Republican Charles Djou has WON Hawai’i’s First Congressional District bringing in 39.5% of the votes.  Colleen Hanabusa 30.8% and Ed Case 27.6%, both democrats, lost the seat that was  formerly held by Neil Abercrombie who stepped down to run for Governor of Hawai’i.  That’s gonna be a real problem.

This is a huge victory for Hawai’i’s People, Hawai’i Republicans, and Tea Party People!

Democrats have misused this Senatorial seat for over 20 years.

The message from Djou is that; We Are Taking Our Country Back!

For the first time in 20 years, this seat that was mismanaged by democrats, that catered to Big Unions, Big Government, and even sweeter, it’s Obama’s home town, and it has gone to a Republican.  Sweet!

At least, we think it’s Obama home state, except for a few ancient newspaper birth notices, we’ve never really seen Obama’s birth certificate.  But Who Cares! Obama is a ONE TERM President anyway!  The damage is done, the Lemon Law comes into play here.  It’s called “Repeal Obamacare”.  It’s called getting our money back.

Pat Saiki, the other Republican to win this seat back in the 1970’s.  When you read her Wiki-Page, it might lead you to believe that Democrats were a somewhat hostile to Pat.  And they were.  Governor Linda Lingle has dealt with a extremely hostile Democratic Senate, and House Representatives, for almost 8 years.

However, Hawai’i has a rich history of Conservative Values going all the way to Hawaiian Royalty. 

Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Piʻikoi (1871–1922), was a prince of the reigning House of Kalākaua when the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi was overthrown by international businessmen in 1893. He later went on to become a politician in the Territory of Hawaii as delegate to the United States Congress, and as such is the first native Hawaiian and only person ever elected to that body who was born a royal.


I’m just giddy about this win for the State of Hawai’i, and Djou is not in my district, and I’m in District 2.




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