a reaction. I’m glad other real journalists are starting to call them out on this daily crap the fake news media puts people through. Just check out this exchange with Olivia Nuzzi – Olivia Nuzzi is a political reporter who serves as the Washington correspondent for New York magazine. – she asked an incredibly stupid question at the White House Rose Garden during the White House Task Force Press Conference. She idiotic question went viral on unsocial media and a few of her colleagues let her know.

I wish she would take her own advise. These people go out of their way to embarrass themselves and then get mad when they are called out on it by their colleagues.

The incredible work the President’s task force is just fantastic. The mobilization of industry to help the government is nothing short of phenomenal. The speed of industry to innovate testing kits, vaccine development, and assembly of medical equipment is amazing. The President was right in gathering the best and brightest in industry to attack this coronavirus. The fake news media doesn’t want to talk about all these gains to help Americans, they’re only interested in the “gotcha” question.

The quicker this gets done, the faster we can get back to normal life. I’m done in this new normal. People going nuts.

Speaking of people going nuts. On Saturday (April 24) at approximately 2:45 p.m., Hawaiʻi Island Police report that 37-year-old Mark Blankley of Pāhoa was arrested for Robbery 1, Terroristic Threatening 1, Place to Keep Ammunition, Theft 4, and Promotion of a Detrimental Drug 3 after he attempted to steal food items from a Pāhoa grocery store.

Blankley injured four store employees with a shopping cart during the incident and proceeded to cough and spit in their faces while telling them that he had the Corona Virus.

Since this incident occurred during the Governor’s Emergency Proclamation, the Robbery offense was enhanced to a class A felony.

Blankley was subsequently charged for all offenses and bail has been set at $31,500.00. He is presently at the Hilo Police Station Cellblock, awaiting the next court appearance.

A class A felony is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000.00. 

As I said, people are going nuts.


Our weather today started with some over night and morning rain. Then the sun came out and for most of the afternoon, and now the clouds are moving in. Luckily the weather is nice enough to do some grilling. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 78%.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhiku, ʻApelila

Simmering Sunday

Aloha Lāpule kākou! It is day 33 of the resetting of Stay at Home directive and I ventured out for provisions without any trouble at all. By provisions I mean food for the week. Normally I like to shop daily for the freshest produce, but if it’s not local produce, then it’s usually over a week or more old. Much of our food still comes into the islands by shipping containers. I much prefer the local farmers markets, but they have been closed off because of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus.

This is my nearest local grocery store in Kea’au. It used to be called Puna Fresh and Foodland bought them out. They have probably the best supply of locally grown food next to KTA located in Hilo. This little shopping center also has restaurants, a laundry mat, and a ACE Hardware store. It’s a one stop place just minutes away from home.

In this shopping center is also our Post Office. I have a mailbox there which I check every other day. I opted to have a mailbox at the post office rather than have a box located on the street. We don’t have mail delivery in this rural part of Hawai’i island. Hilo has mail delivery and parts of Kea’au town has mail delivery. The rest of us that live in private subdivisions don’t have mail delivery.

Instead we have a mailbox clusters. An outdoors set of mail boxes at the entrances to the subdivision access roads. I like going into town to get the mail, pick up stamps, and talk with the postal people behind the counter. I personally know many of them. We’re a small enough community where everyone know everyone. However, we’re a growing community. Over the years I’ve seen more new arrivals and that has put a huge demand on the post office. There’s not enough mailboxes. It could take up to over a year before a mailbox becomes available.

Businesses have innovated to stay open. Our local veterinarian clinic has animal drop-off and pick-up service. Everyone has to wear a mask and wait in their cars. The fast food drive through are still packed with cars spilling out to the roadway.

As much as I like eating out, I don’t like eating in my car. My car smells bad enough as it is. I much prefer sitting at a table and being waited on. If I do takeout, I like to be close to a park and sit at a picnic table. However, the parks are closed. Doesn’t make any sense to close the parks when you can go surfing at the park. But these are the people that know better than all of us.



I was told that eating out too much will make you gain weight. So I spend more time making my own meals. Like this version of steamed fish in Hot Chinese Oil. Looks messy, but it tastes really yummy.


Our weather today was sunny with passing clouds. Tradewinds kept things cool. Making it feel very comfortable and relaxing. The temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 76%. It’s expected to be like this through the week.

I’m seeing good news from the American people pushing back against the tyranny of an over-reaching government. We refuse to live in their new normal. We refuse to listen to the fake news media that serves fear as a cold dish.

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāono, ʻApelila


Statecraft Of Inequities


Aloha kākou! It is day 32 of the Stay at Home directive, and I still haven’t been arrested for violating social distancing rules. The graphic above is from the satire site called Babylon Bee. I though it was funny and appropriate for this posting. It shows just how incredibility obtuse is the fake news media.

You probably heard from the fake news media that President Trump said that people should “inject/ingest disinfectants” to fight the Communist Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. Except the President never said that. Here’s the transcript of what was really said:

The fake news reporter that asked that asinine question was Johnathan Karl of fake news ABC. Right after the task force news conference the fake news media went out a claimed that the President said to inject disinfectants to fight the virus. The President never said that, but the story went viral anyway. I have the video posted in my previous blog.

Lets take a running total so far of the fake news accusations:

  1. Early in pandemic, the President declared a travel ban from China, Iran, Europe, and Canada. The media called it xenophobia and nativist.
  2. The President led the largest public and private sector industrial mobilization since World War II. The media accused the President of being to slow to react.
  3. The President spoke of reports of Hydrochloroquine being successfully used in some patients infected with the virus. Two idiots drank fish tank clean cleaner because it had a similar name and the results were death. The media accused the President of promoting a dangerous and unproven drug. The media continues to make this baseless claim today.
  4. The President’s scientists spoke of disinfectants and ultraviolet light as methods to destroy the virus on surfaces. The media went out and claimed the President suggested injecting disinfectants.
  5. The fake news media said the President doesn’t listen to his scientists and often overrules them. A Flat Out Lie!
  6. The President delivered massive relief for small business owners, workers and families. The media accused the President of giving billions to Big Business and ignoring working people.

The fake news media continues a campaign of misinformation against this President and his administration. The Fake News Media is Cheering For A Economic Collapse. This journalist malpractice is criminal and treasonous. We no longer have a media where truth is spoken. Very few in the media, less than 2% are real journalists. The fake news media are mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist Party. The fake news media meets daily with their Communist leaders to get their daily talking points. These fake news media people are human scum. Trash. It is a public disservice and a risk to public safety.

The picture above is the President’s task force. Assembled and chosen by the Vice President, Mike Pence. These are suppose to be the best minds in epidemiology science. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix, and others are the top in their field of disease study.

These are the same people that recommended shutting down the government, social distancing, and locking down activity to a minimum. The President has listened to them. The President was shown models of millions of deaths if he didn’t shutdown the government. So far, all those models are wrong, grossly wrong.

The President said, “The Cure Cannot Be Worse Then The Virus”. It seems some in government didn’t get the memo. Some even went on to implement draconian social distancing rules. Some in government have taken advantage of the people’s liberties.

The liberal left’s hatred for this President is destructive. These are the same people that endorsed Obamacare that damaged the nations medical system. The same Obama regime that outsourced our manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to China and left us crippled trying to fight this virus. A lawmaker from Michigan was very sick with the virus and was treated with Hydrochloroquine. She made a complete recovery and thanked the President. For that act of gratitude, she will be punished. How Dare You Thank This President.

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, broke “protocol” by meeting with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during an April 14 meeting of COVID-19 survivors, during which she credited hydroxychloroquine for saving her life, a Democratic district leader said.

The democrats never asked her if she was alright. Never inquired about her recovery and health. No welcome back, no glad you’re alright. Instead she got a “How Dare You”, and now she being kicked out of her political party. It’s disgusting because the democrats are putting party first over country. Putting ideology over people. Party loyalty over individual rights and liberties.

This is not the first democrat to disagree with the democrat party. Vernon Jones, a Democratic state representative in Georgia, announced Thursday … I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission. Rep. Vernon Jones had announced he was endorsing Trump on April 14. Jones, who is African American, explained his decision on Twitter, claiming that Democrats take black voters for granted while Trump has “done more for black Americans than any other president in modern history.”

This is the same State with that fascistic authoritarian governor, Gretchen Esther Whitmer. The governor illegally awarded a no-bid contract with two Democratic firms to track coronavirus. Meaning, patients medical information would be tracked by the democrat party operators. Whitmer canceled the nearly $200,000 no-bid contract just a day after announcing the hiring of a state Democratic consultant. The governor was attempting to bypass HIPPA laws to get access people’s health records and track people in the state.

Whitmer is not the only democrat governor that is determined to ruin her State. New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy shocked everyone on Thursday when he said he was open to having his state pay illegal aliens $600 a week despite the fact that New Jersey is running out of money.

Then there’s Kalifornia’s governor, Gruesome Newsom, whose State largest cities are overrun with homelessness and drug addicts. Newsom blames President Trump for his mismanagement of Kalifornia. Newsom, the nephew of Nazi Piglosi, the democrat Marie Antoinette of Ice Cream, used Ballot Harvesting to overturn the elections of solid Republican districts. Now, Auntie Nanny wants to put Mail-In-Voting and same day registration legal in every State before this November’s 2020 Presidential Election. Voter Fraud at a National Level where illegals, dead people, and non-citizens are allowed to vote.

Democrats that mismanaged their states are hinting at the Federal Government for a bailout. Nazi Piglosi wants to take your tax dollars to bailout those democrat blue states. When Red Republican states are doing very well with their budgets and handling the virus. Some Red States never had to reopen, they were never closed for business and never locked down their people. These are responsible Republican governors that monitored, but did not overreact, to the virus. The Republican’s thought of their own people first, and not their own political futures. The Republican’s did not try to take advantage of a situation to further their own political ambitions. Inequality of Justice.


Our weather today is sunny with puffy clouds and perfectly breezy tradewinds. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with humidity at 75%.

On today’s report on COVID-19 the total number of people who tested positive for Hawaii Island is 68.  From this, 40 have been cleared as recovered with 27 quarantined at home, and (New) one elderly adult male is hospitalized at the Kona Community Hospital. We pray for his safe and healthy recovery. Still in Hawai’i there 604 cases (3 news), 14 deaths, and 482 recovered.

Our inept democrat governor, Ige, says the State of Aloha must remain on lock-down for another month. Good luck to any small business owner on recovering economically.

In the United States, there are over 690K cases, 54,265 deaths, and over 118K recoveries. There are more than double the number of recoveries than deaths. Will the media report this?

Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālima, ʻApelila

Aloha Friday Lock-Down

Aloha kākou! What are you doing this weekend? I’m going fishing where the Lock-Down police can’t find me. It is day 31 of the Stay at Home directive. A whole month now of useless lock-down that isn’t working, and isn’t helping anyone except the Communist Chinese.

On today’s report of Communist Chinese Virus, the total number of people who tested positive for Hawaii Island is 67.  From this 39 have been cleared as recovered with 27 quarantined at home and 1 adult male hospitalized at the Kona Community Hospital. I don’t know anything about the one hospitalized patient, but if it fits the national trends, that person is probably elderly and with underlining conditions.

Today’s Presidential Task Force briefing was really short. They discussed the testing and virus development. Also, the passing of the Paycheck Protection Program that the democrats have been trying to use to pay for Nazi Piglosi’s ice cream stash.

The fake news media is made up of idiots. Especially the White House Correspondence Association pool of leftist reporters pretending to be journalists. ABC News fake news reporter, Jon Karl, asked if Clorox should be injected into people to disinfect the virus. That’s set off the fake news mob of idiots to claim the President suggested that. It’s simply a lie meant to create a panic. This is another reason why I despise the fake news media, they hear one thing, and report another.

And this comment by fake news hack Jon Karl of ABC News set off the media to make the false claim that President Trump suggested injecting Clorox. The President never said that. The media is lying again. The sound is bad on this video I captured, but you can clearly hear Karl ask about injecting Clorox. This is the same irresponsible reporting that convinced some idiots to take fish tank cleaner.

The Full Video is HERE look at the 30 minute mark when Fake News ABC News, Jon Karl asks about Clorox.

White House Correspondence Reporter

I was hoping that the lock-down madness had not reached here yet, but it has. Hawaii Island police have arrested three people and cited another for breaking the mandatory quarantine for out-of-state arrivals. Authorities say the Washington State visitors were arrested in Hilo Wednesday afternoon.

It’s the weekend and I plan to go surfing. That’s still allowed here. In some State’s with stricter lock-down rules you can’t even sit outside in the sun without being harassed. We now know sitting in the sun is good for you, and it destroys the virus.

Although camping and beach activities are not allowed. That’s how nutty these lock-down rules are. Meanwhile, the fake news media is still pushing their Communist Chinese propaganda.

Luckily I have plenty of home grown food and a well stocked cabinet of food. It’s nice to stay at home and do things around the property, I would be doing that anyway, but I feel for the people that run the hospitality industries. They’re not working that many have families they’re trying to feed and care for. I donate to the food basket with as much as I can to support our local culture.



Boogie Woogie Pizza in Pāhoa


Our weather today is cloudy. There is a cold front coming from the north west that should bring rain over the weekend. Temperatures are in the mid-70’s, as usual, and humidity at 76%.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmāhā, ʻApelila


Police State Paradise


The police have been deployed to enforce draconian Coronavirus lock-down rules by governors and mayors around the country. In some State’s, the governors have imposed restrictions on movement and activities that does not make any sense. The role of the peace officer has grown into army of fascistic lock-down enforcement. The question has to be asked, is the United States becoming a Police State because of undue fears?

The answer is YES. The assumptions by some in the government is that people are a danger to themselves and others. Therefore rules are enforced for your protection. Some quarantine rules are completely ridiculous.

In Hawai’i, any visitors/arrivals are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days in either a hotel, or a place of residence. Hotels are required to check on those quarantined several times during the day to make sure they are locked in their room. Residents are also check on daily to make sure they are locked in their residence. Anyone in violation of the quarantine rules will be arrested, fined $5,000, and jailed for one year. The quarantine rule is indefinite. How long are people suppose to live in a State of Fear?

For some people, their vacation to paradise is only 2 weeks long, and they have to spend their entire vacation locked in a hotel room. They cannot leave, they cannot go outside, they cannot go to the restaurants, bars, gift shops, they must stay locked in their room, stand by the phone for hourly checks to make sure they’re still in their room. On Tuesday, the state counted 4,131 arrivals into the State. Now do the numbers if just a percentage of these arrivals decided to ignore the quarantine rules. That’s a lot of police running around hunting for quarantine violators. Is this a good use of first responders?

Failure to answer either the phone, or the door, the police will be notified and a search will proceed to hunt them down. This is exactly what happened with several tourists and some Hawai’i residents. It is totally unnecessary.

WE HAVE A RUNNER! The media reacts with excitement and glee when the hunt is on for quarantine violators. Hawai’i News Now reporter Lynn Kawano blasted this BOLO tweet last night after it was learned two visitors were in violation of the quarantine rules. All the news media outlets here in Hawai’i hyperventilates when someone is violating the police state quarantine rules. It’s an absolute hysterical clown show.

In Hawai’i, there have been just 2 deaths per 100,000 people from the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu over the last three months. Yet, the government and the news media has fomented such a climate of fear that Hawai’i residents are freaking out over any risk to their lives. However, the risk is actually been quite low. That information is not being told to the American people.

This kind of police state reaction is happening around the country. Winslow, Arizona police recently released body camera footage of the arrest of a hardened criminal business owner. Where business owners will be arrested and fined for working. And mothers will be arrested for bringing their children to a park. Arizona, a state of 7 million, has had 208 coronavirus deaths this year.

I’ve been told by others that I would change my mind about the quarantine rules if someone with the virus got me sick. I say sure, but that would be true even if I got the common cold from someone. Some people here get really indignant if you question the quarantine rules. Yet, hospital workers are sitting around waiting for the wave of coronavirus infections to hit the emergencies rooms. While people with elective surgery’s are put on hold.

The good news that was reviled at today’s Task Force briefing was that the virus life cycle is environmentally controlled. Light, temperature and surface area can greatly either prolong or shorten the virus life cycle. Disinfectants have different effects on the virus as does sunlight. The virus doesn’t survive well in sunlight. The ultraviolet light in sunlight does kill the virus quickly. The virus survives longer in dry cool environments. So being locked in a air conditioned hotel room for 14 days can prolong the life of the virus. Let the people out to enjoy the sunshine. The Stay at Home Directive is not working.

There are people feeding off this fear and that is worse than the virus itself. It is not healthy for a nation to remain in a state of fear. The media doesn’t help when they are sensationalizing the fear of the virus. I watch the President’s Task Force press conferences daily. I record the conferences to review the reaction of the fake news media’s questions. I can tell you that 90% of the media are idiots. Unreliable media morons that stoke fears for ratings. Irresponsible reporting that is driving a narrative to hurt the American people, the economy, and this President.

I’ve come to the conclusion that both the fake news media and the socialist democrats are working for Communist China. Notice how quickly the media and democrats stopped calling the virus the Chinese virus and the Wuhan virus. Now they only refer to the virus as either COVID-19 or coronavirus. No mention of the origin of the virus, China. The fake news media is suddenly incurious about the origins of the virus, and the democrats are calling it the Trump virus. Yet, I don’t see anything helpful by spreading misinformation. Unless, of course, the democrats and the fake news media wants to see the police state to continue. I believe they want to continue with the police state until November, election day.


Our weather today is mostly cloudy. The nightly pattern of rain continues as we move into spring. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 73%. We’re getting our normal north easterly trade breezes back. No more humid south westerly air.

On today’s report of the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus, the total number of people who tested positive for Hawaii Island is 66.  This increase of 3 from yesterday is related to the fast food cluster in Kona.  From this total of 66, 38 have been cleared as recovered and the remaining 28 are quarantined at home and monitored by the Department of Health.  At this date, for Hawaii Island no one had to be hospitalized.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmākolu, ʻApelila


Ira Einhorn Earth Day Founder


Ira Einhorn, known as “The Unicorn Killer”, was an American environmental activist and convicted murderer. He was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux. He founded Earth Day and over the years people have forgotten who this monster that started a failed movement to mother Gaia. The environmentalist movement has done more damage to the environment than anyone realizes.

Attend any rally by the left, especially Earth Day, and see the trash. Not just the trashy hippy people, but the trash they leave behind. If they really believed in the environment then they would pick up after themselves.

I have no empathy for the green new deal people and the environmentalist kooks. Especially when they use mentally disabled children as props to push their socialist agenda. But as a famous comic said once before, the environmentalists don’t give a rats behind about the environment.

The amount of money these environmental kooks want to spend is economically prohibited. We’re already spending too much in social entitlements. The environmentalists still predict the end of world by humans. I guess they didn’t get the memo on the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu.

Alexandria Occasionally Coherent, the socialist misrepresentative from New York tweeted about the falling oil and interest rates to push a green energy new deal plan. Unfortunately for her, it was rather insensitive.

“You absolutely love to see it,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wrote Monday night on Twitter before deleting the post. “This along with record low interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet. *cough*”


Earth Day was created by a murderer. It seems fitting since these environmentalists are trashing the planet and accusing others of what they are doing. Hypocrisy isn’t a side-dish with environmentalists, it’s the main course.


Our weather today is sunny and hot. We’re still getting south westerly air which is dragging moist humid tropical air from the equator. There is a possibility of rain later on this evening. It rained last night, so that pattern should repeat for the remainder of the week and into the weekend.

Now for something great about our Hawai’i environment. Not only do we have the cleanest air in the world, we are the largest incubator for Humpback whales. About 10,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaii to breed every winter, and a cool new project is providing insight into newborn calf behavior with rare video footage. Whale season here is winding down and the whales will be migrating back to the north and cooler waters.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmālua, ʻApelila

Lockdown Science

Aloha kākou! It’s day 28 of the Say at Home directive and I haven’t been arrested yet. Although that might change soon. Have you been watching the news? More people are being arrested for violating social distancing rule. Are the rules based on any known science? It doesn’t seem so. There’s no science that proves the virus can be caught sitting on a park bench or the beach. You can run and walk on the beach. You can surf in the water. Hundreds are surfing daily in pipeline alone. Some of these social distancing rules just don’t make any sense.

O‘AHU – Sleepy Eye Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced today that City parks will be reopening for designated exercise activities beginning Saturday, April 25.

These designated exercise activities only include: running, walking, jogging, and bicycle riding. The public may still traverse City parks to access the ocean, an open bathroom facility, or a designated Community Garden plot.

However, sitting and standing, could get you arrested for violating social distancing rules. I fail to see the science that biking, running and jogging somehow reduces the risk of contracting the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu virus. What if I’m doing yoga, meditation, or just sitting enjoying the view? Will I be arrested for violating social distancing rules? Under these social distancing rules, I would be arrested, fined and jailed for one year. What happened to civil liberties?

“While the public can begin returning to our parks Saturday as part of the gradual Coronavirus recovery, we want everyone to remember at this time that they are not allowed to remain idle or gather in the parks,” said Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation Director Michele Nekota. “Instead, they should conduct their essential exercise by walking, jogging, running, or riding a bicycle, then leave the park.”

Again, I fail to see the science behind sweaty joggers on bicycle paths not spreading the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu on other joggers. Does the CDC support this pseudo science? We’re seeing more of this abuse of citizens by nanny state governors and mayors that will punish people for just exercising their constitutional rights. This isn’t about protecting the public, this is power mad officials overstepping their authority. The authorities are stepping on your civil liberties.

A woman was arrested today in Meridian Idaho for trespassing in a public park. Trespassing? Sarah Walton Brady was in a public park with several dozen parents allowing their children to play and enjoy the sunshine when police officers arrived and demanded the people leave the public playground due to the Covid-19 quarantine orders from Gov. Brad Little. The woman was handcuffed while her children were left alone. The police were not concerned and did not ask who would be watching her children.


New York’s Big Apple Maggot, Bill de Blasio, want’s people to snitch on their neighbors. Use your cellphone to report social distancing violations. Take a picture and text it to this number – 311692 – and police will respond to this location. Remember, this is the idiot that released prisoners from Rikers Island and was surprised by the rise in murders and crime. File this under “DUH”!

It is “unconscionable” that Rikers Island inmates who were released due to coronavirus concerns are committing new crimes, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

The mayor of Los Angeles has urged citizens to “snitch” on businesses and people that violate the city’s stay-at-home order, and has promised “rewards” for those who do so. “You know the old expression about snitches?” asked fascist mayor Garcetti. “Well in this case, snitches get rewards,” although it remains unclear what those rewards might be.

Health officials in Sweden say the country’s relatively relaxed COVID-19 prevention and mitigation strategies may be working to flatten the cure of new COVID-19 infections. The death toll in Sweden is higher than those in the Scandinavian region of Europe, which also includes Denmark and Norway — countries with smaller populations — but it falls significantly below those of Italy, Spain, and the UK, Bloomberg News reported.

While other countries, cities, and states around the globe enacted strict social distancing rules that closed businesses and ordered residents to stay home,  Sweden took a different approach to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping businesses and schools open. The country’s leaders have called on citizens to practice social distancing by choice rather than through a mandate.

Sweden isn’t following the social distancing lockdown as recommended by the WHO.  Sweden trusts their citizens to do the right thing and apply good hygiene sense. There’s no need to apply draconian rules. People are allowed to move around freely. Shops are open for business and people are working. The science of citizen lockdown is just over-reaching nanny state tyranny.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on April 8 called on the Sweden to enact stricter measures to control the “spread of the virus, prepare and increase capacity of the health system to cope, ensure physical distancing and communicate the why and how of all measures to the population,” according to CNN.  We all know the WHO is unreliable science bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese, and CNN is just fake news.

Why hasn’t Kalifornia, with its two largest cities, not been effected as severely by the Communist Chinese Kung Fu Flu as New York has been? The West Coast was the entry point of the virus. Washington State is also where the first deaths were reported in a elderly care home. With Kalifornia’s huge homeless problem and crowding, you would expect more cases of the virus and deaths, but they haven’t materialized. Why is that? Are the people of Kalifornia more asymptomatic than other states? That’s doesn’t seem to follow the science, but these are the results.

We’re finding out now that the virus has been in the country longer than anyone expected. In particular in Kalifornia, they reported 2,318 new Communist Chinese virus cases on Monday, marking the highest one-day jump the state has seen. Santa Clara county announced the autopsy of a patient that died on Feb. 6, that was 23 days before the virus was declared in the United States. Which means more people were infected long before and the fatality rate is much lower than projected. Why this matters: The first known death from COVID-19 in the U.S. was declared on Feb. 29 to be a patient in Washington state.

It appears the virus isn’t as bad as first predicted. The “experts” at the CDC, NIH and WHO all said millions of people will die by the virus. It was their recommendations to impose strict social distancing and shutting down the nation’s economy. They were the ones that said to President Trump, “We Have To Shut This Down, NOW”!

Notice that all these mayors and governors are democrats. They want to damage the country and the economy. They believe this will bring them power. This is why these states are using gestapo tactics. The are collecting information on people to put into a democrat database. They’re collecting your personal information, your health, money, political affiliations, the number of people living in your home, and using that information to seize control over the state. This is classic communism control. They are using fear of arresting people to keep the public in submission. Demonstrators, church goers, and constitutionalists will be targeted for police harassment.

It’s no secret that the democrats want to see the country damaged. They believe it will hurt President Donald Trump. Especially with a Presidential election scheduled in November. This is why you see the fake news media coordinate their anti-Trump daily message. Where is the media getting their message from? Remember that after the Communist Chinese complained about calling the virus the “Chinese Wuhan virus”, the media stopped calling it the Chinese virus. The fake news media said calling the Communist Chinese virus is racism. Notice they never call the virus the Communist China Wuhan flu anymore. Now it’s always called the coronavirus. The fake news media is getting their messaging from Communist China. There’s no doubt about that. They parrot the Communist China talking point immediately right after the Communist Chinese make a public statement. The fake news media repeats the message, almost word for word. Notice the fake news media doesn’t not mention the origin of the virus was in China anymore. Instead all their focus is on blaming the virus on President Trump’s administration. It’s a smear campaign by the fake news media.

The democrats and fake news media are secular fascists that live by the nanny state tyranny. Meanwhile, elective surgery’s are being put on hold. It’s causing healthcare workers to be laid off and patients without necessary care. This puts fear in the minds of people that hospital emergency rooms are flooded with COVID-19 patients. However, the flood of coronavirus patients has NOT appeared.

To date, there are over 2.5 million people worldwide have tested positive for the virus. The total number of world deaths is 177,496. In the United States, there are 820K tested positive, 75K recovered, and 45K deaths. Note the number of recoveries verses deaths. From a statistics point of view, that pretty low when compared to the common flu virus and other medical related deaths. In Hawai’i there are 586 confirmed cases, 437 recovered, and 12 deaths. Source: John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center

The democrats and the fake news media wants you to live in fear. There’s no reason for this over-reaction by government. Remember that a life lived in fear is only a half life lived. Let’s get back to work. We have a country to save. Remember that Nazi Piglosi held up small business relief aid to put money in the bill for her big business friends while showing off her $24,000 refrigerators and $12 pint ice cream.



Our weather today was sunny with some passing clouds. Temperatures were in the upper 70’s with humidity at 80%. By late afternoon the south west breezes carrying warm moist air had made it very uncomfortable. This evening has cooled and a short shower as passed over.


Kēia Ka Lā Iwakālua Kūmākahi, ʻApelila

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